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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. though at some point in my life, i used to think I hate my dad, but I later realized I actually loved him more than anything else. and I have never had friend who I have shared all my secrets with, but with my mom I have. she's been by my side through all the good and the bad times and I really really love my parents
  2. I can eat it all up right now ... I am so hungry ..
  3. yea it does work ... I went to someone for my acne treatment and he told me to pressurize some points on my palms and i did it and it worked ...
  4. the nicest thing ever said to me was 'I'm so lucky to have you'. A friend said that to me when she was delivering her baby while I was holding her hand.
  5. I don't know if it's haraam, but you shouldn't do that since when you get your periods, you are najis. so you can't really stand on the prayer mat ... I don't think you're answerable to any men in that case. just tell them to mind their own business if they say something to you about it.
  6. how did you find out your cousin wants you to rub her feet too?? did she tell you to do it or gestured or something? rubbing feet is fine as long as you're doing it to your aunt only since she is a mahrum...
  7. start doing yoga .. seriously .. it will definitely help you come out of this state ... I have gone through the same thing twice in my life and once I started practicing yoga on daily basis, I felt relaxed and very enlightened .. give it a try!
  8. well .. the wedding isn't valid anymore .. I think there's nothing the wife can do about it besides trying to bring him back to Islam and get married to him again
  9. wow ... that was really funny ...
  10. It's too bad you need more posts (50, I think) to have PM. Don't listen to the backwards people on this site. People have always blamed women for everything, from rape, to divorces, and now, to failing marriages (but it takes two to tango). As soon as you are able to PM, PM me.

  11. Oh, thank you so much for analyzing me so deeply ... I love you for that .... I really do ...
  12. Hmm.. i don't know what to say... haji2003, you have a picture of maulana with your nick but all you ever talk is S H I T. I think you should watch what you say. That was very rude of you. It's my mistake that I ever thought I would share my problems with people here ... I'll never log in here again .... really, all I needed was that [Edited Out] from you .... I guess I should keep my problems to myself ... ! Thanks anyway for wasting your time to read all my [Edited Out]py posts and reply to them .. Hmm.. i don't know what to say... haji2003, you have a picture of maulana with your nick but
  13. I told him once that I was wondering if I could spend every weekend or at least one weekend of the month visiting the old age home and orphanage of Edhi. I could at least give them moral support, if not financial. he was like 'you are a psycho' well, now I think I really am a psycho.
  14. P R I C K I N G is not a dirty word. Why was it edited out ? I didn't use use the F word.
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