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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is absolutely no evidence for this. I'm VERY exhausted of people lile you who bring ideas with zero support and expect us to debate them. No, I'm not debating the idea we have the power to turn straights into gays. There is no record in history of this ever happening. In fact, the only thing that we know for sure that happens because there is actual social research to back it up is the systematic non-scientific and usually oppressive conversion therapies, and their goal is to turn gays into straights. Hope you realize the injustice of the content of your discourse. I'm doing my b
  2. Wow, what a spin... We are talking about sex, not about family structure and child's rights, which is an entirely different topic. By "sex is not a right" I was referring to the maths you were doing when saying that a couple of two men would deprive two women of having a man for them. Nobody has the right to be with a man or a woman, there is freedom of choice. If, for whatever reason, no one wants to be with you, either because there are no available partners or because no one wants you, you have to cope with it. You don't have the right to be with a person, because that would affect oth
  3. Happy to hear the doctors are positive about her situation. I wish her a swift recovery God willing. Usually once the recovery starts, things go well unless there are highly risky factors that may make her vulnerable (previous health problems mostly). Hopefully everything will go well. Take much care!
  4. Most media aren't covering these crimes. Social media platforms are in fact also censoring related hashtags. You barely can see any decent government condemning this. Same goes with the brutality in Colombia.
  5. You realize this can be strongly used against Islam, right? The bonds of society are constructed by society itself. A Muslim society as we know it would be broken with the acceptance of homosexuality. Not all types of societies. It depends on the society and how it shapes its morality. You can call it ad hoc morality, but the morality of people tolerating and respecting LGBT rights isn't worse than yours. Rather, it seems closer to the golden rule, and acknowledges rights universally. Believing in a God given religion justifies your discourse, but your point is far from universal.
  6. The integration and assimilation of LGBTQ people in society is the result of political fight, not some sort of hidden agenda. Otherwise they wouldn't have been repressed for centuries. Anyway, this may require much more than a quick google search. Sex is NOT a right.
  7. And even political. It has a name and it is "pink-washing". The major part of LGBTQ movements rather criticize this exploitation of the community. Not all of it, but the major part of politically active movements do criticize such exploitation. One shall know which started first. Feminism, or the Capitalistic adaptation and exploitation of it? Queer rights movements or the Capitalistic assimilation and adaptation of them? Any well learned feminist or queer activist know for well that thia fight is intersectional, and there is no long term goals within the capitalistic system, which is a
  8. This claim doesn't support itself historically. The idea of non-normative families and households didn't benefit the economy and social structure of any modern society. Moreover, non-reproductice couples don't produce the most useful asset for the capitalistic system, which is workforce. Of course, you will see "gay culture" adopted and exploited by capitalism, as any other thing in society. But this is the consequence of the inevitable existence of gay people in society, not the other way around. Capitalism didn't create gays. They never have been of any benefit to it. There are
  9. Absolutely. I honestly dislike debating people a lot about this topic when they complain about mandatory masks, restrictiond and vaccines, but the fact is that remaining silent leaves the door open for further misleading discourses that may end up even discouraging people from taking a vaccine that will most likely save their lives if they belong to a vulnerable group. My father died recently of covid and my mother is doubtful about the AZ vaccine due to the alarmism regarding the potentially lethal secondary effects (even though the % in which these effects take place are minimal). She c
  10. This is something rarely seen on this site Abu Hadi, especially on this topic. People spit constant claims to speak about this topic with very little knowledge on it, and speak about solutions that have proven zero reliability. I wonder how there is so much support for conversion therapy in this site when not only it has no scientific support, but that actual research on the topic by the UN has proven that there are scam practices that are usually against basic human rights that take place behind these so-called "therapies". We can agree there is no biological evidence on the origins
  11. You mention science but then speak of the revelations of God. I admitted speaking from ideology, because it has nothing wrong to it. I don't build my ideology on false or unexplained premises, but on reasoning. There must be reasons to do so as well. Reasons can be based on social norms, antropological taboos, or ethics. Those who choose to repress their homosexual desires due to social or religious norms are free to do so, I'm not judging that. In fact, I think such support groups can be helpful for those who enjoy them and are looking for others in their situation fighting again
  12. I highly doubt there can be certainty without faith. I mean, the closest experience will most likely be mystical truths as the rest of members said, but I wonder if there is some sort of way to reach that point without faith (mostly because mysticism relies on a long term lifestyle and discipline to take place, and I doubt this can take place in our times without strong faith). Islam has among the most sophisticated mystic traditions, and I'm sure you can experience beautiful levels of certainty in your heart with proper dedication.
  13. Being SC a highly moderated community, I don't know why they let such harmful ignorant discourse (that is proven that has translated into higher death numbers) to freely take place in the public forums. Seriously, this is an ethical problem in itself. Many of us have lost relatives due to this pandemic.
  14. Halal doesn't equate good. Your mother most likely discourages you those marriages becausd they commonly may suppose certain social difficulties in some cases. For example, different cultures requires reciprocal desire to understand, tolerate and accept each other's culture, which will sometimes clash. Obviously, it's easy to fall into racism in these cases, because you should judge each person individually. But I guess your mom is just pointing out a common difficulty that mixed marriages may have.
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