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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله


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  1. LOL. -111. Its true, you are popular.

  2. and why is that brother hassan?

  3. because it's normal for him, who cares

  4. brother who told you that i am going to leave?

  5. Brother, can you tell me Ayatallah Fadhlallah's (HA) view on an islamic goverment? Shukran.

  6. brother, grow a beard. Tisk tisk

  7. brother, i still have questions about syed fadhallah, would you answer them for me?

  8. brother, ill get your rep to where it belongs. Just give me a few days and it will be spik and span

  9. brother, please excuse my negative comments about syed fadhallah. I was in a bad mood and i didn't mean to slander a syed. Accept my apology?

  10. but i have to admit, i really appreciate that you at least reply to my comments, unlike other people.:)

  11. can i ask to have a topic deleted ( its mine)

  12. can you please approve my posts?

  13. can you please approve my stuff. i've been waiting for days.

  14. Can you please translate the letter you gave me, it is in very messy writing.

  15. can you please unregister me?

  16. dont worry bro, ill get you rep back up to stadards ;)

  17. goodbye brother, good speaking to you.

  18. Happy birthday brother

  19. hassan when you see this message me

  20. hassan, why didn't you come to school? I had to show you something.

  21. He is a paskistani sheikh. But most of his speechs are about imam al mahdi (Aj)

  22. i leave my computer on.

  23. i really don't want to unregister but now i can't post at all, i've been waiting days for my posts to show up. Can give me a hint or anything of when i could get off mod preview? I swear i won't talk about syed fadhallah.

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