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  1. (salam)

    Allah (Most Merciful and High) said to Adam: I am making you a KHALIFA.

    Ask your friend to bring proof that Allah ever said to the people he was addressing to CHOOSE someone. Never. It is actually quite the opposite. They always reply to the Prophets saying "why him! We WANT to choose!". Only the believers are the one's whom accept what Allah wills. This is the true TASLEEM to the Holy Prophets (as) .

    In fact give him the story of the COW. It's got a whole chapter named after it. Allah says choose a cow, and they can not even do that. What makes them think they can choose a leader?


  2. individualist, are you muslim? If so, why do you call yourself individualist? just curious.

    back on topic: Your main problem is with the Holy Prophet (pbuh) plain and simple. Why do I say this? Because you seem to think that just because the Holy Prophet (pbuh) has passed away, that he is DEAD and useless. Allah clearly says that we should NOT think of martyrs as dead. Allah says they are ALIVE with their lord AND receiving RIZQ.

    So here is the deal. You ask Allah and all the BEST most PIOUS scholars of today, and anyone else you can get in "contact" with to pray for you. And I will do the same PLUS I will use the Allah connection and ask all the Holy Prophets, The Martyrs, the Sideqeen, and the Angels to Pray for me!

    I am sure we will both be happy, and Inshallah we will see who will be happier on the day of judgement because of this deed :)


  3. Good thread mashallah.

    Saying "Ya Hussain" is a shortcut, and many times shortcuts can get a person lost if they are not used to navigating the area.

    "Ya Hussain" = if left as it is, like this, judging from an outwardly appearance looks like shirk. I think we the shia have to be wiser in what we say to a certain extent, but in the end we can not control the ill-assumptions made against us by the corrupt hearts.

    Brother individualist, we are all agreeing to the same principle. May Allah open our eyes to the Straight Path through his infinite mercy. What is Allah's mercy? The Holy Prophet (pbuh) is the biggest mercy Allah has given man kind. Oh Holy Prophet of Allah, oh chosen one (Mustafa), we ask you to pray for our guidance for you are alive but we can not see! oh Allah for the acceptance of our Dua, please send your Salat, and the Salat of the Angels, and our Salat on to the Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and Ale Mohammed (his successors). Oh Allah we are not so arrogant as to not send out Salat onto them for you have said in your holy book that You and Your Angels send your Salat on the Holy Prophet. Oh Allah and send onto them my most humble and sincere greetings for I seek your love through their love.

    Note: Salat in the above means Greetings, Thanks, Blessings, ..etc.


  4. Just a note on hadith. The shia dont agree on a single "Sahih" book. They have many great collections of Hadith, but each hadith has to be looked at individually. Just the matter of a hadith being a hadith, it can not be said that it is %100 true. Only Quran is %100 true. All hadith, no matter who thinks that hadith is true, has to be fully examined (chain, time, content, ...etc).

    Some recent scholars have compiled lists of hadith calling them strong, that is the closest thing we have to a good collection. Opening the original hadith sources you will be shocked to see no indication as to which hadith are strong or weak. Keep in mind that more than half are WEAK.

    You may ask why would a shia scholar of hadith collect weak and strong hadith? why not do what the sunnies did? simply because that scholar is wise enough to know that he does not know everything. Collecting only the hadiths we think are "right" is exactly what censorship is, and this is only useful to those whom wish to control the media and the masses. Thanks to Allah, shia scholars did not do this, and thanks to Allah we have a large collection of Hadiths.

    This is a small summery from what I know, any mistake in passing information is mine. Please do forgive me if I am wrong in something.


  5. I read that as long as the picture is not disrespectful in some way, and it is trying to represent a good image, then it is okay.

    I'm not a supporter of pictures, but I would not rob someone out of a picture of an Imam if they use it to remind themselves of the love for Ahl Al Bait.


  6. But just to add as a reason, I got to know that Black Magic was applied oo Prophet Muhammed as well.

    Not True. Beware what you attribute to the Holy Prophet of Allah.

    If you are a believer, Allah is your lord, thus this entire issue is over and done with. Worry only if you are a follower of Satan.


  7. I dont know where you have been attending ashora, or which shia scholars you have been listening to, but you have many misconceptions about your own faith.

    Sayeds are Al Kawthar? You are miss-understanding this. Al Kawthar is Lady Fatima, it is the river in Paradise/day of judgement, al Kawthar is a promise from Allah to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) that he will have many offsprings... etc read Tafseer for more details. Also, just because someone can trace their roots to the Holy Prophet does not mean they are a good person nor are they in any way more qualified to be good people. You probably already know this, I am just reiterating for others that might be reading this.

