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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam,

    May Allah bless you with the blessing of Muhammad (Saw) & Alay Muhammad (Saw)

  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. I didn't read all of that..but to answer your question, I don't support the IRI. I've been to Iran to see the injustice...
  4. Are Iranian shias Christian minded??? LOL. No, we're just westernized. :angel:
  5. First off, I really don't care about Iranian wrestlers, and in this case, then their dress is haram too...like Muhammed Ali's. Basically, Men are NOT ALLOWED to expose their bodies either, whether you want to believe it or not And you couldn't even give us a verse from the Quran that talks about where it's ok for men to expose themselves.
  6. Show me something in the Quran that mentions this. NO hadis.
  7. First off I wasn't reffering to you when I said stop gossiping about Laila Ali, I was talking in general, go re-read the post. And in Iran it's haraam and FORBIDDEN BY ISLAMIC LAW for a man to walk around the street without a shirt on, so what's the difference in Muhammed Ali's case??? He's still showing his bare chest and stomatch. In my opinion neither are 'selling their body,' they're participating in a sport they love. However, if it's haraam for a woman to show her body for millions or veiwers, then it is also haraam for a man to show his body to millions of veiwers.
  8. ok, if that's how you want to sugar code it brother. And besides if you scroll up, someone called her a 'man.' And wasn't Muhammed Ali sinning by showing off his body??? You call Laila a 'sinner with no shame'...but what about her dad, calling himself 'pretty' and also exposing himself doesn't sound modest at all.
  9. It has to be haraam to box, because men have their shirts off in the ring...and isn't it haraam for men to be immodest and to show their body to millions of viewers? :huh: And stop gossiping about Laila Ali.
  10. He could kill himself by not eating the food...or harming himself with the silverwear provided. But anyways, suicide is haram. Just thought I'd mention that;)
  11. I love Khoresh Ghaymeh, and ghormeh sabzi.... but I, like most Iranians, dislike ANY spicy food.
  12. I thought this sentence from that link was very inaccurate... "For many amongst the youth swearing is part of the process of 'chilling' and hanging out with friends." um...chilling doesn't mean swearing with your friends...lol.
  13. Why would someone elses 'bad intention' make me responsable ? I just don't agree with that. I still think that you can be friends with the opposite sex and be fine. And I'm letting you know cause I have friends from the opposite sex:) And no ones showed me 'bad intentions.' Actually I'm happy that I never distanced myself from all males, because then I'd be missing out on some good ppl. And good friends at that. ^_^
  14. Sis al-hawra, I meant that if you have a regular guy friend that you don't know too well, but he's just like an aquaintance,and if he starts showing interest in you in a haraam way..then you draw the line. I never said 'wait till the sin is commited,' that's cause you'll never know if that sin will be commited. Just cause he's a guy doesn't mean he's automatically interested in you.
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