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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Half a year on - just incase anyone wanted to know what happened. It didn't work out. Her values and morals were at a completely different place to what mine were. Funny thing is these women cry at night wondering why men treat them badly and why they aren't married and have a happy family when they're just chaos. The mental trauma this woman ended up putting me through is unimaginable. I know this is a laughable problem compared to the plights people are experiencing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine etc but relatively speaking it was very painful.
  2. Hello, I want to name my son but am unsure of the English spelling. Is it Jibreel, Jibrayeel, Jibrayil, Jibraeel? I have read many many spellings and have heard many different pronunciations. Is there a source where I can look to for formal and concrete information? Thank you peace.
  3. I deeply thank all of you who have contributed to this matter. For some, this may simply be another internet and religious thread but for me this is my life. These decisions I make will ultimately guide my path in life. I have told her that I would not FORCE her to 'convert' to Islam because I'd rather her be honest and upfront about her thoughts and stance then be misguided by her. I know of Muslim couples where the wife wore the hijab upon marriage only to please her husband and in the very short run, divorce and separation became a reality. This doesn't mean that I wouldn't want her to beco
  4. She is learning basic things to say as a part of her daily life like saying Asalamu'Alaikum and Alhamdulilah and God-willing. At this stage she says she would not convert and basically this is from her lack of understanding of Islam and I guess what a huge decision it is for her. Everyday she asks me questions about Islam and wants to know how to behave according to Islamic values and traditions. I don't think it's fair to expect someone to convert suddenly but we are going on this journey together and she makes the effort to constantly ask about things rather then me shoving it down her throa
  5. Hello everyone I know this question has probably been done to death and I have looked through previous threads however I still have to ask so that I'm given the opportunity to be answered to given my own situation and unique needs. I've been getting close to a woman who is a non-Muslim and is Catholic. She is not a strong practising Catholic however her family particularly older generations are quite modest and respectful people. I have met her family and they respect and adore me for who I am - a Muslim man whose culture and traditions and in some cases, every day living differs quite drastic
  6. After advice from many people and a lot of research done myself, I am quite content with the thought of moving to the St George area in Sydney. My question is now more focused than it was before, what suburbs in the St George area are the best in terms of safety, shopping etc. I have been looking thoroughly at suburbs such as Kogarah, Arncliffe, Rockdale, Hurstville... I'm guessing that the more expensive areas such as Kogarah Bay might be less crime affected? Or maybe not. I keep mentioning the issues of security and schooling and things like that because I'm well aware that although a certa
  7. Just wondering if there are any Afghan Shias here =} And if so, where abouts in NSW do you live? Peace.
  8. Salam. I noticed the Afghan Relief Fund in your signature (I know, great eyesite lol), but was wondering if you were Afghan yourself?

  9. There are 'Sunni' mosques that openly forbid the way Shia's pray. I have an influence of both Shia and Sunni and through the majority of my experiences, these 'Sunnis' are much more intolerant of others. I dislike even calling intolerant people Sunnis because if any one were to follow the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), then there would be absolutely no intolerance of any person aslong as they were respectful and decent themselves.
  10. Thanks a lot guys! I have been looking at apartments all over including east, north and west of Sydney and I'm quite taken back by how expensive it is to rent. I'm only in my early 20s but am a very good spender and insh'Allah will manage while I'm still single. I have taken the advice and have been looking in areas such as St George. Am I correct in saying that a decent two bedroom apartment/unit would be roughly $350 rent/week?
  11. Good evening all. Soon I will be leaving Southern NSW to begin working in Sydney (most probably). My company has given the option of declaring several areas where I'd like to work at so I was wondering, what areas feature Shia Muslims more heavily? I am aware the St George area has a lot of Muslims but any where else? Also, keep in mind that I'd love an area to begin a family so even though there may be Muslims in the area, if there is a high crime rate/low education level, please let me know. Also, a 'Shia Mosque' would be lovley :) I trust your advice.
  12. Asalam Alaikum every one. My question is regarding the value Sunnis place on the sacrifices and examples provided by the Ahlubayt. I have many Sunni friends, hardly any Shia friends, and it's really disappointing to see them act shocked when I mention that some thing like Muharram is approaching. They get very negative and it's almost as if they don't know what they're being critical of but the only thing that they've heard is that it's a 'Shia thing to do'. Why don't all schools of thought teach the great lessons Imam Ali and his bloodline demonstrated because they were all directly linked t
  13. I'm upset to hear your plights. One of the main reasons why I love Australia regardless of what people say in terms of it being western and haram, is the fact that I can be Shia and even though there are Sunnis who will try and give Shias hard time, the majority of human beings living here have good and basic human rights. Unfortunately in other 'Muslim' countries, the true believers of Islam are given a hard time and it's just a hardcore thing that it has been instilled within the whole countries structure. Like you mentioned, schools, social gatherings, government, politics, attitudes. Botto
  14. Funny you say that. At the start of this year I remember talking to a group of people which included a few of my friends. A girl asked me whether I was Shia or Sunni and I replied and she literally gasped. Just like, "ahhhh" and then took a big gulp lol. I said why is your reaction like that? She just said oh I didn't know I thought you were Sunni and that she never expected it. She was pretty much acting like I'd just come out of the closet or some thing haha. But any way, we got to talking religion and it just shocked her to know that she knew nothing at all about Sunnah and Shia and why she
  15. Have any of you come accross situations where you are treated negatively just because you are Shia? I've grown up with ALL Sunni brothers but this whole Shia/Sunni thing only became an issue when we hit the ages of 17/18. I remember about a year and a half ago we were all having lunch and we were all talking about the Iranian government and one of my best friends said, don't worry no body likes the Shia. I just remember my heart sinking because we were all such good friends and I'm quite certain he didn't even know I was Shia but still, to hear such a thing... In terms of social aspects, not
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