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  1. So to you Imam Ali did not say "I will establish peace as long as the affairs of the Muslims are at peace"?

    And sure anyone can lead war, that was not my point. But STARTING, meaning, being the cause for the beginning, of a war is not something normal people do. So if I punch you, just like that for no reason, I am now a saint? No.

    Starting a war now on Israel for example, is this beginning a war? NO! this is a war that started long ago when they occupied that land.

    So I point the accusation back at you. Where in your understanding of Islam is it OKAY to initiate aggression? Is your idea of Islam and the Holy Prophet a man whom sends hordes of followers to attack people for simply not believing what he does? Is this the kind of Prophet you have? That is not the Prophet I was guided to believe in. The Holy Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is much more nobel than you attribute.

    Once again I stand by what I said. Unless those people REFUSED the propagation of Islam, I dont see why they should be attacked. If Allah wanted to cull the people, he would have just done the same thing he did with Prophet Nooh (as). We know Allah is Most High, Most Capable.


    Let's invent some example : You know a country is preparing to attack you, they are getting soldiers from all over their empire and if you let them do it, your whole muslim country will get destroyed in a single day. What are you gonna do ? Stay in your house and wait until they come first ? No, you attack first, by surprise, you capture their caravans, you move your damn ass and hurry up before they outnumber you.

    This is exactly why you need a Prophet or an Imam. Unless you can be %100 sure they are in attack mode, can you truly attack?

    Let us take your example and give it life. I am gathering my buddies in my house, they each are bringing buddies and are armed. Someone gives you information I am about to attack YOU. You ask me, I say we are not going to attack, this is a private matter. You talk to your source again, he assures you that I am going to attack you. What will you do?

    If I was in your shoes, I would not attack first. but if you were a Prophet, and Allah let you know what is in my heart, and that I intended to attack you, then if you attack first it would be in retaliation NOT in beginning.

    Inshallah my example is clear. Time to pray. Peace.

  2. (salam)

    Brothers I am having a very difficult time finding the tools to judge a shia hadith. Is there a website which lists hadiths, how strong, and who think what? is there a software that does such a thing? and where can I find a complete collection of ALL the hadiths?

    Preferably in Arabic, but an english source would also be of much valuable use.

    I am sure something like this is available, it must be. Please help me find this may your reward be from Allah.


  3. I thought I read in a hadith once that the lowest heaven (dunya) is this world. Dunya is the smallest particle in the 2nd heaven. And the 2nd heaven is the smallest particle in the 3ed heaven. 3ed is smallest in 4th... etc, then the 7th heaven is the smallest particle in the Thrown of Allah.

    Could be a sunni hadith, not sure.


  4. Al Salam Alikom,

    Islam is NOT spread by the sword.

    Please note the following is my personal observation. Allah knows best.

    How is Islam spread? by preaching, not by compulsion. But, in the presence of the Holy Prophet (pbuh), or an APPOINTED (by Allah) Imam, there can be war in ONE instance: if PREACHING religion is forbidden. A clear example is Imam Hussain. I will get to this in a sec.

    Why did Imam Ali (as) NOT draw blood against the first 3 khalifs? because they did not cross the line. If one of the Khalifs attempted to STOP Imam Ali from preaching or establishing Allah's rules on earth, the Imam would have raised his sword. This is EXACTLY why Imam Hussain (as) fought Yzeed (may Allah curse him). Yazeed put the Imam in front of two options, either to become an ally or to face death.

    In Islam we never START war unless a ruler forcefully restricts Islam from being preached. Only then, with the presence of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) or a CHOSEN Imam, we would fight that ruler until Islam can be preached without restriction. But our goal is NOT to convert by the sword! This is a grave misconception.

    I hope to Allah that we are all sincere seekers of knowledge and that may Allah guide those of us whom are sincere onto the straight path.


    yonus, isn't it better for us to try to focus more on our prayer for now? Do you know the hadith where the Holy Prophet (pbuh) said after coming back from jihad: we are back from the minor jihad and now it is time for the major jihad. When asked about this he explained that Jihad al Nafs is the major jihad. Struggling against our desires, this is the hard part. Anyone can go die of Allah, this is easy for the believers. Inshallah we can be of those believers, but how can we be believers if we do not STRUGGLE against our selves first? Allah says "Al Nafs commands evil", this is the primary conquest of any believer.


