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  1. Making up (imagioning or "zan") reasons for the laws of Allah is not a good practice.

    Anyway, why cant the shortening be related to comfort of PLACE of where prayer is performed? Being a traveler, it is not always easy or comfortable finding a place to pray when I leave my surroundings, so having to shorten my prayer really helps ease the discomfort (for example if I end up praying on grass somewhere unknown to me). This is not the reason, but a benefit. The true reason behind it is the MERCY of Allah, only Allah knows the logic behind why he put this rule in place.


  2. /\ Done.

    I just breazed through those, and that is EXACTLY why I find the lack of interest in the matter of the Prophets in the Shia books very disturbing...

    I have yet to find one contemporary book explaining the FULL lives of the prophets of islam. Everything is short noted and simple. Yeah I have read Al Jazaeries book, but that is a categorized collection of narrations, which I found to be a GREAT read, not what I meant. Has no one listened to the Sunni stories of the prophets? I know they fill in too many blanks with their imagination (Amr Khalid, Tariq Sweedan) but why dont we have a similar thing just not full of imagination?

    The only Shia Audio I found (about the stories) is by Saiyed Mohammed Baqir Al Fali (Arabic), but I dont know... somethings he talks about make me question their validity, or maybe he is just not a very skilled narrator. The buggy thing is I dont have anyone else to compare his lectures with! How would I know if what he is saying is common belief or not.

    Okay, sorry, end of rant. Hahahaha.

  3. What exactly do you want them to reply saying?

    This is a theory, not proof.

    Have you read about the number 19 and the Quran?

    These are things to make us even more happy, but they are not a RULE. A RULE has to apply to EVERYTHING. You can not say Prime Numbers are KEY to the Quran, when you can not apply your KEY to ALL the chapters.

    I have not heard much about your theory, so maybe your key does apply to ALL. Where can I find your book?


  4. Al Salam Alikom

    I need the Stories of the Prophets (as) in ANY format! Book, Audio, Video, Anything! As long as it is reliable (full of useful information) and accurate (solid references). I would prefer Arabic, but English is also great option.

    I need them to be Shia based, clean of any infection. All my searches turn Sunni stories or Shia books purifying the Prophets (as) from sunni stories. But no actual Shia stories :(

    Note: Anyone know why this is so hard to find?

    Thank you in Advance!


  5. Ali is the First and the Last

    THIS is in a narration that the wahabies twist to cause fitna. The FULL hadith explains the First Believer, The Last to (Be with?, Touch?, see?) the Prophet (the one who put the Prophet in the grave). I dont remember the exact details of the narration, but I think you get the point. Dont listen to their half truth lies.


  6. So I give this guy a Million dollars and I tell him clearly: Be grateful to ME, and those close to you and be a good person.

    Then this guy, takes the money, spends it on his loved one's, buys them things, and they love HIM for it. He gives to the poor and the poor LOVE HIM for it... etc and I am completely OUT of the equation...

    How ungrateful of him! you know what, I think I should reward him with a Gazillion dollars!

  7. I just re-read ur post and saw that u said only a few old ppl go there....that rules out the iraqi and lebanese centers that I know of (and MAYBE the pakistani one too - haven't been there in ages and I think they are planning on opening a new one soon)

    Hahaha I didnt know there were different one's! I go to the one on Upper Gage (I think?) It is the exit off Linc after the Mall Exit. I cant think of the name of the centre. Where are the other ones? Where is the Lebanese? I know the guy who does the sermons at THIS place follows Sistani... this could be the Iraqi centre.

    Let me know where you will be at Eid. I have never prayed Eid before (never the less Shia Eid) but I dont want to miss this one. What time is it usually at?


  8. Al Salam Alikom brothers

    I live in Brantford, ontario. I have been going for the past few months to the Shia Hamilton Mosque. Only a few old people go there. The imam is great though, I love his sermons. I dont know any shia friends (only friend in Canada is my Cousin really). I'm looking for pious believers to be their brother! :P

    Hahahaha. This might sound funny to you, but I really am looking for friends. Between work and family I dont get out much. Not much room to meet new people. I am Palestinian btw, 25 and married Thanks be to Allah.


