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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Abu Hadi I couldn't reply to your post on time. Thanks for sharing that perspective, it is very important too and definitely worth reflecting about. Will think about it, as definitely this topic requires further studying on my behalf.

  2. Seirei no Moribito! Watch it xD

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    2. Bakir


      I will have to think about the next one hahah, still have no one at mind XD!

    3. Tonks


      Nahji koi koi. That song is stuck in my head. Lol!

      Do you have fb? I shared it on my wall haha!

    4. Bakir


      Can't share mine out of privacy heheh! I love that song tho!! That anime is a piece of art :)

  3. Mister rep! I wanted to ask you a question on NGOs' humanitary aid in Iraq. I'm currently subscribed to one, but as with everything, you can never be sure if the work they are doing is worth the help people actually offer. Considering the last chat convo, I was wondering if you actually work within an NGO and could guide me on this topic better to make sure I'm helping the right one/s (as you lived that yourself in first person). Thanks in advance!

  4. I just noticed your DP. What a great game. I got addicted to Gwynt, I would immediately recognizs that face xD! Mainly because I used to play the Northern Kingdoms a lot hahah. /me uses igni on DV and runs

    1. The Green Knight

      The Green Knight

      Its King Foltest. B

      est king of that world 

  5. I guess I could actually get used to this xD

  6. Feeling exhausted from the bottom of my heart...

  7. I gave you 5 stars as I felt sad after seeing you had 3. Now go give me 5 stars you too! XD

    1. Sumerian


      Lol I don't care about that, I'll give you 5 if you want, but it's nothing special

    2. Bakir


      Thanks xD! I want to get 5 stars. I wonder if it is even possible after someone has voted you with less than 5 stars xD.

  8. Lol'ed@your profile update xD. If someone expects to be banned from the chat, will get banned sooner or later xD!

  9. Gratz on the chat mod promotion :P. Would look better if it was green but meh xD. You should change that paladin avatar to orangish color :)

    1. The Green Knight

      The Green Knight

      Thanks. I hope I can be of some use to chat. ^^

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