  5. Imams however are those who lead the Muslims after the message from Allah has been relayed, hence are infallible.

    I think you need some clarification, Inshallah I can help.

    First, this link is a great source for anyone looking to learn more about Shia in English. Shia Encyclopedia

    The Imams as we Shia look at them are not like the currently titled Imams. Imamah is a position appointed by whom Allah chooses. There can be multiple Prophets at one time, but only one of them would be their Imam. Prophet Ibrahim (a) was pronounced by Allah to be an Imam, what does that mean? It means he is in charge (among other things). Take Prophet Mousa and his brother Prophet Haroun, who was in charge? Take Prophet Zakhariya, Isa, and Yahya, 3 at one time, who was in charge?

    The Quran talks about the position of Imamh in many verses, please refer to an explanation by a professional for exact details. The link above has some useful information. Here is a quote from the site about the Position of Imams:

    Imam means a person who is appointed by God as a leader and as a guide (see

    Quran 21:73 and 32:24) to whom obedience is due, and whom people should

    follow. Messengers are Warners and Imams are Guides (13:7). Imams are the

    Stars of Guidance (6:97).

    Imam does not receive divine revelation about Sharia (divine law). He does

    not receive any commands concerning new religous paractices, and so on.

    However, he may be informed of the events about the past and future.

    Another difference between Rasool and Nabi and Muhaddath (i.e., Imam)

    is on how they communicate with the angels, and is given in Usul Kafi,

    kitabul Hujjah usder verse 22:52:

    Rasool sees and hears the angel in awakness and sleep. Nabi hears the angel

    and sees him while asleep, but does not see him while awake though hears

    the speech. Imam (muhaddith) is the one who hears the angel in awakness

    while does not see him in awakness or sleep.

    I suggest you should read more into this topic by following the link, then come back with more questions, and Inshallah we can help give you the sources you need to further your understanding about this topic.

    If this understanding of mine is correct, then why is it that only 12 imams were needed to lead Muslims?

    These 12 Imams were not all Imams at one time. Only ONE Imam at a time. First was Imam Ali, appointed by the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to lead the nation. The rest were also appointed by the holy Prophet of Allah, but their time had to come for them to take leadership.

    So, Imam Ali gives succession of Imamh to his son Hassan, then Hassan to Hussain, then Hussain to his son Ali, then so on and so forth. The Final Imam is Imam Mahdi (May Allah hasten his reappearance). I will talk more in reply to your next quote.

    So based on this, why were Muslims only guided with 12 imams? If Imams were provided to guide Muslims after no more messengers were to come, then why stop at 12?

    Why stop at Imam Mahdy? Allah knows best, but I can draw a personal conclusion, but please note this is my personal opinion, and you should contact a professional regarding all these matters.

    We the Shia believe Allah used his Imams to safe guard Islam from all tampering hands whom wished to sway to meanings of Allah's message to suit their needs. Each Imam played an integral part in guarding Islam. For an analysis of what each Imam did to safeguard Islam please refer to a book regarding this matter, I will only mention a few key points, but each Imam was integral to the safeguard of Islam.

    So, Imam Hussain for example, using his martyrdom safeguarded many rights and obligations in Islam, Imam Ja'far Al Sadiq and his Father Mohammed al Baqir (known as the baqir of the sciences of religion), played an integral part in safeguarding Fiqh matters. This was a time of shift between the Ummayah and Abbas regimes, which allowed for some freedom for these Imams to teach people. Thus Many of the Hadiths we have today are thanks to this era and these two Imams. Then the rest of the Imams played their part in safeguarding the ummah.

    Also, All the Imams strived to guide the nations into the Islam Allah wants established. But corruption was in the hearts of the people, and they did not choose wisely. Such is the case today, our rulers rule is for their interests. Islam is not the BASE on which we are governed today by ANY nation. Iran is the only exception to this rule. Not that they are perfect, but they are at least attempting an honest Islamic government.

