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  1. /\ says the 10 posts to the 135. Not that history means anything, it's the actions that define a person.

    My brother, avoid smelling with your nose which can not be smelled. It is only your imagination rewarding you with sin.

    I see nothing worth looking at in this man. The man died refusing religions, And I can easily see people being mislead by him. Is he swimming in heavenly bliss in his grave right now? I'm no judge, but according to what Allah has taught us, I wouldnt be following in his footsteps.


  2. Abu Jahal (The Father of Ignorance) was named so by the Prophet (pbuh) because he was previously known as Abo Al 3ilm (The Father of Knowledge) but when he refused the message of the prophet he was appropriately named Abu Jahal (The Father of Ignorance).

    Just an example, I dont know this man in the video, God only knows if the example applies to this man or not.

    I became a muslim after witnessing the scientific miracles in the Quran, and I am but a simple man.

  3. Another note: We are asked to contemplate the signs, this does not mean we can tell those whom are unschooled our theories.

    I believe there is nothing wrong with you discussing your theory with valid intellectuals, but to go around preaching your theory to the masses, when it is still only a theory, is something which Allah will not be pleased with (according to the above hadith form Imam Ali). The Masses will not understand it is only a theory and will endup mislead and mislead!

    There is also an instance of Imam Al Baqir or Al Sadik that goes like: There was a scholar who claimed knowledge of Tafseer and the Imam started questioning him. The man explained the Ayat. The Imam then said to him: If what you have spoken is from YOU or what you have heard of others, then you have be lost and you have lead to loss! (thalata wa Azlalt)...

    Beware brother, seriously beware of falling into this...

    I think you have found something which is the primes in Al Fatiha, but everything else is just plain guesswork with no solid proof. 355 days = Recent hijri date? why? is there no year ever to have 355 besides this one in 1300 years? 31 = Al Rahman because of verse repetetion? Where did you hear Allah say you can do that? So now you dont have to say Bismillah in Al Ikhlas because the Sura is a prime without it? you are allowing people to DROP bismillah which Allah has set up? No it is not a VERSE except in Al Fatiha, but it MUST be recited for prayer to be valid in ALL except Surat Al Tawba. Also Quran is NOT EVER CHANGING. It is haram to say that! How can it be FINAL and changing? Allah says he has COMPLETED the religion and is pleased with ISLAM as our DEEN. Please beware of your thoughts, not every tought that comes to your mind is INSPIRATION, infact MOST of what "comes" is DEVIATION from the DEVIL (Waswasa)...

    Example of your flawed logic in proving connections: We have 2 hands, so Allah is teaching to only ever do TWO things at once! More is Haram! Less is inefficient!

    It is a theory that makes sense because Hands in the Quran are used to represent ACTION, but completely INVALID because it is MY OWN CONCLUSION. The prophet never taught us this.

    May Allah guide us onto the straight path of those whom he has blessed (as)


  4. Brother AbdAllah,

    This is very scary indeed.

    Are you sure of the thrid type?

    Allah swt orders us to contemplate His signs (Yatafakaroon)?

    How does this tie with the above hadith?



    æÞÇá (Ú) :ÇáÞÖÇÉ ÃÑÈÚÉ ËáÇËÉ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ ææÇÍÏ Ýí ÇáÌäÉ: ÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÈÇØá æåæ áÇ íÚáã Ãäå ÈÇØá Ýåæ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ¡ æÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÈÇØá æåæ íÚáã Ãäå ÈÇáÈÇØá Ýåæ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ¡ æÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÍÞ æåæ áÇ íÚáã Ãäå ÍÞ Ýåæ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ¡ æÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÍÞ æåæ íÚáã Ãäå ÍÞø Ýåæ Ýí ÇáÌäÉ.

    Yes. Very scary is the right word. I have heard similar hadith in Sunni books and I believe the hadith is solid. I am not sure how to check it's authenticity, but I got it from a pocket book of Good Akhlaq.

