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  1. what does unity with Sunnis have to do with Salafis?

    Also, Sunnis can unite with shia. As they have united with zaidi shias and some ismaili shia groups.

    But, Sunnis cannot unite with rawafid.


    brother ali no sunni is a supporter of dejjal . in hadeeth it says he will be in around iraaq somewhere but i think that place is full of shias so i dont know who is gonna be its supporters jews. and u know ...

    great say brother sistjani we can unite....NOT with rafidi so far i havent seen a true shia that follows what imam ali ra.gif has given to him.


    Both of you agree that we could unite, ok. But you say that you can't unite with rafidi's, and you say ALL SHIA are rafidis. That means that you dont' want to unite.If you expect the shia to change the way we do our religion, that's not going to happen. So ill just let imam al Mahdi (as) sword do the talking. That way we can get real unity.

  2. it all doesn't matter beacause ayatollah mesbah yazdi said it's halal to rig a vote in favour for the supreme leader because he is selected by god and we all know you can't go against god.


    Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, Ahmadinejad´s messianic ally, issued another fatwa saying that it is permissible (halal) to cheat, if its in the interest of the regime.
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