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  1. sorry i was in wrong place.
  2. salam brother's in facebook ther's a group named ---------> Ikhtilaaf E Ummat they come with new topics againts shia .. so my rquest TO the guys who are in facebook come to this group and defeat them by there own references... thnxx naaraaaaaaaaaaaeeeee haidri YA ALI YA ALI YA ALI MADAD HAQ HAI
  3. u not getting me. suppose if i want to write a letter to Imam ALI REZA AS - , THEN what address i should write on letter ( dont take it as a joke)
  4. I want something like P O box (etc) main office or some thing
  5. SALAM WALE KUM BROTHERS I WANT ADDRESS OF Roza e Hazrat Imam Ali Reza AS ........ i mean full address plz give
  6. (bismillah) brother's plz give the right method of namaz-e-kaffara.. and dua's.
  7. talibans belong's to relgion ass'wahabis . there surname's are assh0le but they hide it ......... :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: YA ALI YA ALI YA ALI
  8. ya u r right i should go for my locals one
  9. (salam) is there any website where we can seek for istikhara online.. is any one here can see plz reply me fast.
  10. ya u r right lives important to do more juloses in future . inshallah
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