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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Muhammad b. Ya`qub from Muhammad b. Isma`il from al-Fadl b. Shadhan and from `Ali b. Ibrahim from his father all from Ibn Abi `Umayr from Hisham b. al-Hakam from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام or Abu ‘l-Hasan عليهما السلام. He said: It was said to him: We marry our kids while they are minors. So he said: When they are married while they are minors, hardly ever will they be in harmony (with one another).
  2. Just want say: May Allah curse ISIS. But: face death, pay an extortionate Jizya tribute or leave and have their property confiscated as reported on Well, wouldn't christians only pay Jizya?
  3. from 3:25 - 3:33 Well, thats is not true?...
  4. Yes, thats true. Sayyid Khamenei: Q: If in the mukallaf’s country/city the common view considers mut‘ah marriage as a slander or accusation in such a way that a believer is accused of being not religious and having illegal relations or even despised if he/she does it, what is the ruling, then? A: Although mut‘ah marriage is permissible, or rather mustaḥabb in our view, it is not obligatory in shar‘. Therefore, if it leads to conflict, accusation or vile consequences matters that are not acceptable by the Divine Legislator, it is rendered impermissible for the mukallaf to be indulged in such a marriage. Mutah in Iran should not be a problem at all. Unfortunately, some Iranians to enter into a haram relationship with each other. Last time I was there, I asked my cousin why you do not engage in mutah / sigh with your "girlfriend". . It does not even take 15 min(*). He said that mutah are looked down upon. * If I'm not mistaken, you are not married, unless you have witnesses( like a cleric, I think you must sign some documents) . Which in Shia Islam is not required.
  5. But he ( Sadiq Shirazi) also believe that a muslim can marry ahlul khetab. Do they become from najis to tahir after the marriage?......... Very strange rulings. Also Al khoei considered that all non muslims to be najis, but also say we can even marry them permanently.
  6. Nima

    Eid Greetings

    Well. Different marja= different day
  7. Puff.. Like Sayyid al khoei( who is against islamic government based on WF) From his risalah: Punishment Prescribed For Certain Sins 2795. If a free man commits adultery he should be whipped one hundred times, and if he commits adultery thrice and is whipped one hundred times on each occasion, he should be killed, if he commits adultery for the fourth time. If a person has a permanent wife or a slave girl, and has had sexual intercourse with her in the state of being adult, sane and free, and on have sexual intercourse with her any time he likes, and in spite of that he commits adultery with a woman, who is adult and sane, he should be stoned to death. 2747. If an adult and sane person commits sodomy with another adult and sane person, both of them should be killed. And the religious Head can kill the person guilty of sodomy with a sword, or bum him alive, or tie his hands and feet and hurl him down from a high place, and under the conditions mentioned in Article 2795 can lapidate him. 2799. If a child kills his father or mother intentionally, he should be killed, and if a father kills his child intentionally he should pay diyah (blood-money) in accordance with the orders which will be related later and should be beaten as much as the Religious Head may deem fit. http://www.al-islam.org/islamic-laws-ayatullah-abul-qasim-al-khui/punishment-prescribed-certain-sins Not the imam, but a just "religious head"
  8. If I'm not mistaken, this is the kind of punishment we can not find either in the Quran or the Sunnah from our Prophet. So can a judge give a tazeer punishment, when there is no is sufficient evidence( When, for example evidence required for a hudhud crime is not met) like 4 witness for adultery?
  9. "Only imam Mahdi has the right to execute this and that law" Many say this only because they don't like the shariah penalty. Unfortunately there are shia who argue that we can't even establish an Islamic state today without the imam. So , t if the Shia are the majority (as in Iran, etc.), we should rather prefer secular laws (!!), than Shariah . In other words: We should just cry and pray , and of course do taqlid to the secularist( the hudhud is suspended, so then we should follow the western countries) .Under no circumstances should we implement God's rules. :no:
  10. 9:101 ShakirAnd from among those who are round about you of the dwellers of the desert there are hypocrites, and from among the people of Medina (also); they are stubborn in hypocrisy; you do not know them; We know them; We will chastise them twice then shall they be turned back to a grievous chastisement
  11. From nader zaveri blog: http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/12/reason-behind-prophet-being-named-ummi.html
  12. If you look at her closely, you can see her eye. :no:
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