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  1. We have a group supported by Imam reza shrine on what's app if you would like PM me your number and I will add you brother.
  2. Evil is something ugly done with ones actions and intentions. Since djinn have freewill their creation was not evil rather those evil doers did evil, same for a human hence all creation has a good and purpose. Evil an attributable only to something that has done evil with its freewill.
  3. Wa alaykom salaam all maraja agree that pig all parts of it are inherently najis.
  4. Rohani


    Drain water of ghusl or wudhoo. Your welcome. Also note that ghusl jumua dose not remove obligation of wudhoo for prayers (check your marja)
  5. Rohani


    Wa alaykom salaam The ghusalah of ghusl is Tahir and reusable. The ghusl is valid as long as you don’t know for sure that najasat got in the water.
  6. As long as no emission of semen or intention to invalidate fast it is no problem
  7. Neccesity is like you are in a desert and may die unless you consume it. Or it is your only medication perscribed by a qualfiied doctor. Food of the people of the book refers to non meat products like wheat being permissible
  8. Yeah his premise is incorrect every effect has a cause. Not every cause has a cause because infinite regression and endless loop are both logically impossible. Hence the assumption that every cause has a cause is also invalid.
  9. https://www.al-Islam.org/Islamic-teachings-in-brief-allamah-tabatabai
  10. Wa alaykom salaam, he answers your question in his fatwa. The reason is the sun and moonlight can reveal ones private area and it is haram for it to be seen and wajib to conver it except the couple exceptions.
  11. Wa salam alaykom dear Knowledge Understanding Good actions Refinement of the soul. Tawbah Eltemase dua
  12. If anyone had application problems insha Allah they are fixed now.
  13. Sorry dear for the late reply PM me or email me and I will find time to help insha Allah
  14. @Ejaz dear brother winter course selection is opened now.
  15. Wa alaykom salaam dear brother, try checking now if not then wait couple hours all should be up by then insha Allah
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