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  1. brother, grow a beard. Tisk tisk

  2. watch out brother, your next.

  3. i leave my computer on.

  4. it was my bad brother, i didn't know you'd get pissed off.

  5. and why is that brother hassan?

  6. brother, ill get your rep to where it belongs. Just give me a few days and it will be spik and span

  7. What is it basically saying? I don't want word for word just the basics.

  8. May Allah give you jannah for those ahadiths brother.

  9. the series is over 17000 pages long. I have school too, so i have no time for it. I have sayed sadiq's, but it is only 700 pages long.

  10. is there anyway i can have access to his posts?

  11. no, but he has supreme knowledge of shirazi fiqh, but i can't access his posts.

  12. Can you please translate the letter you gave me, it is in very messy writing.

  13. LOL. -111. Its true, you are popular.

  14. brother, i still have questions about syed fadhallah, would you answer them for me?

  15. sister, do you know why casper was banned?

  16. He is a paskistani sheikh. But most of his speechs are about imam al mahdi (Aj)

  17. May Allah be pleased with you my dear brother.

  18. dont worry bro, ill get you rep back up to stadards ;)

  19. brother who told you that i am going to leave?

  20. hassan when you see this message me

  21. goodbye brother, good speaking to you.

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