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  1. being 'born homosexual' and doing homosexual things arent always the same.

    a lot of people who do this thing and then 'revert' back are just experimenting to try something new, or some people have a bad experience in a relatonship and so 'try out' other lifestyles. and then give it up. i heard of a lady once (didnt know her personally) who became a lesbian to try to find a community to 'fit in' with because that community is very close. but she gave it up after a few years.

    these are just the times we live in (or i suppose this has happened in many times, but it is very popular today in some areas)

    if you are genuinely concerned about this for some personal reason, then basically it is an issue of repentance and whether the repentance is sincere and the person regrets it and does not plan to go back to the behavior. and also that they genuinely have heterosexual feelings and aren't lying about it.

    if you dont have a personal reason to be concerned about it (ie it's not a relative or something u r talking about) then just ignore it, in our faith it is haram and it is just one of the many haram things out there. and there is no point dwelling too much on what is forbidden.

    i wouldnt recommend for someone who genuinely is not attracted to the opposite gender to get married (to someone of the opposite gender) unless there is complete understanding about this between the man and woman beforehand so there are no surprises. otherwise it is not fair to the spouse. there is no obligation to marry and one may stay single.


    Wallah that is one of the best posts i've ever seen on shiachat.

    Ps. Mental note: avoid people from Pune,India :P


  2. Btw, please NO, cussing, cursing, insulting, etc.

    And also, i forgot to add about the whole intercession thing, we ask imams (as) to ask Allah to forgive us on the day of judgement, because Allah loves ahlul bayt over other people

    (bismillah) (salam)

    Sister i appreciate your effort but i think you should leave out the intercession part. Not all imami's agree upon it. (wasalam)

  3. (salam),

    My personal opinion is that Bollywood film industry Hindus, will do absolutely anything, to degrade Muslims, their religion and their culture. Their animosity towards us started the day, Muslims started campaigning for a autonomous nation. Muslims, on the other hand, instead of retaliating, actually have joined hands with them.

    Aamir Khan, for example, being a Muslim, has performed on that song.

    Muslim actors in Bollywood, are degrading Islam. Whether consciously or unconsciously, instead of using their popularity to preach Islam and strengthen it , they have gone towards actually destroying it. See this video for example:

    It shows how Shahrukh Khan places a copy of the Quran, right next to the Hindu idol, Ganesha, in his house.

    Not just, 'Subhanallah...', there are other's like 'Ya Aali', 'Assalam alikum', etc. All of them, in one way or the other, show an attempt to corrupt true Islamic Laws.

    As for whether the song are Haram or not...

    First, the song is purely for entertainment, and a song that can be used for entertainment, even if it has Allah's name, is Haram.

    Second, the song has a wrong message. Subhanallah, even though means, 'Allah is Perfect', it is used in the song, not to glorify Allah, but rather, a lady, to whom the song is being sung to. If one pays attention to the lyrics, it says something about, crossing boundaries of any shyness or shame.

    Third, The music video shows a guy running after a girl, making her blush, showing his love for her, etc.

    What else, if not this, is Haram then?


    Basim Ali Jafri


    Are you sure your response does not have any sectarian influence in it? :P

  4. (bismillah)(salam)

    Just be prepared for a LOT of nifaaq. Noone will say anything to you, just maybe look at you in a weird way. They always have abbayas there, ask someone there and they will lead you in the right direction


  5. (bismillah) (salam)

    Posting a fatwa from ayatallah al udhma asad al wilayah and the brave mujtahid and scholar Mohammed Hussein Fadhallah (HA)

    Q: What do Your Eminence think about the opinion that says that Allah (The Exalted) does not accept any good deed of any person who does not believe in Al-Wilayah (believing that the Allah has nominated Imam Ali (a.s.) to be the trustee and the caliph after the Prophet (p.)? 7/8/2006 11:07:49 AM

    A: What is meant by this is that the one who knows about Willayah of Imam Ali (a.s.) and denies what the Prophet (p.) has announced in Allah’s name, out of stubbornness and disobedience, none of his good deeds will be accepted. This is because he was a stubborn person who disobeyed Allah and followed a path that is different from the right path which he had followed.

    Publish Date: 12/15/2006 11:12:19 AM

    HHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali:


  6. this is ridiculous i cannot believe that people are asking to get unregistered over a single thread and because of some posts against a particular race or in favor of them. I think they haven't been to youtube comment section or even been to websites where things get real rough.

    (bismillah) (salam)

    Brother what are we animals? She is a girl and everyone knows girls are more emtional. (no offence to anyone) She deserves to have a meaningful discussion with her fellow members and not get thrown in a mud slinging match. It is a shame to see members disrespect others beacause of their views on a particular subject and that includes myself.I hope she wasn't too hurt by the crackheads opposite.


    are we not supposed to be on the same side/

    (bismilah) (salam)

    If you knew who i am, then you would have understood the statement.

  7. ^ Iman has unreigstered so there is no point in replying to her posts on here.

    I do feel bad that she left on bad terms. Although I think there was some miscommunication going on, I think it is regrettable that she did leave with such an unhappy perspective and it might have been worthwhile to try to understand what she was saying and why she was saying it (on issues other than Shi'ism) and discuss the things that we disagree with compassionately rather than getting into arguments. Just because one person is upset does not mean the other needs to react that way.


    Yes, so much oppression from both sides.


  8. So I said, you know what? I did tell that cop. What are you going to do? Who the f*** do you think I am?... then I start walking outside the cashier and towards the man with a fury in my eyes the man could not ignore. The man walked back, out the store, and into his car as I chased him saying things I am sure you can imagine. One of the things I said was that if he came back I would... kill him and his family. Yes, I said that.

    :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali: :yaali:

    I still remember it like it was yesterday. Was it worth it to scare the man? no it sure was NOT. I have done MORE harm than that which was done to me. This was a clear lesson for me. Allah is opposed to those whom become oppressors, no matter if they were oppressed first.

    So, when I read your options I remembered the grave damage which I had done. No, acting is such ways will only make the situation worse and will lead to bad results. Indirectly, but through our bad actions we hurt our brothers.

    I wish I could make up for what I had done. I wish I could meet that man. I wish I could say sorry.


  9. (bismillah)(salam)

    The war on terror is one thing. But there is a new war abound. This is the great war on the WF. People are now realizing the truth and inshallah we will be the winners in this great war that has no weaponary, only mentality. Run to iran while you can,o supporters of the WF. Don't talk, just run.


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