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  1. They do not control every atom of the universe by their own power, but by the power AUTHORISED by the almighty creator (swt). They can't even walk without his permission.


    Well..there are people who claim to be Shias who are going to end up in hell. Saying that you follow someone is not the ticket to paradise/hell. You will need to live up to the pristine teaching of Islam.

    How do we know the pristine teaching of islam? By our marjas. But what if they were wrong? Who is responsible for the sins commited by their rulings? The follower or the marja themself?

  2. (salam)

    Do you even know why people go to hell? :unsure:

    I suggest you read a book called the major and the minor sins. Start with reading this book. At least you need to start with reading up on what sins are.

    Read all of it sister. To clarify, we know for certain that bakris are going to hell no matter how much they pray, fast, etc. Why is that? It is because they are following the wrong teachings of the prophet (pbuh). Will the same be for a shia doing taqleed, or are we secured because we are mowalis?

  3. Asking for help from, or Du'a to other than Allah is Shirk. However when we ask the Ma'soomeen for help we are doing so according to the teaching of Allah Himself {O ye who believe! do your duty to Allah, seek the means of approach unto Him . . . 5:35.} and the teaching of Rasulollah (S), and in the process we are not them on par with Allah Almighty, nor are we associating with them any independent absolute power. [This was mentioned in the previous email]. They have been AUTHORISED with power and authority to help the Mu'minin.

    When we make Du'a to them it is still on the same basis. Or we make to Du'a to Allah that by the virtue, station of the Ma'soom, and by the Ma'soom's nearness to You O' Allah help us.

    So the ultimate and absolute power and authority goes to Allah and Allah only; except when He Exalted be He relegates some of that power and authority to those He loves because of their station.

    For example Allah is creator of all existence, and there is no one else who is able to do so. And any one who says there is another creator besides Allah Almighty is committing Shirk. However we have it in the Qur'an that Allah Almighty empowered Jesus to create bird from mud {just as Allah created us from mud!!!} and also Allah Almighty empowered Jesus peace be upon him to raise the dead. And he did all of these with the permission of Allah, and not of his own power.[/quote]


    They have been authorised by Allah to do this, but personally i don't believe in it.

  4. (salam)

    What do you mean by choosing a wrong marja? I don't understand :unsure:

    Shia scholars are not a dime a dozen. There is a very strict system in place where only very knowledgeable people become Marja-eTaqlid. And these people will not be giving you irresponsible rulings. In fact, they will be teaching you about Islam so you don't go close to things which are haram.

    Just say Shirazi (ra) rulings were right, and fadhallahs (ra) rulings were wrong. Since the vast differences in their rulings, will the muqalids of fadhallah (ra) go to hell?

  5. AliAl, please take a moment and remember what Hell is. It is something serious and is for those who destroy their own souls through evils and crimes perpetrated on themselves and on others. Following a 'leader who leads to Hell' means following someone who invites you to kill others, steal, destroy people's lives, etc.

    None of our marja's are inviting people to do these things. On the contrary, they encourage people to pray, fast, give charity, do good deeds, avoid sins, etc.

    Asking a question like this is making a joke out of the Hellfire and the seriousness of the punishment in the next life. If you think that various practicing Muslims, might go to Hell simply on the basis of minor variatons in fiqh or beliefs or ideas, what of all the evil people in the world, the murderers, the rapists, the torturers, etc?

    None of us owns Heaven or Hell to have the right to even make a judgment like this.

    No one human being deserves to go to Heaven except by Allah's mercy.... so how can you even suggest that the followers of marja X are destined for heaven and the followers of marja Y are destined for Hell.

    Out of respect for Allah, our Creator, and what we will soon experience ourselves in the next life, do not make light of His promises for the next world.

    Sister, i am not joking. Hellfire is serious, that's why i asked the question. If you think this is a joke, answer these questions.

    What if tawassul is really shirk? Who will be responsible for this crime?

    What if beleiving ahlulbayt (as) control the universe turns out to be shirk? Who is responsible?

    What if tatbir is haram?

    What if wilayah takwiniyah is haram?

