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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is no doubt that the opposition camp has it's share of rioting troublemakers, but the Basijis are worse, imo. They seem to be instigating violence and disorder in this video, and it isn't the first time.
  2. Amir Taheri, the man who (imo) has the most interesting and realistic analysis on the current situation in Iran. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Link] The way some apologists of the Khomeinist regime put it the current power struggle in Iran is between the mass of the poor led by the populist Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the "rich and privileged" Tehranis whose leader is Mir-Hussein Mousavi. Ahmadinejad himself played that tune during the ceremony in which he took the oath of office for a second f
  3. LOL, my favorite part. Seriously though, that was a great read. Makes me kinda wish I was there to witness the unrest, democracy here in Canada is sooo boring :P.
  4. Click Here Interesting comments from Iranian.com (an Iranian Expatriate website and the website I got this link from): The irony, the irony, the irony! by Death_To_Fascism on Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:57 PM PDT Remember this is the same Hadi Ghaffari who founded the Ansar-e Hezbollah! This guy is a murderer bar none, second only to Sadiq Khalkhali who also became a "reformist" during Khatami's presidency just before he died. The more one sees such back-flips by "reformed" mullahs, the more one is convinced that all this is a dirty factional in-fight within the system and nothing to do with the peo
  5. The IRI is not a credible source. And more then 10 people were killed on Saturday, I doubt live ammunition didn't play a role in those deaths. Here's 2 more videos of another 3 protesters shot and killed on Saturday: Video 1 and
  6. Ahh yes, civil disobedience is terrorism but when you're precious hizballah (I see you got them on your avatar) held a civil disobedience protest which almost crippled Lebanon's economy, that was ok with you? Right? And how about when it used it's weapons against it's own people May of last year, I'm guessing that was also okay with you. Am I right?
  7. Click HereHere is Neda with her father (in the blue shirt and white hair) a short while before she was killed:
  8. Absolutely, it's very sad. I must say Rubaiyat, you're sounding incredibly desperate right now. Stop defending the people who shot the young woman, both them and the troublemakers among the protesters are to blame.
  9. The picture caption was most likely a human error. BBC actually covered the pro-government protests and pro government comments. They even talked about the pro-ahmadinejad protest outside the BBC persia office in the UK. The BBC's problem is that they exagarate the current problem by saying that the future of the IRI is in on the line.
  10. Another edition of 'religious extremists say the darnest things'.
  11. So according to you, these protests are rooted from "Melrose Place" and "Beverly Hills 90210"? And why do write "najs" on that picture describing middle/upper class Iranians? Are you saying there are no homosexuals among other sections of Iranian society? Not even you're section (bigoted insecure religious extremists)?
  12. I was talking about the basijis who are wandering around and beating people like loose thugs. That type of activity should be completely banned. Although I agree with the first 3 points you raise. They should work within the communities as providers, not as violent enforcers.
  13. The case where the crowds were trying to damage and storm the basiji building could be dismissed as self defense and rightfully so, the angry crowd was already warned when the men on the roof fired in the air, but they didn't stop attacking the building. What should be probed though is the raids and beatings (possible killings aswell) in the Tehran univesity dormitories.
  14. I totally agree. The Iranian people currently protesting ought to demand more human rights within and most importantly, call for an absolute ban on the Bajis thug militia. Instead, they're rallying for a rafsanjani puppet not realizing rafsanjani is using them for his own interest.
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