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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 1. Do you believe Islam is a patriarchal religion? If so, do you have any trouble reconciling this? Islam is a patriarchal religion in the sense that men lead society. that does not mean that women and men are unequal, just that men are created to make more suitable leaders. 2. Do you consider yourself a feminist? If so, how do you define 'feminism'? If not, why not? I don't consider my myself a feminist, because (as someone pointed out), feminism is not a word to describe real women's rights. It is a word used to describe women's cries to assume male roles. Why don't we see men protesting to
  2. King pomba, as you have said there is no point in further discussing this, I shall not ... but I leave you with this: Your view of freedom is flawed in my opinion - the real freedom is not the ability to do whatever u want whenever u want it, because then you are merely a slave of ur tendencies and wants. it is following a set of rules that frees you from your passions and lower self, that is true freedom. take care
  3. I don't see the problem with discussing it here as it is totally relevant to the topic I see it worthwhile continuing this discussion because you seem to be a man of reason, and thats why I have thought to reply some of your thoughts. Firstly, it is obvious that suppressing these thoughts will undoubtedly and inevitably lead to problems in society - this is why the institution of marriage, and particularly early marriage, is so recommended in Islam and encouraged, to the extent that it secures 'half your faith' (as a narration by the Prophet pbuh suggests). Having said this, Islam doesn't sugg
  4. Hopefully no one is disregarding you as a kafir!! your thoughts are interesting... One drink does not usually get one person drunk, and one conversation will not necessarily lead to bed. but that doesn't change the fact that when it adds up, inevitably there are some cases where it does lead to something more, and when it keeps adding up, slowly and gradually society begins to face problems such as those we have in western countries today. The problem lies in where you say 'you knew in your heart it was wrong' - because that feeling of what is 'wrong and right' can only handle so much. at one
  5. It is a huge generalisation, but when you think about it, there is some sense in it. Personally I think that if you're sure that the partner you will marry will always act in accordance with the laws of Allah, and is actively trying to progress in his/her journey towards Him, then they will always do right by you. For example, if my husband had a bad habit, or did something wrong, as long as he is trying to be a practising muslim, he will always try and be better and change the habit or apologise for the wrong. Its not just about religious marriages - in all aspect of your lives, if you are '
  6. powerpoint is good for making posters - All you have to do is open powerpoint, page setup, choose a slide size and make your poster on the slide. Then get it printed to the right size (A3, A2, etc). Alternatively, you can use one of these templates if you like. http://www.makesigns.com/SciPosters_Templates.aspx Make sure u check out the size and download the right size and get it printed that way.
  7. This post is generalising so much. I grew up in the west, I don't interact with na-mahram men, nor laugh out loud, and I think (alhamd) my parents have done a great job of bringing me up in a manner which preserves the islamic principles of shame and 'haya'. I find it really harsh when 'FOBs' go round saying 'I'll never marry a western girl' because its assuming all western girls have adapted and conformed to the values and norms of western culture, and I think its kinda harsh... Rather I would think any muslim would judge the values and akhlaq of any potential spouse, whether it be FOB or we
  8. Loool amirafatima is just the Arabic translation :p

  9. Can you pls provide some references showing that petting a dog is not allowed?
  10. Question for those of you who wax arms... When you've finished, even after you've washed your arms, do you feel like there is still a layer on your arms? like the water is sliding off? Can you do wudhoo on this? And if you can't, whats the alternative? :unsure:
  11. Okay we're getting somewhere :) Here is your answer: I totally would be ok with it if my husband had done muta before marrying me (or I would force myself to be ok with it because I know its not wrong)... and I would also encourage my children to if it came to that. The reason your post made me 'defensive' is because you are being a little harsh, and I don't think you are respecting the fact that this is a sisters forum and people may want to hear how other women feel about it, how they deal with it, how they would handle it, even if they know what is Islamically right and wrong - Although I
  12. LOL :!!!: Its funny how you think its 'your duty' to go round defending muta as if we're all going to be major sinners if we don't all start encouraging everyone we see to practise it., and you're going to be held responsible for that. Its amazing how defensive you get when talking about Muta. I wonder if you know that there are also ahadith about humility, speaking with kindness, not judging people, or is it only the muta aspect of the ahlulbayt's teachings that you want to practise? Actually, I was asking the women (on this sisters forum) how they deal with it - since you aren't a marrie
  13. I was asking the women (last I checked this was sisters forum? :wacko: ) You should really think twice about posting in reply to people who are looking for sisterly advice and conversation - you obviously can't relate to their feelings, nor can you be bothered to articulate yourself in a more considerate and polite manner.
  14. :!!!: thats better! Is your birthday day 6 of the month? Your Life You are generous with people in need, sometimes to an extreme that peoplefind you nosey. Your hidden courage and dedication often surprise others. Your imagination is extremely unique. Your Love Your love life is on the smooth track because it grows from friendship.Although you may not make a sweet lover but your sincerity bring happinessto your couple.
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