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  1. In existence, there are two perspectives - an inward (what you are) and an outward one (what everything else is). My current thinking on Tawhid is that it breaks the barrier between your inward self and your outer world ultimately leaving you as one with everything in existence. Everyone's pain is your pain. Everyone's joy is your joy. You become the hand of mercy through which others are cared for and nurtured.
  2. This puts it fairly nicely. I wouldn't say I agree with the entirety of points made however it's a fairly concise summary.
  3. If it's illegal where you live, then you need to follow the law of that land.
  4. From my understanding, it's a Juloos. Which is a procession, a march to remember the story of kerbala and to demonstrate it to others in the form of organised practices (the poetry and the rythmic hand movements)
  5. Salaam! Sounds really inspiring, I'd love to help. Please let me know how I can.
  6. This seems like a very practical way to go forward with this. Thank you so much for your contribution
  7. Salaam Alaykum, It's interesting that when we work on projects etc we have gantt charts and milestones. Has anyone taken this approach to one self's development? I know we have methods such as self accounting at night time before going to sleep. Has anyone applied a full structure to their self development and progress? Would love to hear thoughts even if you haven't and how you would go about it. Shukr
  8. God gave men Prophethood but gave all women Motherhood. As a famous quote says, women are the mothers and educators of society. Man and Woman have been given their due status
  9. First of all, have a strong intention and desire to want to wake up for fajr. Secondly, sleep as early as possible. thirdly, place your alarm somewhere you have to get up to turn off. Lastly, encourage yourself, do something so that you look forward to waking up, i.e. exercising or reading etc.
  10. I find that social media can sometimes make some one feel more 'lonely'. One measure of success for any human being is having valuable relationships and having them in a meaningful way. I always feel one's family is always the first port of call. Sometimes you can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely. This is one of the biggest barriers to break, if one is able to mingle well with their family and build on their relationships, that is a sure way to improve one's well being and lifestyle.
  11. I echo what people say about doing something you are genuinely interested and curious about. The more questions arise within you the more deeper you will be inclined to look. A suggestion on the other hand, talk about how the world has critiqued the Qur'an through the lens of modern Arabic. Qur'anic Arabic is on a league of its own, perhaps you can shed light on this?
  12. A humble question, those commodities would have been common amongst the people of their time. Nowadays, not many people own these things other than farmers perhaps. Is there almost a 'translation' of those items to today's items?
  13. Prophet (SAW) says, “The one whose two days are the same is in loss.”
  14. Du'a is a calling out to God. If I can be forgiven for saying this, reciting it in any other language than the one you understand and can connect with is almost futile.
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