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  1. Not all modern life is evil :P

    For example, I like this computer I am using to talk to you! :)

    Also, in the village you mentioned, I am sure they too have a society with standards and conform their children to their standards too. And pressure is applied and expectations are held... etc.

    The Major Jihad is figuring out how to live life as a true muslim. It is easy to go battle for Allah and be granted Paradise. It is hard to sit at home and face hardships with patience, insolence with kindness, anger with calmness, poverty with WORK. That is the Major jihad. Not to mention Marriage! Oh Allah! Wait till you guys get married, then you BOTH will truly be tested on the limits of your patience. Truly Salat is on Mohammed and Ale Mohammed. What great human being they are! Subhan Allah, Far from Defect is Allah! That can create simple humans that resist such hardships with patience. Allahu Akbar.


  2. I am certain the christians think the yellow are the chinese and I heard 2 separate christians mention this to me (That the chinese will rise to power before the end of days). This happened in Canada!

    But! I cant remember where I read this, but I do remember that in our interpretation of the hadith Yellow was for the Romans.

    Research into it and you will find the evidence.

    If you cant find the evidence let me know, and I will try hard to find out why again. But I am certain Yellow is for Romans. Inshallah this is true, if not may I be corrected inshallah.


  3. Besides tafseer, have you looked at the mathematical harmony of the Holy Quran?

    Things I have checked:

    - Word Day 365

    - Word Month 12

    - Word Year 19

    - Word Imam 12

    - Words Angel & Jin are equal

    - Words Male and Female are equal

    - Seven Heavens is mentioned seven times

    - ... I will try to find my counts for you

    Things I have read about but not personally checked

    - The word They Said (Qalo) and he Said (Qala)

    - Good vs Bad

    - Water to Earth ratio is equal to Earth to Water surface ratio of the earth

    - ..etc

    I think you get the idea. After I spent many weeks validating many counts I just gave up and said There is no God but Allah.


  4. Al Salam Alikom

    I am beginning the development of an iPhone application which speaks during check-points in salat to inform the person where they are in the Salat. This will be a free application.The iPhone has sensors which detect movement, and this can be done inshallah.

    My questions to you fine members of Shia Chat!

    What do you think are reasonable reminders? I am thinking to spark speech at the following two checkpoints:

    - As the person rises from Sajdah to Qiyam (Say: You are now beginning 2,3,4th Rakah)

    - On the first Sajda of 1,2,3,4 (Say: First Sajda of First Rakah, 2nd, 3ed, 4th)

    Do you think any of those is un-nessecary? and have I forgotten a common point where one can forget where he is in Salat?

    Also, what can I add as extra for Salat. I was thinking:

    - When going to Ruku Say: "Allahumma Sallai Ala Mohammed wa Ali Mohammed"

    - When raising after Rakah to Qiyam Say: "Rabbana Laka Al Hamdu Wal Shukr"

    - When Standing after Sajdah Say: "Behawli Allahe wa bequwatehe aqoom wa aqod"

    In the future I will also add an options menu where they can choose to enable and disable what is said, but for now I need to get a working template with basics. Your input and advice would be greatly appreciated.


  5. I have loved the iPhone since it was released. What a great piece of hardware. That was my very first exposure to Apple products. Recently I started looking into the Macs and the OSX Operating system and I was sold. They are expensive new but I was able to get a great deal on a used Macbook (a laptop).

    Ever since then I am really in love. This is SO much better than Windows and the hassle of PCs! Hahaha now I sound like am I trying to sell you a product :P

    But PCs are still much cheaper, more compatible, and better for Gaming. I have found some Islamic software on the OSX, but nothing really special. But I can run Windows as a virtual machine inside the Mac using a free open-source app called Virtual Box. Which not has me focusing on programming Islamic software for the Mac OSX after I get a good grip on the iPhone.

    Anyone else here got an opinion to share?

    Btw, if you live in the US or Canada and would like to know how you can get an iPhone for very little money, let me know.

    Note: I am now working on a iPhone app that will use the accelerometer to figure out where you are in Salat. The App will speak at check points to let you know how far you are in prayer. I think it is a great idea, but can you give me feedback?


  6. Islam is not about whither you will offer Taraweeh prayer or not.

    Islam is about will you LOOK for the TRUTH or simply be a SHEEP to your leaders and forefathers.

    Research yourself the claims posted by these brothers and you will find the truth.

    There is the "clean" version of History taught to kids. And there is the facts. Ask yourself seriously. Were all the "Sahabah" happy and merry with each other after The Prophet (pbuh) passed away? or were they KILLING each other?

