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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) Let me clarify. We all know that munafiqs are those that know the truth and still refuse it. I strongly have constantly said that any person who has a true intention to search for the truth will go to Heaven! I say many things which are brief. Look Islam is no a religion we are born into. I was born into shia Islam, but to get to the stage I am at now took a lot of research. Many Shia converts have a true realisation of what the truth! Islam is about research. The day of research never ends! for those that it does, they are either Kafir or munafiq! I include shias into this
  2. (salam) Iran was invaded by Umar, and the princesses were treated badly by him. If u know the story u'll find that Imam Hussain(sa) married one of these princesses and Muhammad ibne Ali(ra/as-undecided) married the other. This was the ex-son of abu bakr who renounced his dad and Imam Ali(sa) gave him permission to say he is Ali(sa)'s son! The Iranians liked this, but still bore malice to the Islamic caliphs. This eventually ended in the time of Mamoon(la). Imam Ali Reza(sa) won all the iranians over, hence Mamoon wanted him to become his wasi....right! Lebanon, was the area Hazrat Abu D
  3. I wish I never done it.....abu bakr(rastafarian association) i'm going to hell....Umar i worked for a poofter...abu lolo I am a gaylord.....muawiya! so am I......Yazid! my dad was a bas****.....Muwayiah the lover of Ali.....the sone of Yazeed(la)! We are going directly.....sunnis/wahbhis! just a few infamous words! oh if I get a temp ban! Then It was worth it! Could not resist! Ya Ali MADAD! Sorry Ali bro!
  4. Pir Bro- Ya Ali(sa) Madad! I think you meant Salman Muhammadi(as) :D . But yeah, quite right hadith! Another is Oh Muhammad(saws) I would not have created the universe if it was not for you(saws), I would not create you(saws) if it was not for Ali(sa), & I would not create either of you two(saws & sa) if I never created Fatima Zahra(sa), Besides Adam(as) was made from water and earth. Earth needs a father, who is Abu Turab(sa)??? Surah 99 talks about a when one exclusive man asks the earth: What has happened to you? This ayat is regarding the Return/Rujaat of Imam Ali(sa) on th
  5. (salam) Well as long as u don't move out of Shia Islam, thats fine with me..... :D Anyhow, whereever u move, Shia Islam is ur true identity-But I think u know that! I moved back in july time! Make sure u label the boxes! Put the boxes in the right room! Was a mightmare for the 1st few days. Anywayz, good luck with wherever ur going, hope the jobs worth it! oh Khushali Mubarak to all the bros and sis! ws
  6. u know, many of Imam Ali(sa) merits r hidden via the enemy and the shias! The enemy does it for hate, the shia does it for fear! Why does the shia fear, trust me, you must fix up your belief of tawhid to get to these deep deep merits! Absolutely amazing! They are hidden because the learned ones know that we might take Ali(sa) as a god-nuzbillah! A group within the shias reduces Imam Ali(sa) standard! Beaware of them!
  7. WELL YA ZAHRA, TELL ME, WAS i ONE OF THEM? well if it was, tell me what I said, if I see it fit, i'll apologize! As for death threats, well it was not me man! I am still waiting for my warnings to be taken off, i was not present to receive them! Anyhow, whatever that has happened Ya Zahra, I really don't know u! I usually go to Idara Jaaferiya, i really don't think thats ur usual place! look, it's no good for u trying to say a shia shoul be like this or like that! u can't take any1 lightly. Some ppl r as they are, cos they have their reasons! ayhow, get over it, the tide changes and m
  8. Mullah Muhammad Umar! Has one arm, one Eye and was a small time local Imam. then he became a leader, usual methods! He apparantly escaped on a motorcycle in Afganistan. He is a strong salafi, and has few photos of himself, because he is so damn ugly! He is relatively young, about 40ish! became Leader at 34ish! He is a mullah, he has a fat belly and is a typical [Edited Out]! He had a really nice decorated home, he deceived the people by showing a mashed up out side ruined house! Inside, he lived lavishly! Apparantly he is illegitimate! typical, he's an anti shia! YA ALI MADAD
  9. Maatam is a excellent sign of Love! We r ordered to love Hussain(sa), Who better then Hazrat Zainab(sa)-She(sa) hit her head and was called an untaught scholar! Zanjeer is Excellent too! That was clear bro! As for no hijabi women in Muharram, that happened in Iran once, the women were given Hijaab, and those men who were acting out certain scenes were lashed......they were arrested! btw, I don't even think Nadeem is credable! No offence Nadeem, I just feel it!
  10. oh, and we beat ourselves! So, how does it hurt you? Do we beat u too? Where in the Quran does it forbid this? If we beat ourselves, ppl would think: These ppl r mad, let them get on with it and die! But instead, we have ppl like u who just have nothing better to do! My Body, I will not commit suicide, but i'm allowed this right and I will do it! If u don't like it then: turn away and say La Hawla.... Besides, go and watch Gladiator, it's a nice adaptation of a nice story! Where leadership was meant for a true man, but a dirty bas**** who done stuff to his sister got it! I can't wait
  11. (salam) Someone mentioned the food on Ashura, There was no food! 3 days without water! Well 4 really, 7,8,9,10th! Being a son of a very good cook, since when did ur mum use no water to make any food? Common sense, ppl! Even if u made food, that would just increase ur thrist! Hello? Thirdly, from Fajr time to Asr time, all the Sahabhis(as) and so on were being martyred, would u really eat food when ur friends are being killed??? Thats all on that! Fatsing, Shimr(LA) fasted on that day with his clan, they done Mannats that they would do this and that if they killed the Imam(sa)! Besid
  12. Nadeem, please read Surah Najm. That's all we need to say! As for Prophets being infalliable, only shias have 100% belief in this. If Allahs sent ones make mistakes, then we people can use arguements against Allah: Ur chosen ones who you handpicked to lead us were full of mistakes, we just made the mistake of not being a msulim! on what authority will Allah be a hypocrite-Nuzabillah! Hence, Allah is pure from such rubbish! All prophets were infalliable, they never made mistakes. Our Aimma(sa) and Rasool(saws) were pure in every sense! Hence, nadeem, answer this, I know your answer but
  13. Anonymous Brother-Ya Ali Madad! I heard a Majlis with Profesor Abdul Hakeem talking about that ayat! Anyhow, thats what I was gonna use, but I been away for a while! Nadeem, tell us who these 2 hands were in this ayat that anonymous is using? if you say Allah, then you are doing shirk, but your scholars agree that these hands were of Mual Ali(sa). Anyhow, that hadith that Ali(sa) and Muhammad(saws) were made from one light comes to mind! But leave all that on the side, tell me this: Is Muhammad(saws) a not a made witness unto the whole of mankind??? Is Adam(as) part of mankind? That's
  14. Mashallah, Some brother acted on my advice! He deserves so much. Hey, if your listening, if u need help, just ask! Ya Ali Madad Ayat Milani to deliver lecture on Imam Ali (as) By: Ya Zahra Haidari QMUL Iraqi/ Ahlul-Bayt Society presents "Imam Ali Ibn'Abi Talib (as)" by Ayatollah Sayid Fadhil Milani Friday 18th October 2002 4 - 6pm Queen Mary & Westfield College Skeel Lecture Theatre You are invited to attend a celebration of Imam Ali (as), a short lecture on his life, followed by a Q&A with Ayatollah Sayid Fadhil Milani to an audience of mixed schools of thought. Dinner
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