    Back onto what I was saying. After our time to correct ourselves was up, and we proved through 12 Imams that we are incapable of CHOOSING to enforce the rules of Allah (I mean 'we' as a Muslim nation), Allah fulfills his promise and takes this matter out of our hand. What am I talking about? The Holy Prophet (pbuh) warned us clearly that we will be lead by 12 Imams until the days of the end, and that if Allah chose to make that day today, the sun would not set until enough time passed for the Holy Prophet to pass away, and all the Imams to come to pass, and for Imam Mahdi to come and for Prophet Isa also to be brought down. Imam Mahdi, as is the promise of Allah, that he will come to fill the land with justice just as it had been filled with tyranny.

    So, Just as the sons of Israel's last Prophet (or leader) was Isa (as), and was pulled up by Allah for later distribution, thus is also Imam Mahdi (as) pulled by Allah until his time, and the time of Isa (Salam to both of them) comes.

    So, Thanks to the efforts of the 12 Imams, Islam is saved TODAY for us to learn how to be guided. This is why there are only 12 Imams in my opinion.

    Please do ask if you have any questions.


  6. (salam)

    I once heard a lady refute this man by simply saying, the Imam would not write letters, articles, and books, and in them mention the holy people of Allah and simply write (A.S.) or (p.b.u.h.) or any such short cuts.

    Seems like a plausible refutation to me, but what REALLY pushed me away was the magic looking jewish david star with Allah (swt) and the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) and other names in it. It looked satanic.

    : |

    I'm serious.


  7. Great question. I have also heard such hadith, but I thought it was referring to Imam Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance), but I doubt I am right.

    This question, of getting ready for the call is something I struggle with many times. I keep thinking, what if I live too far? what if I am not good enough (meaning I am too attached to dunya)? what if, what if?

    My only advice besides seeking advice through a professional (i.e. Shiek!), is to make sure you resemble everything a true believer is. In Speech AND Action. In Appearance AND Heart. In Hardship AND in EASE. Especially in EASE. Now is easy compared to the testing at the time of the coming Imam (as).


  8. Hadith? You mean Shia Hadith? Well, AbdullaQ found only one such Hadith allowing you to pray ONLY to the prophet for intercession.

    Please do not speak my words through your mouth. Things seem twisted after such terrible processing. Next time you want to quote me, please use a direct quote.

    We are the souls on the ship of Noah. It is quite sad watching you struggle so hard against the waves.

    Individualist, how about creating your own thread where we discuss your idea of what is the path to safety? Maybe your mountain is mightier than this humble boat?


  9. Whom are you trying to convince? pick and choose what you wish to believe according to what agrees with your desires, Allah knows the what is in the heart.

    The Commander of the Faithful said to a judge, “Do you know the difference between those verses of the Qur’ān which abrogate and those which are abrogated?”


    ‘Do you have a command of the intentions of Allah (SWT) in the parables of the Qur’ān?’


    ‘Then you have perished and caused others to perish’

  10. From: Lantern of the Path

    Giving Judgement

    Giving judgement is not permissible for someone who has not been endowed by Allah (SWT) with the qualities of inner purity, sincerity in both his hidden and visible actions, and a proof from his Lord in every state. This is because whoever has judged has decreed, and decree is only valid by the permission of Allah (SWT) and by His proof. Whoever is liberal in his judgement, without having made a proper examination, is ignorant and will be taken to task for his ignorance and will be burdened with his judgement as the tradition indicates. Knowledge is a light, which Allah (SWT) casts into the heart of whomsoever He wills.

    The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said, ‘Whoever is boldest among you in judging is also the most insolent to Allah (SWT)’. Does not the judge know that he is the one who has come between Allah (SWT) and His bondsmen, and that he is wavering between the Garden and the Fire? Sufyan ibn ‘Uyaynah said, ‘How can anyone else benefit from my knowledge if I have denied myself its benefit?’ It is inappropriate for anyone to judge on what is permissible (halāl) and what is forbidden (harām) among creation, except for one who causes the people of his time, his village, and his city to follow the truth through obedience to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and who recognizes what is applicable of his judgement. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said, ‘It is because giving judgement is such a tremendous affair, in which there is no place for “hopefully”, “perhaps” or “may be”.’

    The Commander of the Faithful said to a judge, “Do you know the difference between those verses of the Qur’ān which abrogate and those which are abrogated?”


