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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Of course not everything is about fiqh. I'm not new to Islam, and I absolutely believed in it for years. This is something you do when you truly think is perfect, even though I have been surrounded by manh examples of bad Muslims. Nonetheless, the fact a perfect religion (or ideology) cannot separate itself in any way from the hegemonical ignorant mentality of the major part of its followers and representatives, then we can firmly say this religion or ideology has experienced a cultural defeat. It has been completely cannibalized to the point where there is no more ro
  2. I didn't mention the West, but this also points at another recurring problem. First, you can criticize Western culture or morals without defending Islam, and you can criticize Islamic culture and morals without defending Western culture. I know that most Muslims face this ideological battle within their heads. It was not my case for almost an entire decade. This is not a Barça - Madrid football match where we have to choose a team to side with. You can criticize Western culture within Western culture, you can question hegemonic morals and views of the world from the inside. This freedom i
  3. I believe any learned Muslim would properly understand laws on slavery in their proper context. And to be honest, even if that cannot be revised nor changed in Islam because Islam cannot be changed, it is not really a problem. Issues like slavery are virtual problems when we talk about the reality of the Muslim world nowaday. But at the same time, if we look at this reality, we will find problems that go far beyond Islam. At an individual or personal level, you can close your eyes and enjoy your spirituality within Islam. That will surely work. It worked pretty well for me. But maybe, as soon
  4. Sorry for the late reply. In fact, I'm not exactly agnostic nor atheist. I do believe in God, though I'm not a Muslim due to significant differences with the dogmatic structure of religion itself, that regardless of its historical effectivity, it has no mechanism for self-revision and change (while social, technological and political progress take place in the world). Indeed, my reasons are mostly social and cultural, not theological, as @Mahdavist correctly pointed out. I see religion nowaday not only as an inefficient tool to build better societies, but as a barrier. This perception is evide
  5. Respect is defined by a social code of conduct based in consensus (part of our education, both moral and civil). Love is fully dependant on emotional and physical realities that are diverse to each other. So I guess it's easier to judge, from this lens, which one is more important. As people who live in society, it is evident that respect has way more weight than love. I guess it could be different for a nomad family or tribe living isolated from the world... Apart from that, we cannot make emotional links with many people. There are interesting sociological studies on the matter tha
  6. Yeah, but that's strictly a religious opinion. Depends on your approach. From a strictly reproductive approach you are right. But this approach and this purpose is defined merely by you, and cannot be socially imposed. There is no reason to see sex with such a narrow approach to it.
  7. With the right tools, a bad situation can turn into a good one. I always talk about terrible realities in this forum, but in my personal case, I changed my family. It started with my siblings and friends, then cousins, then mother and some of my former generation (except my father, but he's got more problems to solve than just homophobia, and he just doesn't live with us, but in Iraq). I also started talking with other people of my local community, and the younger generations. For some, I may be indoctrinating. But the fact is that homophobia is also indoctrinated. Education shall be dive
  8. Can't edit my post, but want to develop this more. I don't really see a problem if someone, out of his personal individual freedom, want to practice celibacy, for example. But I really see moral problems in intolerance towards homosexuals, or towards those Muslims who also accept themselves as homosexuals.
  9. As you correctly pointed out, there is also pleasure in husband and wife relationships. As I also said, I think that in human relationships, pleasure shouldn't be the ONLY thing to chase, but reproduction isn't the only alternative (and I say reproduction because it is the unique difference between straight and homosexual couples). Relationships bring more than physical pleasure, especially nowaday. We live in a world designed for couples, not for individuals. There is also a part of survival in it. By the same rule of thumb, if purpose relies merely on reproduction, we could speak in fav
  10. This is the key thing. It has not been unnecessary. In one hand, the contrary approach certainly reminds of some sort of fascism where minorities rights are absolutely dismissed. In the other hand, it avoids the appearance of false marriages of convenience and the prosecution of people who decide to live with their same sex partner. So far, change is not possible, and all evidence points at this. You may find a few exception in the so called conversion therapies (which evidence not only has proven they are based in psychological and/or physical torture, but that they lack all type of scie
  11. I agree that prostitution and pornography shall disappear, but I identify the pillars that support this system, and certainly you seem to do so too but criticize feminism without knowing what is said in feminism it seems. Porn is made for men. Even if you check "homosexual porn", it's for men. There isn't lesbian version of porn sites. Porn is made by men for men. You say there is no basis, but indeed there are significant gender based differences in pornography and the porn industry itself, and saying there is no basis to have a gender based approach on pornography (feminism) is ignoring this
  12. Victor Madrigal Borloz, a UN independent expert on the prevention and practices of torture, wrote a very clear research, accompanied with proofs and sources you can check, on the problems behind these practices. And it is specifically this UN research what call for government ban on conversion therapy all around the world. It's not a secret evil LGBT agenda, it's research. https://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=26051&LangID=E In the above link, you will be able to download the 22 page report. Feel free to remind your sister what is Islam position o
  13. I'm not offended at all (and can't be offended after your reply). It's just that I think we can have a proper debate without falling into what we feel about homosexuality. For example, I was asked about incest, and tried to reply without the need to say that for me it is something vomitive and abominable. That's just a personal feeling, and reasonable debates have much more to offer us all, regardless of our differences that I respect and celebrate.
  14. I agree I have been partly judgemental. Your discourse wasn't necessarily Islamic, but it's the religious anti-LGBT discourse that tends to simplify realities that are quite different, and that honestly belong to deep and wide debates, both social and moral. Leaving homosexuality aside, you can't even compare the problem with prostitution, with the debate on incest, and the problems of pornography. Pornography and prostitution are two problems that have a lot to do with the economical system that supports systematic pressure on women to dedicate their efforts to please and care about
  15. The post you quoted wasn't referring to any school of Islam, precisely because there is no interest nor much to discuss at a theological level. I'm not a Muslim myself due to personal conviction. And it makes no difference in my previous post if Islam bans it or consider it makrooh. I was saying that at a rational level, homosexuality and anal sex are not the same as necrophilia, zoophilia or pedophilia. Comparing them is something that a Muslim can do in his own personal thinking, because all of them are haram. Nonetheless, in a serious and rational debate, where you expect to be able to rati
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