    What is the battle of Jamal (The Camel)?

    What is the Battle of Siffeen?

    What happened to the grand children of the Prophet (pbuh) ?

    Why was Imam Hussain martyred in the battle of Karbala?

    Why is the "kalifate" NOT consistent? Aby Baker by vote. Omar by Appointment. Othman by Vote through Appointment of 5. Ali was FORCED to lead. Muawiyah by sword. Yazeed by inheritance. And KINGDOMS from then on? Beginning with Ommaiya) and then the Abbasi... etc

    Why is there NO mention of HOW TO PICK A LEADER by the Prophet (pbuh) in the Sunni books? Would the Prophet (pbuh) willingly withhold this information and let his nation be in such a SPLIT?

    There is only one Path. The Path of Quran and the Ahl Al Bait.

    That is what the Sunnies and Shia say in their books! But the "Sunni" press today LIES and says Quran and Sunnah without mentioning the Ahl Al Bait... Is that not information control? Is that not lying?

    Dont take my word for this. Research if you truly value your religion.

  7. "What do you think, can an owner do whatever she wants with her robot machine including shooting it?"

    Yes. It is only a machine.

    Your example is no different than mine. The machine is still only preprogrammed to act in that certain way. If the programmer chose so, he would have not programmed guilt, and instead programmed murder logic. This would cause the machine to immediately crush if a human is present. The machine is still does not have free will. No AI can have free will.

    Note: I am making this statement out of my knowledge in up to date software technologies. I am no expert, but programming is my area of study.

  8. Great thread Mashallah.

    About Creating Life:

    We can already do this. It is called Marriage. We can start the biological process and create a Baby, but we can not put a soul into that baby.

    Another thing: Are Animals liable in the court of Allah on the day of judgement? I dont have a definite answer, but I can not recall any evidence of an animal or an insect or a tree as being liable for sins.

    What is a SOUL? We received very little of this knowledge from Allah. Do Angels have souls? Do Jin have souls? That answer we will never know (unless you know of a Hadith I do not know of).

    I dont find any blasphemy in creating "life" because even trees are "alive" according to science. Is not this world, the World of "Fana2" (Ending) and the Hereafter the world of "Baqa2" (Staying)? So really, who is to say ANYTHING created in this world is ever really alive? Every creation in this world is a DOOMED creation. Only that which Allah has promised life in the hereafter will truly live.

    Artificial Intelligence:

    Going back to Animated objects classified as living. Is not a Tree programmed by Allah to live it's life according to predefined laws. If this, then that. AI is no different. AI is not life.

    I will try to give an example. Let us assume there is a machine which job it is to crush garbage. This machine has an AI that figures out once the container is filled to crush the contents. Now let us assume a human was stuck in the machine and it was filled, thus it crushed the person. Is the AI liable? Will the machine be thrown to hell? Of course not. Now, let us improve that AI, install new hardware and now the Machine can figure out %100 if a Human is in the container. Unless something malfunctions, the machine will not crush a human. And if it does, the machine is still not liable.

    A self learning AI, is really just a glorified example of what I mentioned. We can NOT program free will. AI simply means: If event is permissible according to predefined logic, then execute command. An AI really does not have a choice, and must do what it is pre-programmed to think is permissible. No way can an AI refuse to do what it is conditioned to do.

    Let us assume we create an AI and they over populate the humans. Then one day we become their slaves. This would be a direct result of faulty programming on our part with NO BLAME on the machine.

    About Prolonging Life and NanoTechnology:

    Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta3ala) has already mentioned that people would love to live even to a thousand years. And then he said this will not save them from the fire.

    Inshallah I am making sense hahaha :)


  9. Assalam alaykum.

    Why are dogs najis? Hmmmm, how to answer this question........

    Because the scholars said so.

    What is the thing that makes them najis? I don't know. Does our ignorance of such a matter invalidate what the scholars ruled? No.

    Well Said.

    They are najis. I dont need a reason to SEE they are dirty animals.

  10. To be honest I dont know if it is halal or haraam but I do know that they didnt appreciate someone placing it on u tube. They made a loss and free viewing in the long run harms future productions being made.

    If what you say is true, then this movie was made with the purpose of making money...

    When you look at all the TV shows that have been made, and which are really big budget, get shared for free on the net with the consent of the creators, then you truly get the feeling someone is out to please Allah.

    If the movie was free, and it really inspired me o be a better Muslim, I would be willing to give anything I can to support it. To force Payment for something religious is weird in my view, but I am no expert. I know that earning a living is a MUST in islam, so charging for the movie is not bad because it is a form of them wanting to earn a living...

    I don't know.


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