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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams, Long time, no see. How are you doing? Any new findings and predictions. Just wanted to let you know that an anti-Shia site has quoted your research and predictions. Here is the link:


  2. bismillah. salam, brother. Read this please, and pass it on: http://edition.presstv.ir/detail/139747.html

  3. Salam Alaykum,

    Eid mubarak!

  4. Bismillah. Salam, brother Ali. What did you think of this topic? Surah 95(Tin)verse 1-3 tafseer. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234971337-surah-95tin-verse-1-3/

  5. "breaking into prime factors" I mean to say :)

  6. Salam brother and thank you for your sincere support.

    I don't look at numbers in this way. In fact this is the very problem that others attack us with. Numbers have values and braking a number into its prime factor is more useful to describing its properties than digit manipulation.

    So 106 = 2 * 53

    106 is the 78th composite

    2 is the 1st prime

    53 is the 16th prime

  7. Thank you all for the heart-felt post and in sha Allah we will meet in heaven if we deserve it with Allah's Mercy in sha Allah. Please mods/admin go ahead and delete all my posts and my account too. Salam all and may Allah bless our eyes with seeing the Imam (3Afs) sooooon in sha Allah. Ali God > infinity
  8. Thank you very much dear brother for the book review and the excellent advice thereafter. If I could twist my mind to think non-scientifically I would but its too hard. Allah is the best Guide so in sha Allah He will guide us to the Right Path. Salam and thank you sincerely.

  9. ...I just hope that you consider this humble piece of advice from your brother in faith.

    May Allah grant us His Guidance and save us from all misguidance.

  10. .....My humble advice to you is that you should, instead of interpreting Quranic verses purely in light of modern science, perhaps let the Quranic verses do the talking for themselves. My intention, however, is not to put down your work, far from it; I think that you are very capable and can put your knowledge to great use.....

  11. Salam Brother,

    I had a look at your book and it proved to be a very compelling and thought-provoking read. The way in which you scientifically interpret Quranic verses is intriguing. I would however warn that such thinking may, and perhaps has, amounted to speculation and misinterpretation of the Quran....

  12. Dear brother and sister, It has been great to share part of my time with you and learn from you all. I have decided to leave ShiaChat as I feel no longer useful to this micro society and may in fact have been a nuisance to some of you as can be see by the reply I got from one of the moderators: http://www.shiachat....1entry2075238 I ask the administrator to please remove me (not just disable my account or request) as I have been unjustly accused of lying in the above post. Al-hamdu liAllah for everything always ... Anyone who wished to contact me regarding the Quran and 2012 please visit: http://www.heliwave.com http://www.primalogy.com or email me at alipoland@yahoo.com silverlight5@hotmail.com Thank you once again my dear ShiaChat community and may Allah bless us all with the re-appearance of our Saviour (3Afs) sooooon in sha Allah. Take care of the Quran so it takes care of you on Judgment Day in sha Allah, Salam, Ali God > infinity
  13. And by the way Moses (as) didn't kill the person, he only pushed him with his stick and man fell and died. This is the meaning of Waghaza. Ali
  14. My reply was to the assertion you made that we are here becuase of Adam (as) original sin. This is a Christian believe and we should be very careful of that as Allah swt brings us to this material world with ZERO sins and gives us the ablity to choose good or bad. Here is another way looking at life: God creates us with equal ability to do good or evil to test us. God gives us two options at any given moment and we climb the tree of life branching step at a time based on which option we take. New easier or harder options are given based on previous answers. If you start branching on to the good side, then God will test you harder until you prove that you ARE real good and then God make it easier to stay there. If you start branching on to the evil side, then God will test you easier to bring you back to the good side but if you still insist on climbing the evil side and prove that you ARE real evil and then God make it easier to stay there. Occasionally you get a joker option as a mercy from God so you can leap from the evil side to the good one thanks to Him who loves us more than you can imagine but we unfortunately thank Him little. Life is nothing but a continuous climb of tree based of which oprions we choose at any step on the way. May God help us be on the good side and keep us there. I actually designed a board game based on this idea but no one take it seriously. ------------------------- As for the Prophet (as) did they sin or were caused to sin to serve as examples to us?
  15. Thank you brother and jazaak Allah every khair too but becareful I don't have evidence for this stoy only heard it from someone dear shaik who was aducated in Qomm. Salam Ali
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