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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Perhaps she has mixed up that eating beef and chicken all the time or alot when it is sluaghterd zabiha is makrooh.
  2. Salaam alaykom respected brothers and sisters course selection is opened for Qur'an and etrat online university at university.etrat.net also this semester we are having an Arabic grammar course.
  3. Wa salaam alaykom. Yeah your good deeds get built into your rewards there.
  4. Leaving any wajib is a major sin
  5. He is the living that does not die. But the Absolute living is self evident and not definable. So we have to understand what is meant by loving if we mean a growing moving body then no God is not that. But if we meaning something that is and is the abolsutness beyond any conception of isness then we must accept that he is.
  6. No, it does not mean that for Islamic rulings Qur'an and hadith are two of the major sources that can say if something is mandatory or not. This is also proven from Qur'an by the directions toward following the commands through the Prophet and ulul amr minkum (ie maktabi Ahlul Bayt)
  7. Salaa alaykom translation by Shia Ali qarai http://tanzil.net/#trans/en.qarai/19:1
  8. There are free courses on letters and reading also soon quranic vocabulary and some sarf and grammar over here This is a pre-hawzah https://docs.google.com/forms/d/124dPhKpODTQlrZy-q0jPbon2UrnK-LjTF4cRTVqEQCA/edit
  9. The issue is now fixed and the quiz shall work and videos are visable tomorrows live lesson will be at 16:30 GMT Eltemase dua
  10. I have emailed you the video brother. If anyone else needs it just let me know.
  11. The same issue is with your registration as the brother above. The systems seems to automatically had an ending date so it automatically placed you both and another student on in active. Only the administration can fix the error so as soon as they come to work on the site it will be fixed insha Allah so no worries.
  12. don’t worry there is an issue with the registration system on the site will have it sorted soon. I will email the video to save time
  13. Forgive the mistaking for their mistakes 

  14. Imam was Shia and the govt of the time was oppressive.
  15. Wa alaykom salaam. For something to be limited in a way that three things supposedly are at equal levels and they are all diffrent from each other. We have to ask what made them diffrent. Imagine if you had playdough you formed it into three shapes. Each would be diffrent from each other. But the thing that made each diffrent was neither of the three. That thing must be more perfect than any of the three as it has power and priority over the three. Therefore the three things are not God.
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