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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Somehow everything i watched in the series "The Arrivals" makes more sense....
  2. Salam everybody, First of all i would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for helping a brother you have never met. I have some bad news though... I tried talking to my wife and explain the point of religion and marriage and how we could try and make things work and how god would fix things if we only showed him that we regret the our past discretions and genuinely ask for forgiveness. But she was not convinced with my words and wants to go ahead as planned and get the divorce official. I guess the time has come for me to accept what she wants and go ahead as planned. Thank you all for your help, and i hope that Allah blesses you all. Adel
  3. With the exception of Leda, who so rudely pointed out the mistakes that i am in the process of correcting and basically saying that i am not a man, i thank you all for your support and advice which i have taken in and will consider. I spoke to her today and quietly explained to her that i didnt like what she was doing and that i am not asking her to change over night. Inshallah, Ya Rab, she will take into consideration what i have said and want to change. As for Leda i would like to make some points clear.... 1) Yes i used to drink, but i havent touched the stuff in a year and have had many opportunities too and still didn't. We didn't move into an apartment because she wanted an $800,000 house. I dont know about you but i dont have that kind of money and i am not going to ask my dad for that sort of money either. Despite what you may think, not everybody is born with a silver spoon in their mouths. I did not marry my wife for the wrong reasons and i had no idea how bad the situation in her house was, plus when we first got married she used to ask me about my faith with great interest and read the many books about the Shia'a faith that i have. 2) I have already explained but i will elaborate. I am in debt to the bank and i can not afford an apartment, even if i did i own a huge 6 bedroom house which only my mother and maid live in. 3) My father isn't a religious man, he tried to treat her like his own daughter, you have no right to say "i hope so" at the end of your comment. You havent got any idea what my father is like so dont you dare judge him, obviously yours didn't raise you properly enough to teach you not to be insulting to people. 4) Like i said she wasnt always this way, i married her because i love her, i didn't ask for a 'piece of the cake', and by the way it's pie get to know your English better. I spoke to her on many occasions about her dress code and they always managed to turn onto a big fight. However elsaberoo meftah elfaraj and i chose patience over force. As for your last comment, well she doesn't want to live in my house, she wants her own house like i said. Yes i will keep praying and i wont stop. I have made my share of mistakes in life, maybe more than most, but i am trying to correct my ways and become a good Muslim who abides by Allah's rules. Last i remember it is never to late to ask for forgiveness. A word of advice from a Shia to his brother, try and be nicer and more compassionate about peoples problems. Being harsh and horrible isn't the way to make friends, just because you know more about Islam than i do it doesn't make you better than me or give you the right to talk to me the way you did. Since you know so much more than me you should know who said this "Be nicer to people on your way up, because you might need them on your way down." I have come here to make friends not enemies, friends that will guide me to the right path and help me on my way to becoming a good Muslim. Salam Alaikum.....
  4. Thank you brother... I am going to ask a question that is a little embarrassing but what does our religion say about a married couple that havent had intercourse in 4 months. The thing is she wouldnt let me touch her, as if she was disgusted by me...I am sorry if this offends anyone i am only trying to understand what my religion says. Thank you...