    With many other questions. These all have to do with the marja we choose, and if you think shirk won't get you into hell, then you have to recheck the quran. I told you before and ill tell you now, i am not a fitna monger. I just want straight up answers.

    Seriously i take no offense in what shiasoldier786 did there (putting (as) after abu bakr in a sense) but still admit that you are a sunni openly first.

    shiasoldier786? or me?

    You choose a marja wisely and then any mistakes they make in rulings is their burden, not yours.

    Alial324124124 you have far too much hatred. Have a cup of water.

    Hatred for who? People come up with the craziest things.

  6. No, because different scholars have different standards.

    Let's say there is a person who collected khums for a ma'sum (as)

    Does this mean that we automatically trust this person?

    Some scholars say "Yes, because the ma'sum obviously trusted that person enough to make him incharge of khums."

    Other scholars say "No, just because someone was trustworthy enough to collect khums doesn't mean they are trustworthy enough for hadiths. What if they had a bad memory, etc"

    Most scholars say "Yes, we automatically trust this person until we find something bad about them."

    Or a more common and more famous example:

    Let's say Zurarah (ra) used to get a lot of hadiths from Companion X (this is a completely made up example but this problem comes up a lot), who got his hadiths from Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (ra)

    Now, we know Zurrarah (ra) is trustworthy and we know Imam al-Baqir (as) is ma'sum (thus automatically trust worthy), but we don't know who Companion X is.

    Since, Companion X is unknown, some scholars would classify this hadith as weak/unknown. However, other scholars would say, "Since Zurarah (ra) is a very trust worthy man and he trusted Companion X enough to get so many hadiths from him, then we can say that Companion X is trustworthy, even though we don't really know anything about him." And those scholars would take such a hadith even though the first group of scholars would likely disregard the hadith.

    And there are a number of issues like this that the scholars are divided on.

    EDIT: and then there are hadiths with sahih chains that come scholars abandon because of their content. For instance, Sunnis have ahadith with sahih isnad where the Prophet (pbuh) said that Ali (as) is his successor, but they don't take these ahadith because of their content. From our side, for the longest time, there was a hadith (I wish I knew the reference of this hadith) where an Imam (as) said that air has weight, etc. The chain was correct, but a number of scholars disregarded this hadith because they had no idea of how air truly has weight. But the scholars didn't delete this hadith from our books alhamdulillah. So in the past, this hadith was thought to be weak because "there is no way that air has weight; there has to be a mistake here", but now we know "science has obviously proven that air has weight, but our Imams have said this thousands of years ago."

    wa salam

    Whats your reason for putting (ra) after a masoom. Or was this a typo?

  7. Iraqi's:

    Talk to much (Gossip)

    Worry about what other people say about them

    Strict as hell

    And as you noticed here, Iraqi's can be concieted and consider themselves superior over other Iraqi's

    and consider other Iraqi's barbaric or uncivilized.

    This is why even though I'm Iraqi, I stay far away from other Iraqi's....except my family...

    I realized the other day, I've never had an Iraqi friend, even though I got lots were I live...

    I stil Love Iraqi with all my heart, even though I avoid Iraqi's in my community as much as possible.

    +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000. Subhanallah, you took the exact words out my mouth.

  8. Calling the southerns names "barbarians" or "m3douwis" really shows how different you are from Karbalaeis :dry: .

    The thing I like about the southerns(people of Basrah to be precise) is how they're raised on good values, being modest, down to earth with dignity and on respecting others regardless from which city they come from.

    Wallah you made my day with that post sister. :!!!: But i seriously hope that was a joke. If you let them run free, they will gobble up the earth. (no offence)

  9. I have been thinking about this for a long time. Since i'm off my punishment i'd think i'd ask you people because some of you have immense knowledge in this stuff. So here it goes, does chosing the wrong marja for taqleed send you to hell? Because some people are on completly different spectrums on various rulings. (E.g. Shirazis and Fadhallah) may Allah be pleased with them both. Because i have heard the 73 sects etc. and i thought that it might include these things. So what do you guys think? Thanks for your answers.

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