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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you fear Allah, believe in the word and fear the final day then all bad advices of jinns and men cannot lead yourself astray. Be the word from Jew, Hindu, Christian, Wahabbi, or a Shia the motives of these things cannot change such guidance from Allah. What is known for you and what is unseen should not a difference in what you believe in the word you read. If you are believe such caution with words is not a problem in another internet place you are right. If you are believe such a word is not in effect in the place of religion this is untrue and We are cry for you. Preach of the word o
  2. Yeah this is acceptable to one such as me when faced with a female of low physicality but of high spiritual currency. I am not agree that is physicality is a woman currency for this is part of many slogans sent down to the femals for observance of the hijab. I am not agree your physicality is the same for what I am revealing because physicality cannot be transfer to the male. If the male is of spiritual currency or the female is of spiritual currency then this is the true currency that is to be transferred among the believers that worship Allah together. Physicality is of no transference a
  3. This is not a gay marriages. This kind of peoples are born of a middle sex they are neither male or female. They are having the devices of a male and female sometimes they are having no devices. I am to bring this revelation because the questioner perhaps must ask of a gay marriage but is of a middle sex and must ask of gay for cloaking the truth of hisself.
  4. You know butterfly I am not here for argument with your words. What town is SC? I am meet you if you wish lest you are a virgin or married to discuss the vision Allah give you to see in future dimensions. The employers I work at are not jews but I am working with jews in the past dimensions and there are some who do right and some who do wrong. I am work for biggest jewish family in all the world in past dimensions and they are fit to dismiss me when it was revealed to them that I am doing muslim things. This action cannot affect my kingdom with Allah one atom and I was not fit to hate on
  5. This man Chavez contains the interest of hisself and his country not of Islam. What is known of men is known only to Allah. To trust in men and not in Allah is the trick of sheytan. I am never hear that Ahmadinejad is of infallibility without mistake. It was related to me in a news article that the polish citizens are the most to be slaughtered in the big war II not the jewish so maybe the conclusion if the holocaust occurred is relation. What I know is the news in the western lands boost this one holocaust more than the many holocausts of old because this is what they wish. The people o
  6. I cannot marry a religious man who is poor but if I was a girl then yes I must marry a religious guy who is poor because he is in truth very rich with a wage from Allah that does not stop. Why is there no confidence to approach the parents? Do you mean really the girl is voting no confidence for this venture? If the man is of no confidence then he is to make confidence before he can marry. This no confidence mean the man is pray to the parents and not pray to Allah to know his worth. If the man knows of his spiritual worth then he cannot vote no confidence in himself or he knows the spiri
  7. No way is there marriage among the same sex. If you are middle sex and you find a middle sex person then maybe this is permissible and a same sex wedding. I have seen on the news tales of people who are neither the male or the female but of a middle sex and they find the same kind of person to marry.
  8. Yeah it is Feron but maybe Rameses II only. It is narrated that maybe Rameses II but no positive identity is attached to him and Feron could be another. What is this crooked nose you refer? I see Iranian and Arab with the same nose and some do right and some do wrong. They are muslim, christian, jew, pagan as well.
  9. Yeah I am always nervousness also because I try hope that the list of the female is a list that I can speak about. Maybe she will ask me about how many children I will have and I know this one is at least twelve for me. What about if she is want less children than that? What to do? This is the cause of my nervousness and so I do not show the nervousness I will make a story like I must go vuzu. Maybe you can go vuzu when you show nervousness? If I am not able to talk of the topic they bring then I can ask a lot of questions that makes them nervous and so you are both nervous! What about
  10. The wheelin dealin zionist is the second one because he is out attaining fame for the cause not pray to God. Then again the one in temple may be showing off only. But they are both zionist yeah? How you can tell who is jewish and who is not? Once I saw someone I thought was jewish and this person was palestine. That is like how you can tell a man or woman is a gay from not gay. How can you know? Why is it you keep talking about evil persons and attaching a race or religion? What about Yazid? Was Yazid and Muawiyah jewish person? Was Kabeel jewish person before such a type existed?
  11. I do not think it is wrong but I am thinking it is a loss of time to think on such topics. Leading by example forget about the small arguments.
  12. You are to buy a water foot massage device and foot massage slippers to keep on hand at all times when this woman approaches you with a request to rub her feet.
  13. I like the answer of fyst but it is too much talk where a hyper link is more prudent to be. Fyst is correct about akhira and when a believer is beaten in ways he is given money for day of judgment. This is the money of believers because they have the choice to forgive the wrongdoers and Allah allows the believer to buy away the sins they have themself done for less punishments or more rewards. This is the trial world where it is to be enjoyed by the secular who make pact with the devil worship him or worship his goods. The believer makes choice to be believing and face hardship. The pers
  14. I am not to answer this question so sheytan does not win to get me to reveal if i am doing this zero times or some times or every times. You are to pray this as many times as you want to gain rewards and forgiveness. I am never answer a mutah thread.
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