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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ah, wonderful resource brother, thank you so very much, I promise to make much use of this. May Allah bless you Ameen,
  2. As-Sallamu-Alaykom all, I forgive for my inability to perhaps use the correct word here, but I hope my general meaning is understood. I can read ''Quran Arabic'' easily, and understand a good amount, but when it comes to any other Arabic without the accent marks (?) then I am hopeless. Does anyone know what remedy there is for this problem? I don't know if accent mark is what I mean, but in the Arabic of the Quran, you know how to pronounce each word, because there is an indicator above, below, the word, but in modern Arabic script these helpful indicators are not there. All the mosques
  3. Sallam everyone, I just had a question about the Ulul'azm Anibiya. If my understanding is correct, these five prophets are different from the rest, only in that they were sent with a specific book/law to give or teach? I know Musa (as) had the Torah, Isa (as) the Injeel and the Prophet Muhammad (as) had the Quran. So, does that mean that Nuh (As) and Ibrahim (as) had laws but not books as well? And that only Prophet Muhammad's message is the universal one? Sallam.
  4. Salam everyone, I have a question that was born out of a discussion I had with my friend. He said that the other ''big'' prophets, like Ibrahim (as), Musa, and Issa, were all sent to all of mankind. I said that only the prophet Muhammad was sent for all mankind. I cited the verse which said that the prophet Muhamamd was sent as a mercy to everyone etc . .. but my friend was not convinced. Was I wrong? My friend said it did not make sense that all the other prophets were just to ignore mankind and focus on their own specific people; that Allah (Swt) would not do that. He also said that th
  5. Masha Allah brother Ahlul Bait 313 and Milli Advice, two very nice posts, thank you.
  6. The execution was implementing the shariah--everything else was unnecessary; I am surprising people are supporting the pre-killing beating. Considering what is coming his way, in terms of the punishment of the grave, I don't find myself so inclined to enjoy any of this.
  7. Exactly. I went to stand in front of the mall entrance, and I suppose because he was one his phone, and did not want anyone listening to his conversation--even though I was about to put on my earphones--he thought he had the right to walk right up to me and kick me out. Sallam everyone, thank you all for your comments, I really have enjoyed reading them. There seems to be two threads going on here--similar to the one's going on in my head. At times, I get an attack of anxiety, when I remember how cowardly I acted, and vehemently regret not doing anything, but then, I feel some comfort, know
  8. So today, while waiting in front of the mall after school (it's less busy, so I just make the walk), a young adult, smoking and on the phone, walks to me in an aggressive manner and says ''take a walk''. I look at him--he's shorter than me, but he has the white trash look about him--and I said ''me?'' he said, ''yeah, take a f*** walk''. And like a coward, I do. I can't even force myself to write it--but I was scared. Like a loser, coward, idiot, piece of [Edited Out], I walked away. I gave someone that type of control over me. I am so down on my spirits right now, I could barely communicate
  9. As-Sallamu-Alaykom everyone, Thank you for providing links to the site. I will take a look at them, except Google translate. I really want to become proficient in Spanish, but even though I'm starting out (a month or so), I don't want to cheat the system. Thank you Zahra, I'll save those links, and good luck on your own studies.
  10. As-Sallamu-Alaykom, I hope you all know how embarrassed I am to even ask this question, but for some reason, small things in Spanish are proving difficult for me to learn. For instance: ''en economia como en politica, los eventos en latinoamerico a menudo han tomado por sorpresa a los observadores'' Am I right in my translations: changes in the economic and political structures of Latin America have surprised those observing it? I have trouble understanding how to understand the ''como'' in between ''en economia como en politica'', I take it to mean, ''in economics and well as in pol
  11. Thank you dear brother for the link. I took a look at it and it looks quite helpful. May Allah (swt) bless you in your future endevours ameen.
  12. Sallam all! And Ramadan karrem. I was discussing with a friend about the story of Prophet Yunus and whether he commited a sin. Im a little bit confused. The verses (anbiyaa 87...al saffat 139-48) make it appear that in his anger he left his people who werent believing in his message, and he left againsts Gods will, and so God punished him. But wouldn't that mean that the Prophet sinned? The tafseer;s that I've read don't really answer the question. I.e. here is from al-islam.org the Ali/Mahdi pooya tafseer: anbiya, 87: ''The cause of anger Yunus felt was the disobedience of his people who did
  13. dear brother, please forigive me for asking this, but please if you could cite me the source for this, i would love to have it. Please don't feel like I am quiestiong your judgement, it's just that I need the source so I can also study the matter personally, or if one day I am asked I can have a place to refer them to. Again thank you brother.
  14. Sallam everyone, I have a question, but i;m not sure about the names about the people involved so please forvie me. but I know that a story exists in sunni sources about the prophet seeing the wife of his step son when she opened the door and then he fell in love with her. And then when his step son divorced her (i don't know if the prophet's new feelings caused this), he married her. firstly, i hope I didnt mistell the story. So, now, do we the Shia's have a similar narraition regarding the prophet's marriage to this wife? or do we not. Thank you for all your help.
  15. Sallam, I was wondering something. Is it just me, or are most highschool teachers female? I orginally wanted to be a teacher at a highschool (only while in higschool), but when I left it and went to university, and saw that I could make it in a higher level, I opted out of my orginal goal. While thinking about this change of course, I quickly realifed that though there are male highschool teachers, the majortiy, at least here in Canada, are mostly women (I moved from Italy, where the same can be said as well). For some reason, and I know this will sound terrbile and sexist, but I feel as if hi
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