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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't know where you get your information from, the following is what many atheists think: The first law of thermodynamics states that matter/energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The Big Bang is an event that happened to existing matter/energy. It is no more a "beginning" than any arbitrary selected point on any line is a "beginning." It is a point in a line of changes; variations on existing energy and matter. It is where the universe became as it is now, not the point where energy /matter began. Therefore a "more 'virtuous' argument is the one that says because matter
  2. Typically you offer no logical proof for your statement but thanks for your opinion. Square-circles are known not to exist because their definition is self-contradictory. Atemporal Actions are known not to exist because their definition is self-contradictory. I consider it blatantly obvious that If God changes his mind from ‘undecided’ to ‘decided’ that Time must pass. Time doesn't occur unless something Changes. Conversely, Change can't occur without Time passing. They are 2 sides of the same coin. You can't have one without the other. If time has been caused to exis
  3. So Time was created? And when God acted to create He entered into time, of necessity, now having a past and a present. Before, During and After Creation are three moments in Time. wslm. *
  4. I cannot understand, how does God transcends time? You say that God has infinite knowledge of time , then time must eternally exist, and is therefore not created.” If Time is simultaneous with eternity and God is eternal then God has always known that time exists. Therefore, unless God was wrong, Time has always existed. It wasn't created. Similarly If God is eternally aware that the universe exists then the universe must exist eternally. Therefore the universe couldn't have been created. Wslm. *
  5. I have difficulties with your notion of a 'created free will'; we might have the illusion of free will. Everything in existence must conform to God's created laws of cause and effect. "Freewill" is either subject to this law, or it isn't. God can't have total knowledge/control of everything and make our will "free" at the same time. In order for our will to be truly free, God would have to relinquish some control; and that is not possible because it would break the line of instrumental causes. wslm. *
  6. The ' Principle of Sufficient Reason' is a logical principle accepted and used by all Shia scholars/philosophers to confirm God's existence. But that generates a logical paradox : If everything that exists has a ‘reason’ for its existence and the source of that reason is ‘random chance’ then you do have some free will. But if the source of that ‘reason’ is God then you have no free will. God's act of perfect creation essentially "predetermines" all future actions, stripping one of free will. God is not a mere Observer; God is the Creator, the cause of all causes.
  7. Thank you for your thoughtful post,I enjoyed reading it. As I explained in my earlier post (first page of this thread) my model is different from yours. I believe that Goodness is about what you do. Not what you pray to. I am also aware that ultimately, everyone settles at some level of explanation based on one's personal preferences that fit the particular individual's psychological needs. Best wishes. *
  8. You say ' The laws of God' but really these are the laws of humans. Moral codes and standards predate Gods and Goddesses. Human beings came into existence and act in the world toward survival and reproduction. It is true that sometimes the things we do will be considered good by some people, sometimes bad, but overall people exist in the world and need to survive. If you want to sum it up, human beings are genetically primed to be 'self interested', not good or bad. 'Self interested' is an objective description of human behaviour. Humans have learnt through millennia of ex
  9. al-Khaliq 6:102, 36:81, 39:62, 40:62, If "God" is "the Creator", then we know that any faculty/power that exists does so because of God since from God spring all abilities and since we are defining God to be the creator/ source of all abilities, then there cannot possibly be any limit on these abilities, because God has the power to create them. Therefore God is unlimited, since there isn't any other power that He is dependent on; He is the source of His own abilities and by being the Creator, there isn't a limit on the amount of that ability that God possesses.
  10. That is correct, it is what I meant. From amongst us came the prophets to teach And from the pulpit they preached They prayed, they slayed, and they passed away, Yet our ills remain as pebbles on a beach I too am very fond of Al Maari - for somebody who was writing a thousand years ago he is very modern, still very relevant. Best wishes. *
  11. Ultimately I see religion as a highly profitable business; an industry of deceit to keep the show on the road. Inevitably modernization will bring about secularization. We have very different views; we'll probably never agree but thank you for your interesting response. Best wishes. *
  12. I think that what you are saying here is probably based on a false premise: you seem to think (I may be wrong) that religion engendered morality. As a social species, humans have evolved empathy, and as a result, the underlying core of human ethics is already universal. Most cultures in the world accept that moral impulses should serve the maximal well-being and minimal suffering of sentient beings. (Typically their own tribe or nation if not all of humanity). Moral codes and standards predate Gods and Goddesses. The problem is, authority, whatever guise it assumes, will por
  13. Problems remain, here's a couple: If and when God acted to create He entered into time, of necessity, now having a past and a present. Before, During and After Creation are three moments in Time. God cannot act in a temporally causal way and still be said to be timeless. If He is not timeless He is subject to change which would contradict immutability. Science tells us that the Universe is some 14 billion years old, what was God doing before that? *
  14. You are probably right, we cannot say any of those. But one could say that because matter and energy are eternal, never ceasing to be one or the other, they cannot have a cause, but must always have had 'Being'. In other words, the existence of matter and energy is the 'default' of existence. 'Something' must always have existed, because to say 'nothingness once existed' is a contradiction". The Big Bang is no more a "beginning" than any arbitrary selected point on any line is a "beginning." It is an event, a process that happened to existing energy/matter. A change, a variation
  15. The 'Quinque viæ' or five logical arguments regarding the existence of God summarised by the 13th-century Catholic philosopher and theologian St. Thomas Aquinas in his book Summa Theologica, Edward Fesers just modernises them....they are not proofs. Proof implies certainty. In any case I don't really want to have a dispute with an impersonal website.This is a discussion board, If you have proof I would be interested in reading your reasoning. *
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