  9. I am a new Shia, and all my family is Sunni... but Mashallah they are opening up to the truth slowly.

    Not just because Bukari or Muslim say something then it is true... Is everything on CNN true? Is everything your FATHER tells you true? is everything your TEACHER tells you true? Believing this is error in it self. We have to be wiser. The people before us, as Allah tells us, fell into destruction for following their Fathers. We have a duty to follow what is RIGHT even at the COST of what is MOST BELOVED to us.

    May Allah guide us onto his Straight Path.

    Welcome to Shia Chat.


  10. You think you are getting alienated but you have to smarten up, and you wont.

    As you grow older, you move to an older audience. Example: 5year olds dont hang out with 14 year olds. But the WISER is always more compatible with others. Think of yourself as the mature among kids and soon enough you will find other mature people around you. And people do grow older.


  11. Allah knows best.

    What is your intention for the surgery?

    If it is to attract a husband, then Allah has a better way to attract a BETTER husband. Increase your Taqwa (awareness of Allah)!

    About the size of chest, this can will be fixed naturally after the first baby. Then you wont know where to put them! But if they start big, they might grow ugly after the first child. So having small chest is a good thing for a believing woman because she will be better off in the long run.

    Believe it or not: a true muslim man will look past your looks. If not, then his EMAN is weak.


  12. Here is my LOOSE translation. Please accept my mistakes.

    [start of Translation]ANSWER:

    - These things are what those whom Hate attack and twist At Said Fadlullah. This is a result of not checking the books and ill understanding or intent.

    S. F. Sees:

    - Al Ghadeer happened no doubt and it points to the Wilayah of Imam Ali (a)

    - Al Zahra (a) is the master of women on earth and Paradise. But she is a human, which means she can see blood and it does not conflict with Isma.

    - NO real proof Kuffar are Najis. The Aya means internal Najasah.

    - Dua Kumail: Imam Ali (a) does not have to have done those things, but mentions them to teach people to be humble.

    - Mushaf Fatima (a) has Ahkam and what the angel that was sent to entertain her said.

    - Who's better (Prophets and Imams) is not from Usool Al Deen (The Basics of Religion), and some are better than others according to Quran. But no difference in terms they are all Prophets (Anbiya)

    - Mousa asking to see Allah is not against Isma. Allah then taught him that cant happen. Allah teaches his prophets in steps. Same in the story with the good Slave (Al Abed al Saleh) (By me: story at end of Al Kahf)

    - Surat Abasa coming down for the prophet does not go against his great Akhlaq. He got upset because he was interrupted from delivering the message of Islam. And the prophet used to welcome this man by saying "Allah does not condemn me in you ever" (inshAllah good translation). And the meaning leads to this.

    - Imamah is a right established with no doubt, but it is not important knowledge by the Raie (opinion) of all Muslims. But this has been disputed (meaning among muslims).(someone please confirm this meaning)

    - About the prophet making Error about delivering an Ayah, this is a misinterpretation. A clear sign of the weakness of the interpreter.

    - Tourah and Injeel: Bani israel have changed the words from their place and sold for a cheap price.

    - The fathers of the prophet: there is no proof they were Monotheist (Muwahedeen). There is proof they do not commit Fahisha (adultery). The Quran mentions the father (Walid) of prophet Ibrahim (a) that he was a Kafir.

    - About the NON shia: they are on what is not right by not holding the Wlayah. But Allah has mentioned that he does not forgive Shirk but forgives all that is less to whom he wills. So forgiveness is in the hands of Allah. and that is what has been narrated from the Imams about the weak and wanting of the laws of Allah.

    - About the attack on Al Zahra (a): There is no trusted proof. Not to mention it is far fetched that the Imam Ali (a) will not defend the Wadeah (Left over trusted treasure) of the prophet to the Imam. Also some Bani Hashim were in the house. It is proven she was oppressed and hurt (spiritually) and that she died upset at those whom oppressed her and her Cousin (Imam Ali) his right. And it is proven the attempt at attacking and burning the house. We do not remove the fault from the enemies of Ahlul Bait (a).

    - About saying Omar made a Tahreem (forbidding) by Management (Edari, sorry I cant think of a better word). This is not an excuse for Omar. This is still a non legit forbidding that he made without excuse.

    we Al Salam Alikom we Rahmatullahi we Barakatoh. [end of LOOSE translation]

    This is my final DRAFT. Please feel free to check me on anything.


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