    ‘Do you have a command of the intentions of Allah (SWT) in the parables of the Qur’ān?’


    Then you have perished and caused others to perish,’ the Commander of the Faithful replied.

    A judge needs to know the various meanings of the Qur’ān, the truth of the Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon him and his family) way, the inward indications, courtesies, consensus and disagreements, and to be familiar with the bases of what they agree upon and disagree about. Then he must have acute discrimination, sound action, wisdom, and precaution. If he has these things, then let him judge.


  11. People are still talking to this [Edited out]? He is clearly in error. Just try touching his ego see how he reacts.

    Just the fact that he thinks HE is capable enough to support his claim is arrogance in full light. Any true believer by now would have said: "look I am nobody, but so and so scholar from the so and so school believes this, thus I am using this to argue against the Shia School".

    And when you point this [Edited] to go read the answer of a shia scholar about this and other issues, he is too arrogant and accuses you of "trolling" (like he did to jimijm, I believe).

    Did I forget: "I explained a million times" like he thinks Allah has sent him to deliver mankind from ignorance, but the holy household, no no no, they can not be the light of Allah on this earth. This man is.

    I am sure this man can just read the quran, use his fine brain, and teach us how to make SALAT, not to mention the ways to please Allah and enter paradise. I am saying this of course because this man has claimed to KNOW the different between the clear and the unclear verses in the Holy Quran, thus using his faculty and the Holy Quran, this man is our saviour.

    : |

    Islam = Submission to Allah, the Holy Prophet, and THOSE PUT IN CHARGE by Allah.

    Does that include you? Get off your high horse. Aren't you tired by now?

    Either admit you are a Salafie, which is at least a respectable excuse for all this arguing. Or wizen up and learn to be humble to the creator of this universe, and his chosen servants. If you are humble, begin by no longer accusing the Holy Prophets of sinning, and SEARCH for the TRUTH from Allah and those whom he has chosen to guide us.

    Note: If you notice in Al Fatiha, we ask Allah for Al Sirat al mustaqeem. Who's sirat is that? Allah's? No. Al Sirat is the path of those whom Allah has bestowed upon them his blessings. Meaning the Sirat of MOHAMMED and Ale Mohammed (pbuh)


  12. Anyway, like I said before, they are far more beautful as FALLIBLE humans who tried their utmost effort to stay as far away from sin as possible.

    Anyway, even if you insist that they are most beautiful only when they're infallible, then that's OK... it's no sin to have benignly wrong impressions... AS LONG AS you pray to God directly, then every other concept whether true or not (infallibility, right to leadership, etc) is not harmful.

    You know nothing, and your words betray you.

    The Imams are humans whom can sin just like everyone, but they DO NOT SIN because to them SIN is obvious. I read a hadith once and I will post what I remember of it, so please excuse the lack of reference and accuracy: A man once asked the Imam about Infallibility, and the Imam replied: would you run in the street naked? The man said no. The Imam said, well just as you clearly see how such an act is unacceptable and would humiliate you in the eyes of the people, we are as such aware of Allah.

  13. @ individualist

    Your interpretation is useless, and it is in no way an excuse (Hujja).

    I saw you quote the verse from Surat Al Imran about the clear verses and the unclear. You seriously think you know what is clear from what is unclear? Oh how mistaken you are. I will throw you a few examples just to show you how lost you are. And please note that relying solely on your own personal interpretation is EXACTLY what Allah has warned us against. It is called following the "Hawa".

    Examples of something clearly "obvious" that is in reality NOT what it seems:

    - Regarding Prophet Nooh's wife. There i a verse that says clearly that She Has Betrayed (Khanat) Prophet Nooh (a). Another verse has Prophet Nooh (a) asking Allah, after his son drowned: "You promised to save my family, Why didnt you save him?" and Allah replies "He is not of your family, he is act that is not good".

    So? what do you think? Was his wife sleeping round? It sure looks that way. The correct answer is NO, her betrayal was not believing in Prophet Nooh (a). This answer is nowhere in the Holy Quran, it is only in Hadith.

    Another example: Quran says do not throw your hands into Destruction. Sounds obvious no? It came down to tell the people of Madina NOT to leave Jihad and go back to Farming their lands.

