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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This thread is quite funny. It's obvious to any Muslim that half the members of this forum aren't Muslims at all. A Muslim supporting the wars of aggression against Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, murdering, torturing and raping countless numbers of people? LOL could only be on Shiachat.
  2. Hmm.. OK, so let's sum up where we are so far... 1) I am a 'hopeless dunce' 2) I am paranoid 3) I have some unknown psychotic illness Very nice. Have you heard of something called 'projection'? Let's see what else we have: Allied forces came out of thin air and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq... never mind the League of Nations or NATO or historical development from WW2 or earlier. The exaggerated 6-day front-page memorial on the BBC website and extended television and newspaper coverage has nothing to do with supporting the soldiers in Iraq you say.. any suggestion that it might be propaganda is
  3. If the holy cow of the WW2 Allied forces and their fallen is represented by a paper-and-plastic poppy, and this is a sacred symbol of higher value in the sight of Allah than the babies born in Iraq with serious birth defects because of depleted uranium, then vote this post down because I'm going to destroy a whole box of them.
  4. Thanks for that hilarious generic response to any kind of challenging thesis presented by a Muslim here on Shiachat. I've been called these names, ridiculed and belittled by idiots like you pretending to be Muslims so many times here for challenging the British and American agenda of domination, it is indeed most flattering. This never happens when I meet one of you so-called 'Muslim brothers' in real life... This is because you appeasers are at heart basically non-believers and abject cowards of the lowest order. It says a lot, when Muqtada al-Sadr is the ONLY Iraqi cleric supporting the resi
  5. Oh OK, so now the poppy ritual used as an annual propaganda ritual to support the 'heroes' fallen in Afghanistan and Iraq is a part of your religion and Allah will punish those who don't 'respect the dead' from the side (obviously British) that Allah supports as his 'Hezbollah'. The BBC has run the war dead memorial story on its front page for almost a WEEK. But then I guess you support this 'dawah', as well you probably support Yazeed and Muawiyah. No surprise then that you don't seem to have anything to say about the rape epidemic in Iraq, the phone line for rape victims set up by US Army
  6. WARNING this link isn't for the faint-hearted and probably isn't workplace-safe: EDITED Mod's note: Do not post links from racist websites.
  7. While the forum obsesses about not offending the sensibilities of white folk by pointing out their disgraceful history, this is what the soldiers of UK and USA have left as their legacy in Iraq since 2003. A massive number of serious birth defects and deformities from depleted uranium, widespread torture, murder of prisoners and a rape epidemic. What 'heroes'... Of course here on Shiachat we condemn all forms of resistance legitimate or otherwise, and wholeheartedly support the American, British and Israeli jackbooted 'heroes', and look forward to 'al Askari shrine' being opened up for TOURIST
  8. Iraqis like to sweet-talk people, especially in social, convivial settings. They smile a lot and say 'salaam'. However they are social backstabbers as everyone knows. Regarding the Iraqi habits and customs, I foresee lots of conflict between the Iraqis settled in the West, and Western values. Personally I never understood why Iraqis as a whole are so silent about the American occupation of their country. They seem to have no pride.
  9. You presume too much. Of course I found the link from Google, but that doesn't mean I was unaware of the term. Is arrogance so much a part of your nature that you really sit there in a deluded fantasy world thinking you know the meaning of these words and that your interpretation goes above everyone else's? Here's another link for you on the etymology of 'khimar': http://www.quranicteachings.co.uk/khimar.htm 1) Do you have a low tolerance rate for yourself?? Because lying about religion just to satisfy the latest diktats of the ulama is what you spend all your time here doing. 2) The people
  10. What are you, the PR dept for Khomeinists, Pittsburgh USA? This thread is about 'hijab'. The Iranian legal code mentions 'hijab'. The definition of 'KHIMAR' is disputed. You might want to check this site and 'get a clue' (wow I'm really getting the hang of internet Khomeinist propaganda LOL). http://www.muhajabah.com/khimar.htm Wrong. Check the first post in this thread. It's about hijab under an ISLAMIC GOVERNMENT. Maybe if you spent less time trying to discredit enemies of Khomeinism on the internet you'd have the chance to read the thread OP, plus a little on Islamic history too instead of
  11. No, please don't tar me with the same brush as the ulema, who got into the habit of making up hadiths soon after importing Sunni-style Shafi-ist legalism into Islam. 1) Where do your doubtful hadiths mention 'hijab'? 2) Where do your doubtful hadiths give the authority to a government agency to enforce penalties on those who don't wear hijab? 3) Which hadith collections do these doubtful hadiths come from? You see, if you think it's a part of your religion you have a right to sit at your computer in Pittsburgh wearing a hijab and nobody will care. But if you then say you or some other officer
  12. Requiring women to wear hijab is a part of Islamic Revivalism, which has its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt) - the mother of all 20th century Islamist movements including Khomeinism. You won't find anything written by the Imams requiring women to wear hijab specifically. Many people in the west consider a woman can be modestly attired without any kind of headgear. However in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, the culture prefers hijab. The attempt to attach this cultural garment to Islam is a new thing.
  13. Anyone who goes to war against Islam, the final Revelation from Allah to mankind, will lose. The Deen is protected.
  14. Pointless that Britain should deny involvement in this terrorist attack. If they're not into arming and training terrorists to do their bidding, why not let independent investigators inspect their training sites in Pakistan.
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