    I will let other, more knowledgeable, brothers help you. But you should reeducate yourself about the Straight Path of the Holy Household from legitimate sources. Let us know if you dont know whom those are, we can help you.


  8. If you understand arabic, make this your home page:


    It saved me out of falling back into ignorance. Beware of surrounding yourself with dunya (this world). Be it, video games, movies, "going out", food, snacks, ...etc. I was doing this. I was very religious, then I slowly fell into these small worldly loves. I enjoyed too much chocolates, too much time away from Islamic topics, and I really felt like I was losing my faith. Al Hamdulillah Allah saved me. May Allah save you, me, and all the believers and keep our feet on the right path.


  9. Do salat al Ghufailah (I think that is what it is called). This is the 2 rakah prayer between Maghrib and Isha. Look in Mafatih al Jinan for more details.

    There are MANY things you can do.

    Another very powerful thing is to do is FASTING. Do it sincerely for Allah. Do not get hungry, get religious. This means fast a TRUTHFUL fast that guards your eyes, body, and soul. Make dua just before you start eating.

    May Allah guide you into the right path. Peace.

  10. (salam)

    He said the devil will trick you to make you think your wudu is invalid. So you will be doubtful throughout your prayer and also after. BUT, realizing this is an act of the devil, make the intention to REDO the wudu seeking nearness to Allah and purity of the soul. This is very good. A nice blow to defeat the devil. Do this a few times, and the devil would have caused you to gain MORE rewards due to his wiswas. This should make him stop.

    This is a form of jihad al nafs.


  11. Why could God not be seen when he can be heard ? Didn't God talk to Moses ? Can't Angels ( at least some, like Jibreel ) hear him aswell ? Why would it be different ?

    Hearing is not like seeing. Otherwise why is the difference between the truth and a lie 4 fingers? Meaning the distance between the ear and the eye. Hearing is also not like witnessing. Allah speaks to us through the Quran, is the Quran Allah? no, they are his words.

    Hearing Allah is not a definition of Allah.

    I believe seeing will not happen as it does today. We will "see" Allah meaning realize he is there %100. Which we can not do in this world without hard struggle. To go into more details is beyond my knowledge.


  12. I would like to know more as well. I have not seen any of these movies/series you mentioned.

    I have seen:

    - Imam Ali Series

    - Imam Ali Ibn Mousa Al Ridha (Ghareeb Tous)

    - Imam Hussain CG Movie

    - The Family of Imam Husain when taken slaves (Al Sabaya?)

    I would love to know where I can get actual productions of these. Is there an Islam DVD website?

    Also I just seen movies by Majid Majidi (Research them NOW!) Mashallah, such powerful movies. I saw: Children of Heaven, Baran, Willow Tree, Color of Paradise. Must watch for believers.

    If anyone can point us to an Islamic "Movies and TV Shows" website, I would be forever grateful!


  13. (salam)

    What was it that Satan said to lure Adam and Hawwa (Eve) to eat from the tree? If I remember correctly the words Shaitan (la) used was that if they (Adam and Eve) eat from that tree they will be Angels or Live Forever. If I may draw a conclusion I would say Angels live forever. Allah decided how long this forever is.

    This is not evidence, just a simple deduction which is NOT solid by itself. Allah Knows.


  14. (salam)

    Imam Khomainie wrote a book about this.

    Basically, this is a LIFE struggle of remaining on the right path.

    You have to forbid your "nafs" (self) from "hawa" (following desires).

    For example, if you find yourself looking at girls with "curiousity", and you know you are pressing a line. Jiad al Nafs is rehabilitating your self to no longer desire that. This is not only done by restricting your eyesight, but also in putting your eyesight where it SHOULD be. Getting married if you are not, and looking at your wife instead of strange women.

    I like to think of this as completing the Quran check list. What check list? I mean the "Oh you who Believe!" check list. The Quran features over 100 verses that begin by addressing the believers. I tend to stop at such verses and check myself. By no means am I close to getting one verse down, and this is the struggle (jihad) I have to do.

    Peace :)

  15. (salam)

    I mean Aqeeq (stones). I have been hearing people say different stones help in certain ways. I have heard merchants saying these things also. I have never been one to accept anything without proof (which is why I am a shia muslim Thanks be to Allah). I know we have some really knowledgeable brothers and sisters on this form. Please point me in the right direction. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

    In the Safety of Allah (fe aman Allah)

  16. I just checked your link, what a load of garbage.

    I can just imagine a disbelieving woman (or man) in the time of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) leaving her husband, or abandoning her family because she wants "freedom".

    The freedom disbelievers seek is nothing but a illusion that will be shattered by the reality of death.

    Peace on those with WISDOM.

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