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  1. optimistic about the future.

  2. You do not know me but I just wanted to say, stay strong sister, it will get better I promise, I know how you feel, I do, I'm in the same situation, I know how you feel, I know your thoughts, I do and if you need to talk to anyone you can certainly PM or something, I am here for. Stay strong sis, cling to the rope of Allah (swt), it will get better.

  3. I liked what you said in the Isma'ili thread and I look forward to more posts by you. Welcome. :)

  4. Welcome to the forum.

  5. Hey, I read your thread about what the prophet (pbuh) and his family would have used to shave certain areas. I, myself, can't really give you a straight answer however I would recommend researching Middle-Eastern shaving tools, in particular those of the 6-7th century. That would give you an idea and starting point.

  6. I hope I was not offensive in the thread that you started about weight, that wasn't my intent at all and wanted to say so.

  7. Agreed and while I do find some of the modern practices of the Isma'ilis objectionable, or rather their non-practice of things crucial to the Islamic practice, historically I think and would venture to say that they, the Isma'ilis, were are brothers in Islam, which is why I think this hostility towards them is weird, especially given the Shi'i ummah's lot historically.

  8. haha! All my avatars are just odd pictures I find online.

  9. I am ithna ashari however like I said in a thread I put that as my title in response to the "are Isma'ilis Muslims?" thread. I wanted to see how Isma'ilis are viewed and treated by the mainstream Shi'i community. Plus, I have a fascination with the assassins. No worries.

  10. Yea bro! I love hookah! I got a nice piece in my room, just got finished smoking some al fakher jasmine actually. What you smoke?

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