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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Think I might have to scratch this idea. My wife said if I submit this to the company to have it laser printed on the side panel of the computer, I might find FBI knocking at my door :(
  2. As Salaam 3laikom anyone know where I can find the Hizbollah logo at? I want to build a computer and I can get the logo laser etched into the side window but I need to find it in jpeg or gif format to have it done.
  3. So those other dietary/civil/cermonial laws given in the old testment were only given to Israel, so your saying the ten commandments were not given to Israel? So, now the question is why is a christian obligied to follow the 10 commandments when they too were given to Israel just like the others, not to mention Jesus himself said he came for the Jews and not the gentiel. P.S. We have two holidiays. E'id al Fitr and E'id al Adha. One happens at the end of Ramadan to mark the ending of the holy month. Then you have E'id al Adha which happens at the end of the Hajj season (pilgrimage) and marks when Prophet Abraham was to give his son in sacrifice to Allah and instead was given the ram in it's place. If you are interested in learning more there will be a Muslim cultural awareness event at Broward county main public library downtown Fort Lauderdale, Jan. 11, 2002 from 7 pm to 10 pm.
  4. As Salaam 3laikom I knew a guy who taught arabic for forty years. He wrote two books one in english and one in arabic. They were books to teach arabs english, and arabic to english speakers , he also taught at the American University in Beirut, and then went on to teach at a school in Kuwait. My point is to show his credintials so you can see he would know about the subject. Either way He was from palestine and he told me that christian arabs in his day (he was in his mid 70's when I knew him) would send there kids to Quranic classes to learn grammatical arabic. So I guess they didn't think to bad of Quran?
  5. Or atleast become a member. Wa Salaam, Dhulfiqar thats what I mean
  6. It would be better if muslims could donate money to PBS, that is how the jews do it and they get ALL those cool documentaries on them because they are the main contributers.
  7. Cool, I live in Fort Lauderdale. I can not imagine there are many Muslims up where u are no? Orlando has alot of Shi3a I hear.
  8. Hmmm This is really interesting. you emailed me and I was under the impression you were Abd el Hasan :unsure: You sent me that phoney article with this supposed shi3a guy who became Sunni and it is full of lies. This is strange. You also say you will not be posting here anymore but your profile shows you have only been a member since December 1. You sure your not Abd el hasan still up to his old tricks? :lol:
  9. what part of florida, I am in florida also
  10. [Day] Well, that's not too far away, but what a coincidence that we both live in Ft. laud. Do you teach in sunrise? ANS. No, I work in Coco. Creek, I want to eventually teach at the University level one day. [Day] What subject(s) do you teach? Where did you get your degree? ANS. This is not 100% accurate, all we have to do is look at Jewish dietary law to see that the law is not the same. We can also look at what a Prophet is according to Jewish law to see that the two are not the same as well. [Day] Christians are not under Jewish dietary law. [Day] All of the above :-) Christ perfectly obeyed the Law that we might "die to sin and live to righteousness." (1 Pet. 1:24). Christians sin, but not like they did before becoming a Christian. With God "in" a person's life, through the Holy Spirit, the desire to sin becomes less and less and the Holy Spirit convicts the believer when he does sin (John 16:8). But no Christian will ever sin to the point of losing his or her salvation. Ultimately, believers will become sinless just like Jesus. ANS. with all due respect this sort of sounds like what I was saying to you before which is conjecture and not hard and fast evidence. [Day] These are doctrines of Christianity that have scriptural support. I'm wondering why you say they are conjecture? [Day] How do you define "prophet?" ANS. well according to a book called the Islamic Religious Course book one, which was printed in Dar As Salaam. A Prophet = a man who received Revelation from Allah to deliver mankind from the darkness of tyranny, evil and ignorance and to lead them to the light of justice, trith and knowledge. Prophets may be divded into two groups: 1. A Rasul (messenger) is that prophet who brought a new Shari3a (Code of Life). 2. Nabi is the prophet who did not bring a new Shari3a, but followed the Shari3a of a previous Rasul (messenger) Thus the grade of a Rasul (messenger) is higher than that of a Nabi. Muslims believe there were Five Rasool. 