    I could present more, but the knowledgeable with only a gesture understands.


  14. On another note: The Holy Prophets do not sin, nor do those whom Allah has chosen. Example, Imams, Lady Fatima, Lady Mariyam, Al Khedir, ...etc.

    A VERY VERY clear example showing how they can not sin is the story of Moses and Al Khedir at the end of Surat Al Kahf. What Prophet Moses (a) thought was SIN was in fact an act of obedience to Allah. So I would be very careful about accusing the HONOUR of such holy people.

    I do not wish to go further into detail since discussion here is out of Topic. I would prefer making a separate topic. Also, discussion with board members is really shallow. Many great scholars have written detailed books FULLY answering this topic. Those whom lack the patience to read books could also lack the patience to understand. Discussions can only teach us so much.


  15. (salam)

    After examining everything I know and am sure of, I am currently of the conclusion: Calling out to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) asking for him to make Istighfar for me, is the only permissible form of "call out". The Ayah I based this on is well known.

    I found a great example in the Zeyarah al Jame3a

    íÇæáí Çááå Åä Èíäì æÈíä Çááå ÐäæÈÇð áÇ íÃÊí ÚáíåÇ ÅáÇ ÑÖÇßã ¡ ÝÈÍÞ ãä ÇÆÊãäßã Úáì ÓÑå ¡ æÇÓÊÑÚÇßã ÃãÑ ÎáÞå ¡ æÞÑä ØÇÚÊßã ÈØÇÚÊå ¡ áãóøÇ ÇÓÊæåÈÊã ÐäæÈí ¡ æßäÊã ÔÝÚÇÆí¡ Åäí áßã ãØíÚ .

    ãä ÃØÇÚßã ÝÞÏ ÃØÇÚ Çááå ¡ æãä ÚÕÇßã ÚÕì Çááå ¡ æãä ÃÍÈßã ÝÞÏ ÃÍÈ Çááå ¡ æãä ÃÈÛÖßã ÝÞÏ ÃÈÛÖ Çááå .

    Çááåã Åäí áæ æÌÏÊ ÔÝÚÇÁ ÃÞÑÈ Åáíß ãä ãÍãÏ æÃåá ÈíÊå ÇáÃÎíÇÑ ÇáÃÆãÉ ÇáÃÈÑÇÑ áÌÚáÊåã ÔÝÚÇÆí ¡ ÝÈÍÞåã ÇáÐí ÃæÌÈÊ áåã Úáíß ¡ ÃÓÃáß Ãä ÊÏÎáäí Ýí ÌãáÉ ÇáÚÇÑÝíä Èåã æÈÍÞåã ¡ æÝí ÒãÑÉ ÇáãÑÌæíä áÔÝÇÚÊåã Åäß ÃÑÍã ÇáÑÇÍãíä . æÕáì Çááå Úáì ãÍãÏ æÂáå ÍÓÈäÇ Çááå æäÚã Çáæßíá

    As for all other "call outs", I have YET to see proof of permissibility because I have YET to complete my search.

    I mean, saying "Ya Ali, please ask Allah that I can have more rizq", is something I have yet to see Shia Proof of.

    Inshallah this is clear to understand. May Allah guide all those whom seek the TRUTH.


  16. (salam)

    Individualist, you have made a big commotion. I dont have time right now, but I will spend some time tomorrow inshallah fully researching this issue. Keep in mind I am not a scholar, but an infant student. By Around this time tomorrow inshallah I would have posted my findings either supporting, or pointing at errors, or admitting my lack of knowledge. Inshallah my reply will be in concordance with the pleasure of Allah, and Inshallah we can all come to follow the path of Allah as he wants us to.

    Until then, maybe someone knowledgeable can enlighten us. Please brothers, pray that Allah may benefit us from this thread to fully understand what he wishes us to do.

    I will see you tomorrow inshallah.


  17. (salam)

    I got this in an email, I really did try googling this and I have spent a couple of hours with no result. Can anyone help?

