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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The fist thing is suppose to be a minimum, I think.
  2. Please do explain.
  3. Left for Dead 2. I always feel most comfortable with a shotty.
  4. It's indeed racist, the numbers 14 and 88 are widely used by White racists. The letter H is the 8th letter of the alphabet, HH or Heil Hitler, 88. The number 14 is code for the "14 words," which was started by David Lane, I think, which is one of the most, if not the most important phrase of the White racist, the 14 words are "we must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children." This is what I have to say to people like that. Everything I needed to know about these baby killer soldiers was shown from a helicopter camera on wikileaks.
  5. Because I think the only people that would believe it would be Romania.
  6. This is my absolute favorite compliment I have ever recieved here dear sister and the one which has brought the most personal amusement for yours truly. The mortuary refridgerator units (those meat lockers they shove you in at the morgue) work because they create an enviorment which slows down the decomposition process. I can't remember how long exactly you typically stay in there, I've only unloaded and loaded bodies and witnessed the embalming process and so on (still a student) but I'll see. It was labeled as a women there, this is true, I forgot, I was just judging from the shoulders and so on, which are sort of manish. Not to mention to the dressing of the corpse seems sort of manish too. Though the face does seem womanish. I didn't remember exactly so after a quick look over I guessed.
  7. I have seen these pictures before an another site (I believe on rotten.com). The story connected to the picture is false, in the story the body was suppose to be of an 18 year-old young man, which this corpse isn't, the biggest indicator is the grey hair, secondly I would be willing to wager this corpse is of a person of European ancestry, not Middle-Eastern (the boys name was name was Oman). So this elderly European man isn't the young Middle-Eastern man the story is talking about. Also, this picture was taken from another site and arabic text has been photoshopped into it. Your body DOES decay and so forth and it is NOT a pretty site or smell, trust me, I'm a mortuary science major, however in 3 hours? No way, the body wouldn't have that kind of discoloration if the person had died 3 hours prior.
  8. :lol: When I changed my title, I wonder how long it would take till someone made a comment like this, about a week or so, a lot better than I expected. I expected something within a couple of days.
  9. Exactly, infowars/Alex Jones is about as credible as David Icke.
  10. This is true and said women are usually mother-in-laws, gypsies or witches and thus made of wood.
  11. What you need to do is stop fostering this view of women. Women are not sexual objects, they are people, regardless of whether or not the girl is dressed like a harlot or not. The more you think about it and look down, the more you sexualize the presence of women. You need to face them and talk to them and treat them as you would men then the desires will pass.
  12. I think what the Western Christian community has learned is that you can't expect non-Christians to uphold the code of conduct of your religion and to respect your religion to the same degree that you do, which is where jokes involving prophet Isa (pbuh) come from and I think the Muslim community is slowly learning this as well. Not everyone in a given country is going to be Muslim and we can't expect non-Muslims to stick to our code of conduct because they aren't Muslims. Just like the Buddhist community in America/Europe shouldn't expect us to stop eating meat because in their religious dogma it's a grievous sin, we aren't Buddhists.
  13. Source? In traditional Judaism/Jewish culture and in modern Orthodox Jewry, frum (observant) Jewish males don't shave the beard or moustache, so I don't think the basis of this sunnah would be that. I should probably email a marja about this, basically what I am asking is what is considered a "trim," moustache and at what point, length, or whatever would it be considered untrim. My beard itself is around 5-6 inches at the moment, so no worries there, but my moustache (in my opinion) is trim and well groomed even though I can and do curl the ends. The hadith that has been posted, I interpreted the main error that was pointed out was that the beard was shaven and the moustache was large, bushy, and ungroomed/trimmed.
  14. Is it haram to indirectly support an alcohol company through buying a product which is non-alcoholic? Reason for this question, I saw a commercial for Bailey's non-alcoholic coffee creamer and my girlfriend asked me if she should buy it when she goes out tomorrow so we could try it (we're both big coffee drinkers). I mean, I know it, itself isn't alcholic but it seems weird to me to buy it because it would be like indirectly supporting a company which main product is haram. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid. What're your thoughts?
  15. ^best response in the thread. Very interesting brother, thank you for posting this.
  16. Is every murder judged as the same, speaking sin wise? Like if a man throws a blunt object at a woman and then she dies, would that be judged and considered the same as say the murder of Mary Kelly?
  17. My moustache is a lot shorter than his but I still curl it up in that fashion, I trim it so it doesn't go over my lip and it's never in my mouth, my moustache is very, very well groomed. Can you offer any sources from scholars and the like who have written about this?
  18. I like the following. 1. The noble Qu'ran. 2. The Egyptian Book of the Dead. 3. The Tibetan Book of the Dead. 4. The Inferno by Dante Alighieri.
  19. I HIGHLY recommend shopping duty-free, I saved so much money on tobacco than I would have spent on the ground. LOVE IT. Duty-free is my best friend. I however strongly recommend waiting till your off the plane to smoke. ;)
  20. 9bismillah) (salam) I know that the Muhammad (pbuh) said that it was wajib to not trim/shave the beard and let it grow and to trim the moustache. My question is what did he mean trim? Why the moustache? What specific reason are we to trim the moustache not let it go other than the propher (pbuh) said so. Another question I have is can the beard be to long and my moustache looks like this (and I'm not kidding). Is that halal? I always keep it trim and well groomed. What's the rulings on shaping up the beard and shaping it? What about styling yuor moustache, is that ok? I wonder because I don't dig the ahab beard. Also, how long is the moustache permitted to be? If you are suppose to untouched, so why is the moustache singled out for trimming if not outright shaving.
  21. It's most def MF Doom son, he did a colab with DJ Danger Mouse and they came up with a name to represent them both, like when Doom did a colab with Madlib and they called Madvillain. Want trouble? Bring the ruckus, Wu-Tang clan ain't nothin to [hassle] with.
  22. (bismillah) (salam) Whatever happened to the following groups and what information and opinions do you have on them. I would like to have a full discussion however before we get into that, I want to get the general impression and knowledge of these groups from mainstream Shi'is. Those from the Ismai'li sect. -Qarmatians -Hafizi -Seveners (those who think Imam Isma'il ibn Ja'far (pbuh) was the last Imam). Ghulat Shi'a. -Bazighiyya. -Dhammiyya -Ghurabiyya. -Ya'furiyya. Zaydi Shi'ah -Dukayniyya -Jarudiyya -Khalafiyaa -Khashabiyya -Tabiriyya -Butriyya -Salihiyya I think you for you advice, sources and in put. I also would like to know why is there so many splits and sects in Shi'a Islam? This doesn't appear to be with our Sunni brothers.
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