  5. Salam Brothers & Sisters, My name is Adel, i am not an active member on this forum but i do read the topics and posts sometimes. 3 weeks ago my marriage fell apart and although i am suffering emotionally i am able to go on elhamdillah because i have become closer to god than i have been in the past. I met my wife 10 years ago when we were both young, i was in university and she was still in high school. 7 years later we got married. Life couldnt have been better, i had the woman of my dreams and a job i had always wanted, motoring journalist & test driver. 6 months later i was blessed with the news that my wife was pregnant and i was so happy and i wished so hard that god would bless me with a baby girl and he did. However she was born with a heart condition and had to have major open heart surgery which had a 20% success rate, upon recovery we watched our daughter almost leave this world in the ICU, literally she flat lined and turned grey. After a few moments that felt like an eternity she came back into this world. This made me realize that Allah (SWT) is watching over my daughter and sending me and my wife a message, which basically said that he will allow us to keep this gift but we need to change our ways. I stopped drinking and made an effort to understand my religion better however my wife's attitude took a turn for the worst. She wears short skirts, and every time she bends over everything shows. On many occasions i have found myself in a situation where i want to kill the men who stare and point but at the end of the day it isnt their fault. She wont stop drinking and she insults me and the shia faith (She is sunni) to the degree that she swears at Ahl el-bait. I get so angry that sometimes i feel like i want to slap her, but my father raised a gentleman. I work hard and elhamdillah i am good at my job to the degree that my judgment in the articles that i write is trusted by many people in Bahrain. She asked me for a divorce 3 weeks ago and, honestly, my heart felt like it was cut into pieces. Although i agreed i was very reluctant, but what was i supposed to do? The person who i thought loved me just told me that she doesnt... Here are the problems we faced during our marriage: 1) I was living with her in her parents house event though i knew her father was an alcoholic and there are no mo'meneen in that house. The only Qura'an in that house was the one in my bed side table drawer, her mother doesnt pray, her brother doesnt pray and obviously her father doesnt either. 2) Her mother kept filling her head with the idea that my father had to buy us a $800,000 house by the sea, and when i disagreed fighting and arguing continued on a regular basis. Even though i have perfectly a good house in my name which only my mother is living in, who tried her best to treat her like a daughter. 3) My sister always calls her to take her out and become closer to her but she always ignored her. 4) My father tried to get close to her and she rejected him. She doesnt believe in god and when anybody brings the subject of religion up she insults god and says that religion is all rubbish. i could list a whole lot of other things but it would take you all 2 days to read. My point is that i love my wife despite all her flaws but Allah and Ahl El-Bait always come first no matter what. My wife was never like this, when we were dating she used to have tons of interest in the Shia faith and would always ask me questions about it. I actually had hopes that she would convert but then she suddenly changed. As for myself, i have gone back to praying and have started to read more about my religion in order to understand life better and become closer to god. I dont know what to do, all i know is that i what my wife and daughter back in my life and i want my wife to become closer to god and think about what happens in the after life. I am just extremely worried that Iblis will guide her onto the wrong path....
  6. Hi everybody, i am new on this forum and i just wanted to talk to you about something. I find that sometimes it is easier to talk to strangers than it is to people who know me. In 2002 i was involved in a really bad car accident and a young couple died in the accident. While i was in hospital i replayed the accident over and over in my head and i am 100% sure that it wasnt my fault. The only thing i can say i did wrong was i was going out with my friends to a night club to party and drink and it was the second day of Eid after Ramadhan, obviously i didnt get there. Anyway, in 2005 the Bahraini judicial system didnt think so and sent me to jail for one year, i did my time and while i was there i made friends with people who taught me about my religion and taught me to pray. It's been 7 years since that night and every night i go to bed, my wife wakes me up at night because i am crying in my sleep, and she asks me whats wrong. I keep seeing the young girl and mans face in my sleep and i am down on my knees begging them to forgive me. I havent been a good muslim and i am not proud of my past, el hamdillah i havent been clubbing since that night and i stopped all of my old bad habits but i still cant seem to find peace of mind. Everytime i listen to Duaa Komeyl i feel like i have let God, Ahl al bayt and my family down and i feel really, really bad. Last year my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and a week after she was born she had to have major heart surgery and i watched as she almost left us, i remember feeling so powerless because i couldnt do anything and i felt like i was being punished for my sins. So one day i thought to myself that i need to go to Umrra and Karbala, but i have been told that my Umrra and Zeeyara will not be accepted by god because I have two large tattoos on my arms and they will show if i go to Umrra. I feel extremely torn and confused, i keep getting these thoughts in my head that god has forgotten me (istaghfirallah) and that i should go back to my old ways and enjoy my life and i dont want to do that because i am happy with my life without all of that. I dont know what to do and it is affecting me everyday and making me question everything around me. I need to get closure on this and i dont know who to turn to.
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