1. Noah (pbuh) 2. Abraham (pbuh) 3 Moses (pbuh) 4. Jesus (pbuh) 5 Momammad (pbuh) [Day] Noah through Jesus were prophets who also foretold the future. Does the Quran record Mohammad making future prophecies? I have some questions that I would like to ask. What does the Quran teach about life after death? Is there a "heaven" in Islam theology, and if so, can a Muslim know he will go there after he dies? Does Islam teach there is a hell? Does the Quran teach that man is born a sinner? If so, how does he, or she, find forgiveness? Does sin offend Allah? Does the Quran teach that the universe was created in six days? I have other questions, but I would like to know what the Quran teaches about these. Thanks, God bless, Day [Day] What subject(s) do you teach? Where did you get your degree? I am a Internal Suspencion teacher. I have my degree in International Economics and I am not sure what I will get my next degrees in. I received my degree from F.A.U. in Boca Raton. [Day] Christians are not under Jewish dietary law. ANS: I know Christians are not under Jewish laws in almost anyway shape or form. That is why I said before they are under the laws of Paul and not the laws which were practiced by Prophet Jesus himself. Also, to get back to what I was saying about conjecture, many of the teachings of Christians are not explicitly spelled out in the Bible by Jesus, who the Christians say they follow, instead they are the result of two things. Paul and the second is the Early church ie, nicean council and the council of trent. etc. etc. [Day] Noah through Jesus were prophets who also foretold the future. Does the Quran record Mohammad making future prophecies? ANS: Really, since when did Prophet Abraham and Prophet Moses make future predictions? Also the Quran is the direct word of God, so you will not see anything which the Prophet Mohammad Said like in the bible which is just a collection of stories. We do have a collection of the traditions of the Prophet Mohammad and in there he did make future prophecies. In fact according to Jewish interpretation of what a Prophet is, our Holy Prophet fits this in every way shape and form. But as I said both are Abrahamic nations (Jews/Muslims) What does the Quran teach about life after death? ANS: there will be a day of judgment and there is a Paradise and a Hell fire. Again we are a Abrahamic nation so we do believe in these things. Does the Quran teach that man is born a sinner? If so, how does he, or she, find forgiveness? ANS: no we do not believe in original sin. This again goes back to the fact we are a Abrahamic nation because both Jews and Muslims do not believe in this. Yes we do believe you can be forgiven if you make a sin. In fact when ever a muslim does something we say Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim. This translates roughly to (In the name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful) so we believe in Gods Mercy on his servents. QUOTE=Daystar,Dec 3 2002, 02:03 PM] I dont want you to think I am ignoring you. I have been up ALL night EVERY night with my new born. Man I am burning the candle on both ends. Your question I will have to go indepth in and I am not at 100% brain capacity right now to do so :) Til next time
  11. Sunni's who believe shi3a are not muslims or kufar. They will not except the history as we tell them it. They will believe the lies of those sunni shuyukh who twist history. One sunni emailed me and said "why would you except the interpretation of sunni hadith from a shi3a? That is like excepting interpretation of the Quran from a Christian" I think this should be made most absurd qoute of the year. I challenge ALL sunni's to go and do there OWN research. Go out and read books by shi3a and then go back and look up those claims from the sources which shi3a say they came from. From there you can make a case. But to blindly follow some person or some article you download off the internet is silly. YOu dont know who the person is, there prejudices etc. etc.
  12. First off, OBL as you call him hates shi3a and you are on a shi3a chat. So why in the heck would we back such a person who hates us for our belief? Second, Lets be serious here. OBL damaged america in a MAJOR way. When they hit those buildings they did several things. First the messed up the U.S. economy to no end. Economist predicted that if the U.S. economy came out of its tail spin, it will still take it two years to recover from this blow. Compaines are still laying off and plan to continue to do so well, into the next two years. CNN tries to lie and say the economy is rebounding but that is a lie. Major fortune 500 compaines do not say they are going to lay off well into the next two years when the economy is super strong or even rebounding. Jobless rates are still climbing my friend, and no sign of slow down. Yes the economy was suffering when that pervert Bill Clinton was in office, but OBL pushed a already fragile economy right into the fire. His plan worked on so many levels its ridiculous. He put fear in the hearts of people, and ruined the economy. This is what he wanted and he got it 100%. Don't take this as meaning I support that psycho cause I dont. I am just saying, lets not lie and down play the power a small group such as Al Qaida could do against the great America, Sameway we can not underestimate what Hizbollah could do to the U.S. as well.
  13. this is one of the best qoutes I have ever heard :lol:
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