    ãä æÕÇíÇ ÇáÑÓæá Úáíå ÇáÕáÇÉ æÇáÓáÇã áÃÈäÊå ÇáÓíÏÉ ÝÇØãÉ ÇáÒåÑÇÁ :

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ØÍäÊ ÈíÏíåÇ ÅáÇ ßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ Èßá ÍÈÉ ÍÓäÉ æãÍÇ ÚäåÇ Èßá ÍÈÉ ÓíÆÉ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÚÑÞÊ ÚäÏ ÎÈÒåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ÌÚá Çááå ÈíäåÇ æÈíä Ìåäã ÓÈÚÉ ÎäÇÏÞ ãä ÇáÑÍãÉ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÛÓáÊ ÞÏÑåÇ¡ ÅáÇ æÛÓáåÇ Çááå ãä ÇáÐäæÈ æÇáÎØÇíÇ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ äÓÌÊ ËæÈÇð¡ ÅáÇ ßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ Èßá ÎíØ æÇÍÏ ãÇÆÉ ÍÓäÉ¡ æãÍÇ ÚäåÇ ãÇÆÉ ÓíÆÉ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÛÒáÊ áÊÔÊÑí áÃæáÇÏåÇ Ãæ ÚíÇáåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ ËæÇÈ ãä ÃØÚã ÃáÝ ÌÇÆÚ æÃßÓì ÃáÝ ÚÑíÇä.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÏåäÊ ÑÄæÓ ÃæáÇÏåÇ¡ æÓÑÍÊ ÔÚæÑåã¡ æÛÓáÊ ËíÇÈåã æÞÊáÊ Þãáåã ÅáÇ ßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ Èßá ÔÚÑÉ ÍÓäÉ¡ æãÍÇ ÚäåÇ Èßá ÔÚÑÉ ÓíÆÉ¡ æÒíäåÇ Ýí ÃÚíä ÇáäÇÓ ÃÌãÚíä.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ãäÚÊ ÍÇÌÉ ÌÇÑÊåÇ ÅáÇ ãäÚåÇ Çááå ÇáÔÑÈ ãä ÍæÖí íæã ÇáÞíÇãÉ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ÎãÓÉ ãä ÇáãÇÚæä áÇ íÍá ãäÚåä: ÇáãÇÁ¡ æÇáäÇÑ¡ æÇáÎãíÑ¡ æÇáÅÈÑÉ¡ æáßá æÇÍÏ ãäåä ÂÝÉ¡ Ýãä ãäÚ ÇáãÇÁ Èáí ÈÚáÉ ÇáÅÓÊÓÞÇÁ¡ æãä ãäÚ ÇáÎãíÑ Èáí ÈÇáÛÇÔíÉ¡ æãä ãäÚ ÇáÑÍì Èáí ÈÕÏÚ ÇáÑÃÓ¡ æãä ãäÚ ÇáÅÈÑÉ Èáí ÈÇáãÛÕ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ÃÝÖá ãä Ðáß ßáå ÑÖÇ Çááå æÑÖÇ ÇáÒæÌ ÒæÌÊå..

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! æÇáÐí ÈÚËäÜí ÈÇáÍÞ ÈÔíÑÇð æäÐíÑÇð áæ ãÊö¡ æÒæÌß ÛíÑ ÑÇÖò Úäßö ãÇ ÕáíÊ Úáíßö.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ÃãÇ ÚáãÊ Ãä ÑÖÇ ÇáÒæÌ ãä ÑÖÇ Çááå¡ æÓÎØ ÇáÒæÌ ãä ÓÎØ Çááå¿

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ØæÈì áÅãÑÃÉ ÑÖí ÚäåÇ ÒæÌåÇ¡ æáæ ÓÇÚÉ ãä ÇáäåÇÑ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÑÖí ÚäåÇ ÒæÌåÇ íæãÇð æáíáÉ¡ ÅáÇ ßÇä áåÇ ÚäÏ Çááå ÃÝÖá ãä ÚÈÇÏÉ ÓäÉ æÇÍÏÉ ÕíÇãåÇ æÞíÇãåÇ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÑÖí ÚäåÇ ÒæÌåÇ ÓÇÚÉ ãä ÇáäåÇÑ¡ ÅáÇ ßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ Èßá ÔÚÑÉ Ýí ÌÓãåÇ ÍÓäÉ¡ æãÍÇ ÚäåÇ Èßá ÔÚÑÉ ÓíÆÉ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! Åä ÃÝÖá ÚÈÇÏÉ ÇáãÑÃÉ Ýí ÔÏÉ ÇáÙáãÉ Ãä ÊáÊÒã ÈíÊåÇ.


