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  1. There are only two ways of living a pleasant life... Either in someone's heart or in someone's prayers - Imam Ali Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã

  2. increase your standard of giving not of your living

  3. Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he has mastership of all the animals.

  4. Aah, happy belated birthday to you! what did you do for it? I just turned 18 in june so that was pretty fun, and inshallah after college i'm going to consider Uni, but if I can get into a decent job and work my way up to management that's my goal. what about you?

  5. alhamdulillah!" how are you? :D i've been okay, just finished college, one more year to go :P

  6. thanks..seemed like forever but i finally got there..dont think ill be posting for a while now :p

  7. my fav english noha..:

  8. yeah its so true, and maaaaan do i hate coursework so much! and inshallah, revision wont stop there though. i gotta do my whole A2 physics in the summer holidays cause we won't get proper teachers. but you know what, i don't mind, im just going to no life the next year, get good grades and get into a decent uni then start having a life again lol, please remember me in your prayers!

  9. wslam..c1 and c2 went okay, kinda did bad on s2 though so looking at around a b-a, duno tho, accounts went okay smashed the first unit, the 2nd unit put me off but ok overall cause coursewrk shuld pull it up..physics first uni went finee 2nd unit and my last exam on the 6th of june! cant wait, goin 2 smash that =) so overall they went alright uno, how did yours go? thanks 4 droppin a msg :)

  10. Salaams, peace and blessings be upon you dear visitor :)

    1. -Enlightened


      lol =)

      peace and blessings to you too

  11. 10 posts until i get a thousand!!1..im never going to make it.

  12. I'm just dying for a break, anywhere would be fine for me lol, luckily it had to be turkey and sounds nice, when did you go portugal? and that's nice, good luck, I'm sure you'll be lecturing there in a few years time :P

  13. Yeah, definately, just dedicate a lot of times through it, we don't spend our time effectively anyway! I can't wait for holidays, going to Turkey in Easter inshallah. :)

  14. and if you were a psychic you would have expected that D hehe :P

    kidding, always hold yourself in high hopes! aim high

  15. Nah don't worry, that's pretty good for first time round, in June you will do great so long as you work hard, and yeah, I was looking around me, everyone was shocked, jan exams are truly shockers! Good luck to you however!

  16. Someone told you?! and don't worry...first years always like that lol. My friend who just got into oxford with A* and As got Ds his first time round, the transition from gcse to alevel is just a shocker for most, you'll do great for retakes I know it. and yeah, i got 91% for C1, highest in my year :-)

    and D for physics, but with the coursework and a retake I should bump it to a B inshallah!!

  17. haha tell me what gradessss you got!

  18. Salaam Alaykum, how are you? how did your results go hawra? I'm hoping to hear some good news inshallah. :)

  19. Hello _Jen_, salam Alaykum, it's been a long time since i've heard from you. how are you doing? how are things? :) take care of yourself, salaams,

  20. w.slamaa. Nice hearing from you, alhamdulillah things are getting better and worse at the same time if that makes sense, lol. How was your day today anyway? did anything special? take it easy. best of luck with stuff, hope you're working hard. inshaAllah.

  21. the movie was nice. enjoyed it at the time but I still hate them >_

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