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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I assume your husband is the father of your children, so maybe you should be asking 'What about our children?' Are you next going to be asking, what about my home?. Odd that given there is 'No compulsion in Religion', yet your husband, who has done nothing wrong ( you said he was a 'good man', except choosing not to convert to a religion you have chosen to convert to, which is his God given right ) is now going to loose his wife, your children and likely your home. Maybe as its who feels so strongly about this conversion, and it was your choice alone, you should not punish your good husband i
  2. Syrian News Hollywood Productions :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IDRNSM5xJ4 The faked up Syrian News video tries and makes it look like that he camera that was filming the big scene ( a large number of people taking part in a riot or protest ), suddenly spots and zooms in on a small wooded area where gunmen are hiding :lol: . Not continuous footage, but a break in the filming, i.e a different bit of footage added onto the original clip. In the terrorist section of the clip, here are a few questions for you. Why with the powerful zoom camera being used did the cameraman never once zoo
  3. So is a secular Ba'athist ruling dictatorship with monarchy like father to son transfer of power, and family members holding important positions :D
  4. Its more to do with public shame to family. If it goes court and father/brother/uncle etc.. are mentioned in local newspapers and media as being found guilty of abusing daughter/sister/niece etc.. it will be public knowledge around the community etc... that is a major reason why abuse is not reported. One of my female housemates when I lived in Cowley in Oxford was working in a centre supporting women who had been abused, from physical by husband, down to abuse as a child. She said although many sought help in these centres, very few were ever willing to make a police statement for family sha
  5. Percentage wise, the abuse by a small proportion of celibate priests, is tiny compared with the overall picture of child abuse, which usually happens in the family, by fathers, brothers, uncles. Reason why its less in Muslim community is likely due to lack of reporting, as to not bring shame on the family.
  6. Its ironic that Syria should make such a BIG flag, especially when the Zionist Israel done similar and hold the record http://www.haaretz.com/news/giant-israeli-flag-breaks-world-record-for-largest-in-world-1.233957 Syrian regime and Israeli regime have so much in common at the moment :D
  7. Did you friend care to mention whether pro-govt rallies were allowed and let march on peacefully, and anti-gov rallies allowed to do the same?. Did he travel to cities outside of Damascus?. Did he mention to you Article 8 of the Syrian constitution?. Are you saying Robert Fisk article about Syria is all lies, whereas his article about Bahrain ( that Bahrain wants to sue Independent newspaper over ) is true?
  8. Are all these countries listed in link below slaves to Russia?. Why have Russian bases in their countries? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Russian_military_bases_abroad
  9. Calling the Supreme Leader, Ministers, Majlis and Friday prayer leaders traitors?. You are a Zionist for sure!! :lol:
  10. Its a shame the Supreme Leader does not trust him to select his own Vice Presidents, to decide which Ministers he thinks are doing their job well and remove them if not, the Majlis are not happy with him on lots of issues, and Ayatollahs leading Friday prayers threaten that his wife will be made 'haram' to him if he does not do what he is told. Yeah, he will need Allah to protect him alright!!
  11. Great article by Robert Fisk in the Independent on Syria http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisk-the-people-vs-the-president-2294383.html Robert Fisk: The people vs the president Syria in turmoil as resistance turns to insurrection Syria's revolt against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad is turning into an armed insurrection, with previously peaceful demonstrators taking up arms to fight their own army and the "shabiha" – meaning "the ghosts", in English – of Alawi militiamen who have been killing and torturing those resisting the regime's rule. Even more seriou
  12. Well its shows it works both ways. Mubarak and his inner circle were corrupt billionaires that was pro-Israel and pro-West, so that is why the West supported him and Iran/Leb/Hez wanted him gone. Assad and his inner cirlce are corrupt billionaires that are pro-Iran, pro-Leb/Hez, and probably actually quite neutral action wise regarding Israel. So that is why the West would like him gone and Iran/Leb/Hez want him to stay. Mubarak and Assad, character/person wise and actions wise ( killing protesters ) are no different, its just who they are allied with that determines who supports them and who
  13. Good to see Noah's Nothing still Noah's Nothing :lol: . Take for example "Today, Syria's Baathists serve Muslims" It mainly serves and helped create the Billionaire extended Assad family, who seems to hold all the top jobs in Syria. In particular the corrupt cousin Rami Makhlouf whose wealth would even make Mubarak look like a pauper. When applying for lucrative contracts or jobs from Syrian government, all that counts is the field that say 'Are you a relative of Assad' Yes or No. Here is what Assads cousin Rami Makhlouf has to say about Syria and Israel. http://previous.presstv.ir/detail.asp
  14. Assad and his corrupt billionaire extended family regime have made no effort to get back the Golan heights by force. They are happy sitting back comfortably in their palaces and dont want to rock the boat, when they all have it so good. Yeah, Israel is really terrified of Assad :lol: so much so they sent some jets into Syria to destroy a building ( its purpose yet to be fully identified ) and Assads forces did not retaliate but he just sent his envoys to cry at the UN security council about it. Israel are quaking in their boots about Syria LOL :lol:
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