    YES, I believe the 3ed type (He who judges in RIGHT and does not know it is right, he is in fire) is TRUE. Simply because Allah says: And you say with your mouths what you have no knowledge of and you think it little, but it is a GREAT thing in the eyes of Allah. Loosely translated from Surat al Noor. I know the verses subject is talking about those who talk about the honour of women, but I believe it is equally valid to apply it to the Honour of Allah's message, and Allah knows best.

    Note: Look at Sunnis how they have taken ijtihad to the WRONG extreme and took away blame from Muawiyah and Yazeed by saying (They get one hasana for making a wrong ijtihad and NO BLAME). This is not logical and UNFAIR, and a major difference between shia sunni belief. If you dont know, be quiet and dont start speaking theories and misleading people. Allah will not be pleased with those who mislead people.

    Al Salam.

  5. 1. What does the noble Qur'an have to say about death and death of immoral people whom are Muslim (as my friend)and non-Muslims

    This is a big topic which I made a topic about not so long ago. Basically, Allah is Merciful and JUST. He will not do anyone wrong not even an atom's weight. We are NOT to die except MUSLIMs. But Allah does not forget any deed. Also, Shirk will cause all deeds to lose all value. Keep in mind, Lady Fatima (as) died very young, and still she is THE BEST woman ever. I believe no matter how LONG or SHORT a life is, you have your chances to make things right.

    2. What is the teaching regarding where my brother will go?

    Allah is merciful. Remember, the death of your brother lead to your guidance (if I understand correctly). Inshallah this will lead to some benefit back to him. Allah is most wise.

    3. How can I properly morn his death?

    Did he pray? How muslim was he? was he an ENEMY to muslims? I dont know how to answer you, just sparking thought to lead to your answer.

    5. According to the ulema and teachings what do they have to say about revenge? Both me wanting to commit revengeful non-/violent acts of revenge and others who feel the same way? How can I/we be talked out of it?

    Justice is a hard thing to serve. It is better to be the oppressed than to become an oppressor. May Allah ease your heart and open it to the truth.

    1. What are all the critiques of Shi'ism by nasibis, common and uncommon and how can I refute them?

    ...rest of Questions

    Mashallah, this is something the most learned of us cant answer you. Only the Prophet or the Imams can get the full answers. You will have to learn as you face life the different issues that arise. Step by step bro.

  6. This is a big mess of a topic. So called "Wahabies" do not call themselves that. This is a name others use. They go by "Salafi" or the Followers of the "Salaf Al Salih". They are NOT the typical sunnis who belong to one of the 4 mazhabs, but they claim to be Sunni. "Wahabies", started out as a political movement by Mohammed Abdula Wahhab (Named Wahabies after his fahter, which is not logical really) and then grew into something more. But this is typical sunni behaviour of using HISTORY as a checksum to validate religion (similar to Abu Bakr, Omar, and Othman).

    Now about the conflict, this is the product of outsiders (non Muslims) trying to separate muslims.

    Note: People are flawed, and no sect is free from ignorant followers. The Shia and Wahabies are no exceptions. Shia "appear" to be blasphemous and Wahabies appear to be violent and rude.

    May Allah unite the BELIEVERS in TRUTH.


  7. WARNING, this just an idea AND I suspect I am 90% WRONG but I just want to provoke some original thinking of the meaning of the verse (2:106).

    Brother... I have already warned you of this. No such thing as "Original Thinking" when it comes to Quran. There is only what the Prophet (pbuh) taught us. Even the Imams were not bringing anything "original". They were the guardians of the true message of the prophet. Your theory is out the window because it was the Prophet that informed us of the NEW verses and what they replaced. Allah always sends a MESSENGER. Allah does not "update" the Quranic text behind our back. The Quran IS THE FINAL UPDATE, if I may use the word. The current TEXT is the FINAL text no more things will be rewitten until Allah decides otherwise.

    You should be wary of spewing your theories because if you MISGUIDE someone (if he trusted you and is not learned enough) you will carry his blame on your shoulders! You will hurt HIM and yourself!

