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  1. Great topic, Let's try to sum things up:

    FACT: We are talking about Jin's abilities. Shaitans are the EVIL jin. We know from Quran there are Jin whom are Good and Bad.

    FACT: Jins have the ability to whisper to mankind. And if we choose to listen, it can even separate a husband and wife.

    FACT: Jins worked for Prophet Suliman (as) and were able to dive and build for him (Inshallah I am understanding Quran correctly when I say this)

    QUESTION: Although we do not have any evidence of Jin physically harming a human being, while we have evidence of Jin able to effect physical objects, Can a Jin then physically harm?

  2. Do other religions have culture based misconceeptions about their religion, or is this mainly a "Muslim" thing?

    Mormons, if I am syncing the name to the people correctly, are christians who live ONLY by the cultural laws of the past. No TVs and such.

    To Answer the Original Topic:

    From what I have observed, culture I think is separate from religion. For example, within Shia, a shia from Iraq does things differently than one from Lebanon. Not in core faith, but the way they do things. The way the majalis are held, the tone or melody of the ma2athim... etc

    Dress, for example is not uniform among the Muslims. Everyone can be modest, and modest can look like anything. Who sets the laws of what is Modest? Religion. What it ends up looking like is based on the cultural perspective.

    If the Prophet (pbuh) or the Imams (as) were to say "you can only wear a dress if it is modelled in such and such textural way" then I would say Culture is non-separable from religion. Which is not the case unless someone corrects my knowledge.


  3. be sure that you are not following the path of rashad khalifa (l.a) and let the remaining in the hands of Allah !

    My brother in Islam, beware of this. The Hadith of the 12 Khulafa al Rashidoon al Mahdeyoon is referring to our 12 imams. But the sunnies try to apply the title of "Khalifa Rashid" to whom they please. Beware of cursing the "Rashid Khalifa", which is really our Imams. Just thought of sharing with you :)

    May Allah forgive us and guide us onto his straight path.

  4. The following is my personal observation:

    Those whom are sincerely religious, no matter the religion, are of higher moral standards than those whom are not.

    Those whom belong to a religious strand, in general, are not necessarily more moral than those whom have not chosen a religion to settle on. BUT

    Those whom have chosen to NOT be religious, are more susceptible to being corrupt. Simply because they would be accepting that there is NO consequences to their actions unless caught. Which means if they could get away with anything, then it is okay to them. Thus they are less moral then those whom fall into generally religious.


  5. (salam)


    Allah makes it clear: No one is better (more superior) than anyone else EXCEPT by Taqwa (Fear and Remembrance of Allah).

    Who does what job, and which jobs are better, are all a matter of perspective.

    I am a male, I think the job of a Mother is more Honorable than any job a man can do except maybe Jihad in the Path of Allah. Is there anything better than to be told that Jannah is under your feet? (Hadith: Jannah is under the feet of mothers).

    Also, women can easily go to heaven. Giving Birth = forgiveness of all sins. How cool is that? For getting something SOOOOO special (a child) you also get all your sins forgiven. Did I forget to mention that a woman gets HALF any good deed her husband does? Women have it good!

    Men can fight for the sake of Allah and go immediately to heaven. Awesome!

    Both really have it good.

  6. If you ever sit and really listen to what happened at Karbala you cant help but get tears in your eyes if not actually cry... When I heard what happened to the daughter of Imam Husain (Ruqaiya) it really really effected me... Every time I remember it hurts my heart... Allahuma Salli wa Sallim Ala Mohammed wa Ale Mohammed.

    I have never hit myself and I do see that ever happening. Unless someone can convince me with hadith or Quran for permissibility. I have heard scholars allow it with a grain of salt. Meaning they allow it out of other areas, like, being that hitting the sword on the head to cause bleeding is a form of Hijama (which is a form of medicine) and that scholars forbid it if the person knows for a fact they will injure themselves. Meaning you cant just take a sword and split your head open, you have to know what you are doing.

    I have never been to a place where such a thing is done, nor seen it live ever, so I am not the best authority on this. Just thought of sharing what I knew :)

  7. That was an interesting watch. A few points I noticed:

    - Why are they (all) wearing the rings on the LEFT hand? I thought the Hadiths were very clear that the Believers wear the rings on the RIGHT hand.

    - He and another person drink tea with left hand.

    - Why were those people eating in secret? or running in secret?

  8. (bismillah)


    I want to ask what is your reply to those who say mourning in such a manner is

    1) Haraam

    2) bidah

    3) then quote the hadith that every bida is a deviation every deviation is in the hellfire,....do not sit with marry,eat, pray behind people who do bida.

    are there any shia who do not mourn in this manner for the above reasons and agree with this analysis?

    Morning is what manner?

  9. I am jelous of you :( I live so far away from the house of Allah. I had the honor of visiting Mekka and Medina last year oh how I long to visit again.

    Edit: Mashallah, Mashallah. May Allah bless you and keep you close to his holy house and allow you the privilege to visit as many times as possible. Al Hamdulillah.

    Please brother, I ask you to give my Salam to the Prophet (s) and the Imams when you see them in Madina.

  10. Asher, you are not knowledgeable enough to be educating people. Asher, you must know that you are responsible for the things you say in life.

    Guiding someone into error out of ignorance is a SIN. It is called lying. Eample: Imagine if you were to tell a girl that it is okay to not wear Hijab in front of her brother in law, then she does as you tell her. Fact is: she is NOT ALLOWED to take off her Hijab in front of her usbend's brother...! All the sin she would accumulate you would accumulate as well. Be very very carful, the Prophet (pbuh) told us to guard our tongue, this is part of that advice.

    You still have a bit to learn. Spend this time as a quite observer and learn more about the things you notice you need knowledge in. Do not be quick to carry a torch and telling people to follow you, you could very easily lead yourself and them into destruction.

    I am telling you this because I care about you. Peace.

  11. Allah knows best, but if your praying Fajir, then you have not "defeated" the purpose. May Allah make us of those whom forever establish prayer and benefit from it.

    Now, about should we sleep, well, I know we should sleep at NIGHT out of out biological nature and also that the Prophet (pbuh) was not up every night. And also there are hadith that say the best time for rizq is right after fajir and not to sleep right after fajir...

    But I dont know the hukom (the law) as well. I work nights, which means praying Fajir on time is easy for me, but getting the other 4 on time is tough.

    Allah knows best, and inshallah our prayers are accepted :)

  12. Reading the Ayat before and after I found mentioning of the two reasons repeated:

    - Death (Verse 58)

    - Punishment (Verse 59)

    I think the reason clears up if you read the verse before and after. Verse 56 mentions the disbelievers taking lightly the signs and warnings. This could mean (for the verse 55) the disbelievers, by taking the warnings and signs lightly, are waiting for either death or punishment in their disbelief.

    It could also mean, the people are disbelieving BECAUSE they are warned and shown signs that they will be Tortured if they didn't believe and repent. Thus: they disbelieve of this impeding prophecy of doom.

    Allah knows best, verse 54 is clearly telling us that Mankind is the most to argue (Jadal).


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