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  1. Both genders should work (when you don't work it leads to a lot of problems).
  2. Sami, very unique interesting user/poster. I don't necessarily agree nor disagree with a lot of the things he says, I simply just read
  3. Does your son want a woman with hijab or without hijab? If you want someone with hijab, that's probably tough as there's not a whole lot in the States. If hijab isn't a big deal,maybe your chances look a bit better. Also, dating sites are not going to help you much. Those are for the most part restricted to more none-religious Iranians. Your best bet is probably to find such a woman through a Shiite mosque.
  4. When I read the title of this thread lol it sounded like different situation. It seems like this problem is prevalent among brothers from the West. Well, I haven't experienced this problem so much as I went to schools where there were a lot of girls and you'd be partnered up to work on educational projects and assignments. I think if some of the brothers on here had exposure to girls in a normal none-haram setting/situation they wouldn't be aroused or excited anytime they see an attractive girl walking by them.
  5. I looked at the beginning of the article. The part about the women in the 30ies (In Farsi they use the adjective "Torshide"). I've seen a few in my family and I've seen them a lot in Iran as well recently. The problem could vary. Sometimes it is the girl (i.e. wants someone who is rich and well-educated at the same time). In Iran, those that are well-educated, tend to have modest income, while those that are rich, tend to not be educated/have degrees as they're strictly successful businessmen who don't need it. In other situations it is not so much the girl's problem. It could be the girl's retarded mother who ends up scaring off potential suitors by making ridiculous comments or suggestions and engaging in ridiculous inappropriate discussions that paint red flags in the potential suitors minds. This article is about American Muslims so the problems are different. Racism/prejudice depends on what the individual expects. If someone has strong ties with the cultural background of their parents, obviously their options will narrow down. Then there's the issue of family interference. Income differences etc.
  6. They can be study together and work together if the situation forces them to. If not they should probably refrain for obvious reasons.
  7. Pretty awesome blessed Eid-e-Ghadeer this year...lots of marriages.
  8. BRUCE LEE!!! YEAH!!!!

  9. Everyone is looking at the situation in positive light.
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