    Can you imagine it? I just heard the other day in a kutba about the day of Judgement. It is also the day of SURPRISES. Why is that? You will come with SIN you never knew you had! People you mislead in the time of ignorance WHOM have not repented will accumulate SINS for you. Sure you may have repented but the evil conseqences of your action did not end! This is why we need to repent TRULY and ask Allah to FIX that which we screwed.

    There is a hadith by Imam Ali in which he says:

    æÞÇá (Ú) :ÇáÞÖÇÉ ÃÑÈÚÉ ËáÇËÉ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ ææÇÍÏ Ýí ÇáÌäÉ: ÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÈÇØá æåæ áÇ íÚáã Ãäå ÈÇØá Ýåæ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ¡ æÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÈÇØá æåæ íÚáã Ãäå ÈÇáÈÇØá Ýåæ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ¡ æÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÍÞ æåæ áÇ íÚáã Ãäå ÍÞ Ýåæ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ¡ æÞÇÖ ÞÖì ÈÇáÍÞ æåæ íÚáã Ãäå ÍÞø Ýåæ Ýí ÇáÌäÉ.


  8. Think of Fasting as a Day Long Prayer where you are watching yourself and controlling your desires for the sake of Allah. This should, if you are truthful, teach you to apply this constant watch of yourself during the normal days when you are not fasting. Thus you will ALWAYS be mindful and in control of your desires. Thus achieving a level of Taqwa.

    This is only one reason (i.e. Taqwa) as understood by me, and the brothers already did a great job Mashallah.


  9. What types of issues, might requrie the court to limit individual rights in favour of the needs of society?

    Prison for a Thief, is limiting rights for favour of society. You can think of many many more examples in this line of thought.

    Should the needs of society be more important than indivudal rights, or should individual rights be protected at all costs?

    This is too shallow of a Question. You need more details. Society is the one that sets the so called "rights". What is a Right and what is a Law? Are they separable and can they be?

    Interesting topic, but needs more information :P


  10. One theory of mine is that in all of the above, I see that each adult person is assigned an angel that communicate his prayers up to the Almighty at his locality (radius of 35km or so) and if he / she travels outside this distance then a temporary angel is assigned to do so unless he intend to stay for 10 days of more in which case a new angel is assigned full time to him.

    Is this plausible?

    Al Salam Alikom

    Brother, This is NOT for you to decide... beware of your IMAGINATION.


  11. Subhan Allah how arrogant some people can be that they can claim to be scholars or religion yet are so arrogant of the laws of Allah! Let him (This Shiek speaking in the video) bring 4 witnesses or else Allah has already said that he deserves punishment and his testimony is to NEVER be accepted.

    Read Surat al Noor.


    Edit: brother, If I was to come to you and say this person is an Adulterer. It is the law of Allah that I am not allowed to say this unless I bring witnesses. It is not the other way around. It is not if I say she/he is an adulterer then they are unless proven otherwise. Allah is most merciful most compassionate.

  12. I am a new shia, I dont know about this specific rule you mentioned but I have very big complaints about Shia Jama3a paryer...

    Some of them:

    - Lack of Organization

    - While praying the Rows are OFF people are not next to each other, you can easily fit a person every 3 persons (it's like people dont want to stand next to each other)

    - Everyone says takbiratul Ihram at different times sometimes (loudly if I may add) after the Shiek is already on his way through Al Fatiha

    - Synchronization of movements (of the followers) as the prayer advances is terrible

    - The raising of the hands when doing takbeer does not go above the belly button


    My biggest beaf is with the rows... I can see how well we are prepared for the Imam.. we cant even stand next to each other!

    I could go on and on... so what is the deal with jama3a?

    Note: These notes are all things I have noticed on Jumu3ah Prayer and in Canada.

  13. Hmmm, you dont know Arabic, that is too bad.

    The book I mentioned (Fiqh al Imam Ja3far (as)) is in Arabic. What it is, it is categorized Fiqh book (similar to Fiqh al Sunnah) with Narrations from the Imam Ja3far and Ayat from the Quran, then explained by the scholar Mughniyah. The same scholar also wrote the book "The Fiqh of the 5 Mazhabs" which includes the 4 Sunni Imams fatwas.

    Sorry, I could not find you a translation.

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