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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If there was no wet contact If you do not know it happened Then it is ruled as tahir otherwise it will be najis.
  2. If you know for sure wetness has transferd from its nose or saliva or anything else that is part of it. Then you must wash it later to make it pure again. Just that area though. Otherwise if you don’t know then it is treated as pure
  3. The Prophet sulayman (عليه السلام) and Prophet musa (عليه السلام) did not practise magic. They came with miracles from Allah. And some evil ones placed books of magic under sulayman throne to cause people to think he practised magic after him.
  4. Sayyid Sistani (ethanol) does put a caution on it but regardless its considerd as pure
  5. Wa alaykom salaam You can make an agreement then later have it payed or forgive the debt. Or even can be for something like a flower etc.
  6. Mahramiyyah is related to close family and marriage ties not neccsarily due to blood relation no matter how distant. Once it becomes cousin distances the person is non mahram.
  7. The body of a believer has a sanctity. So some maraja will allow it under certain circumstances like if the autopsy was going to save another persons life (such as an essential criminal investigation).
  8. What is said is The story about Abdullah ibn Saba is fabricated by sayf ibn Umar. Therefore in this view we can say it is possible that Abdullah ibn Saba didnt even exist or atleast the report and story is false . If we say he did exist (although the entire story of sayf ibn Umar is thrown out already) we can say he was very insignificant and to hold such sway is very impossible for some insignificant person who is hardly even known or mentioned
  9. Shiachat how do u approve guest comments which are clear slander and lie so u partake in haram ?
  10. Wa alaykom salaam, yes from what I hear it is to prevent males secretly going on the site, I am not involved with the brothers group at the time maybe in the future. But they are the shrine of Imam reza (عليه السلام) and this is the request from the shrine to keep the group and sisters safe.
  11. Wa alaykom salaam, when it comes to history an expert must recontruct the history they don’t just blindly narrate it. It is a very big task. As for kitab sulaym ibn qays some argue there are some issues with the book, and that there has been some alteration or change and it is not the original book.
  12. There have been famous Shia historians who have analyzed these works and histories in depth. To dismiss Shia academic work on history is not appropriate. And to accept blindly everything narrated by Sunni historians is futile as well. Exspecially since at times they were sponsored by the abbasids as example. There are some works in english on seerah nabi but I am no academic historian to claim everything in those works, in the end we trust experts in the field and search for those exeprts. Ibn ishaq seerah has been messed with by ibn hisham who removed the pro Ahlul Bayt materials
  13. Interesting point that I have heard about this verse is the verse is stating that Islam dose not allow forcing non Muslims to convert. Another aspect is that ones inner intentions cannot be forced on a person.
  14. qiyas is anlogical reasoning as example this situation resembles this one therefore it has this ruling. The other is process of derivation of the rulings from their resources. In Sunni thought it is an independent source, not a process, called personal opinion.
  15. And your plan is to perform Hajj on behalf for someone else ?
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