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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Can you please delete/unregister my account? Thanks.
  2. S/a again, ok so I got my replies from najaf website, and this is it... My first question was in regards to engaging in a temprorary marriage with a kafir (non ahlel kitab), I wanted to know whether you could get a different marjas ruling on this matter.. The reply was, ---- n the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful A Muslim man is not allowed to marry, neither permanently nor temporarily a non-Muslim woman who is not among Ahlul Kitab. Based on obligatory precaution, a Muslim man must refrain from marrying a Zoroastrian woman, even temporarily. Wassalamu Alaykum ---- My second questio
  3. S/a Thanks for the correction, and thanks for the reply too. I have been trying to contact the website for my question, I have not recieved an answer but thank you very much for taking the effort. Many people think you can, it seems that they are misguided. So there is no way, unless I change my taqleed, but changing my taqleed for one law doesn't seem to be allowed, and I also heard if you change it, you can't change back.. Plus you have to seek the most knowledagble, and I don't believe there is anyone more knowledgable than seestani, so I'm guessing all I must/can do is avoid the harram (
  4. Im just scared that when i inshallah one day stop for good, like.... would the wise choice have been engage in mutah earlier the better --- or learn to avoid it and stopp it once and for all... one is like running away, and the other is liek fighting it... and suceeding after a very long time... Future, i want to have a permenant wife in the future.... this.. imagine how bad my future wife would feel if she knew i did mutah with another girl, it kills the experience for her.. :/ agreeed.. mutah-ing, that too with a kafir just makes you seem so much weaker.... its a worst case scenario, im no
  5. S/a all, I heard that one can engage in a mut'ah contract with a kaffir, provided they recite the shahada (even if they don't mean it or become a proper muslim or anything, for the sake of the mut'ah if they recite it, then they can be 'muslim enough' for you to be in a temproary marraige with, is this true? I dont think it is, it seems like total rubbish. Secondly, because ayatullah fadhullahs mut'ah rules are more lenient, than ayatullah sistanis, people are like 'oh just change your taqleed and do mutah without asking the parents permission - easy, done straightforward. However, is it allow
  6. Thanks for the replies... ill individually thank everyone whenever i can... But marriage and conversion are not an option... please dont take these two options any further, rationnaly they arent and i would like advice on how to help my current situation rather than planning or worrying about the future..
  7. This reply is to everyone who's posted about my taqleed.. I follow ayatullah sistani because I believe he is the most knowledagly from what I have researched and I also know his rulings of mutah are only allowed, if the girl is ahle kitab... unfortunately, this girl is not jewish or christian or muslim, therefore this is not permissible.. I do not intend to change my marja, just for the sake of this girl, because once I have completed the mutah or, whatever you may call it, I will naturally change back to ayatullah sistani --- and I believe this is not 'allowed'.. or like, you can't just jump
  8. What about my past? How do I bury that? I didn't want to have such an unethical past, it just... I end up giving in :( its not fair, why do I have to have such a hard jihad, women is the most difficult to avoid :(
  9. S/a.. I need help, I will be brief and detailed. Please don't laugh. Last october I got into a relationship with a kafir girl. It ended in december because I felt guilty as muharram was approaching. The worst things I've done with the girl during that time was, be almost without all clothes in my room, and masturbation with her.... I cried, bucket loads, when I broke up with her, for Allah to forgive me. I cried. And cried. And cried. Becuase I am generally a good ethical boy, but.. I cried so much. I couldnr believe it. I couldnt believe i did this.. Come january, she was still my friend...
  10. dont get, why she cant be just an ordinary trustworthy friend noow ---- past is past --- mistakes happen? im pree sure this is allowed, as long as her rents know that we talk, (and my rents know), we talk as freinds then... it isnt wrong, yes? mutah is temproary marriage--- this is not a solutin cos the person is not someone you can do mutah with, neither do i have intentions to engage in such a contract now or ever. the thing is; its really easy to break contact with her for ever and ever and ever. like.... im not gonna die without her -.- all im saying is that, she is an interesting fri
  11. oh my god i dont want any temproary marriage.... and all these ansswers are irrelevant except the first :/ breaking contact completely is out of question, cus its just dum.. if you can control it then.. my problem is different... i jst dont knw whether its okay and al..
  12. S/a all I had a haraam relationship with a girl for about 2 months, and then I ended it... however even though the 'relationship' ended, physical stupid things still continued... In the end, it continued for 5 - 6 months (the physical stuff that 'happen' ) and the last time I did anything with her, was like 3 weeks ago.. ish.. (It was hard, because I still kept the girl as a friend, and that same time tried to avoid any physical contact) (neither of us really want to -- its just hard to avoid) Im in high school and I try my best, so does the girl, to not 'mess up physically'... and well...
  13. s/a I do not eat haraam food (or best try to avoid it) The quran is 100% correct, and if it says fish with no scales are haraam, there MUST be a reason for this.. It says pig is haraam - this can scientifically be supported with the fact that pig has so many harms.. What about squid? How can science support the quran on this matter? Im not saying the quran is wrong, im just wondering, is there any scientific support for squid being haraam? or extremely unhealthy? or more harmful than beneficial... Prawns are allowed - so... why not squid, is the question.. response is appreciated, thanks
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