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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam can anybody advise what time we should start and finish sending lanat please is it after fajr and before zuhr? or anytime after midnight we can start? my condolences to you all on this night
  2. Salam alaikum Thank you for the responses. I understand your comments. I am in no way taking the experience lightly, it happened around 15 years ago and I still reflect on it often. I hope my message did not come off in the wrong way. I fully agree that living ones life taking the holy prophet and our imams as practical and spiritual examples is far more superior. Again thank you for taking the time to respond
  3. Aoa When I was younger I had a book full of duas. If I recall correctly it was duas for the month of Ramadan (although I may be wrong) Anyway, I remember one fairly short dua that it said if you read it a certain number of times before going to bed you would see the image of the face of Imam Ali as. I remember one night reading this (I think something like a hundred times and had to be read on a specific night) and I did see an image of a face that would not go away, even with my eyes closed or open or rubbing my eyes. The next day I was searching for images of our Imam and found that in Iran the have generated like pictures of the holy family. I was surprised about this as I thought images like this were not allowed. Either way the images I saw were very similar to the one I saw after reciting the dua. I don't think that I had saw one of these pictures before and the image came to me subconsciously Since then I have tried many times to locate the book but have been unable to. Has anyone heard of such a dua? Thank you all in advance
  4. salam brothers and sisters can you post the link please, i wanna read it too :) shukran
  5. i heard/read that for some when they are raised and asked for how long they have been asleep they will answer 'a day or a part of a day' i suppose this would be for the pious and religious ones. It was likened to the story of 'the companions of the cave'
  6. AOA Interesting...ive always wondered about this. thanks for the posts and links. So basically shia have added a part to the azan and at the same time sunnis have added and removed parts. so we're both using altered azans. is there anybody reciting the correct one?? People should stop reciting this if it was not in the original sunnah of prophet pbuh...or should they?? am well confused now :wacko:
  7. salam brother. get involved, do what you can. i doubt he will ask you to run the show considering you havent done this work before. They prob just need some helping hands.
  8. Salam everyone. @riseordie - thanks for all the posts in response to an earlier request whether there were any hadith relating to a war of sorts in iran check this out: “The Last Hour would not come until there issues from the land of the Hejaz (which is in Saudi Arabia) a fire which will illuminate the backs of the camels in Busra”. But for the exchange of Basra for Hejaz, this prophecy perhaps, anticipates a nuclear attack in or around Iran which would formally launch Israel into the club of nuclear powers. So many of these minor Signs of the Last Day, and so many more not here mentioned, have already occurred, that we can now turn to the major Signs with a clear recognition that we are already living in that Last Age. i read this on http://imranhosein.o...t-occurred.html
  9. come on now, youve just taken it too far. Everyone knows that 2012 is the last year of life on earth :wacko:
  10. check out this website, inshallah you will find out what your dream means. it has a good search system http://www.myislamicdream.com i would be interested in knowing if the interpretations are accurate/relevant there is hadeeth that says during the end times the dreams of a muslim will be true dreams, this means that you will have 'visions' or foresight in to what will transpire. dreams also make up for imbalances in the brain, somebody desperately wanting something such as ice cream but wasnt allowed any, that person may very well dream of have a good time in an all you can eat ice cream factory, thus the person is satisfied when waking up. May not quite match you ball dream, as that turned out to be a true dream, maybe it was preparing you for what was going to happen to your football?? teeth falling can mean a lot of thigs, such as upper teeth falling can mean a profit is coming your way, tooth falling on your lap can mean a son etc. the kiling of a lion means the end of all sorrows (not sure how to take this one) I would visit that link above. Please share your results if you so wish, i did not want to state anything false, misleading, wrongly negative which is why i havent commented on other dreams which have been mentioned here. I think by going through the different meanings inshallah you will know yourself what your dream means. i think the way to look at it is, if your often having dreams which are true dreams, then mashallah you must be living your life well as this is a blessing from Allah swt
  11. dear sister, may i kindly ask how old this man is? it is true what members are saying of course you are probably a mature lady by now. But i would prioritize your own wants. would getting married now or in near future stop you from furthering yourself i.e. education, islamic knowledge, career aspirations. no matter how mature 17 is still very young, nobody is saying you must wait until your 30+, but there is nothing wrong or haram in waiting until you feel you are 100% ready for the committment. inshallah i hope all goes well and good luck on whatever you decide
  12. i can try bro, but seriously my knowledge is poor. But am happy to experiment if your willing :)
  13. it depends which category her dreams fall in. for example, if she is having a recurring dream which could be interpreted as a warning to her to change her ways or she'll be one of the people in the hell fire. then although an unpleasant dream to experience but in reality it is a good dream. If you know what i mean. bad dreams from satan can be tackled as i mentioned in previous post. important to remember is that in order to benefit and have good dreams we should be aiming to purify ourselves, doing all salat, giving charity, fasting is highly recommended to help attain nearness to Allah swt. if it a dream from her naffs, she needs to consider it as a warning possibly requiring a lifestyle change or giving up a bad habit. Inshallah i hope the above surahs and ayahs help. there is another hadith which says that during the end-times the dreams of a muslim will more than often be true dreams, in other words they are likely to transpire in reality (paraphrased) hope my last sentence didnt freak you out there
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