    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ÌáÓÉ Èíä íÏí ÇáÒæÌ ÃÝÖá ãä ÚÈÇÏÉ ÓäÉ¡ æÃÝÖá ãä ØæÇÝ.

    ÅÐÇ ÍãáÊ ÇáãÑÃÉ ÊÓÊÛÝÑ áåÇ ÇáãáÇÆßÉ Ýí ÇáÓãÇÁ æÇáÍíÊÇä Ýí ÇáÈÍÑ¡ æßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ Ýí ßá íæã ÃáÝ ÍÓäÉ¡ æãÍÇ Úäå ÃáÝ ÓíÆÉ.

    ÝÅÐÇ ÃÎÐåÇ ÇáØáÞ ßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ ËæÇÈ ÇáãÌÇåÏíä æËæÇÈ ÇáÔåÏÇÁ æÇáÕÇáÍíä¡ æÛÓáÊ ãä ÐäæÈåÇ ßíæã æáÏÊåÇ ÃãåÇ¡ æßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ ËæÇÈ ÓÈÚíä ÍÌÉ.

    ÝÅä ÃÑÖÚÊ æáÏåÇ ßÊÈ áåÇ Èßá ÞØÑÉ ãä áÈäåÇ ÍÓäÉ¡ æßÝÑ ÚäåÇ ÓíÆÉ¡ æÇÓÊÛÝÑÊ áåÇ ÇáÍæÑ ÇáÚíä Ýí ÌäÇÊ ÇáäÚíã.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÚÈÓÊ Ýí æÌå ÒæÌåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ÛÖÈ Çááå ÚáíåÇ æÒÈÇäíÉ ÇáÚÐÇÈ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÞÇáÊ áÒæÌåÇ ÃõÝÇð áß¡ ÅáÇ áÚäåÇ Çááå ãä ÝæÞ ÇáÚÑÔ æÇáãáÇÆßÉ æÇáäÇÓ ÃÌãÚíä.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÎÝÝÊ Úä ÒæÌåÇ ãä ßÂÈÊå ÏÑåãÇð æÇÍÏÇð¡ ÅáÇ ßÊÈ Çááå áåÇ Èßá ÏÑåã æÇÍÏ ÞÕÑ Ýí ÇáÌäÉ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÕáÊ ÝÑÖåÇ æÏÚÊ áäÝÓåÇ æáã ÊÏÚ áÒæÌåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ÑÏ Çááå ÚáíåÇ ÕáÇÊåÇ¡ ÍÊì ÊÏÚæ áÒæÌåÇ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÛÖÈ ÚáíåÇ ÒæÌåÇ æáã ÊÓÊÑÖ ãäå ÍÊì íÑÖì ÅáÇ ßÇäÊ Ýí ÓÎØ Çááå æÛÖÈå ÍÊì íÑÖì ÚäåÇ ÒæÌåÇ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ áÈÓÊ ËíÇÈåÇ æÎÑÌÊ ãä ÈíÊåÇ ÈÛíÑ ÅÐä ÒæÌåÇ ÅáÇ áÚäåÇ ßá ÑØÈ æíÇÈÓ ÍÊì ÊÑÌÚ Åáì ÈíÊåÇ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ äÙÑÊ Åáì ÒæÌåÇ æáã ÊÖÍß áå¡ ÅáÇ ÛÖÈ ÚáíåÇ Ýí ßá ÔíÁ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ßÔÝÊ æÌååÇ ÈÛíÑ ÅÐä ÒæÌåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ÃßÈåÇ Çááå Úáì æÌååÇ Ýí ÇáäÇÑ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÃÏÎáÊ Åáì ÈíÊåÇ ãÇ íßÑå ÒæÌåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ÃÏÎá Çááå Ýí ÞÈÑåÇ ÓÈÚíä ÍíÉ æÓÈÚíä ÚÞÑÈÉ¡ íáÏÛæäåÇ Åáì íæã ÇáÞíÇãÉ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÕÇãÊ ÕíÇã ÇáÊØæÚ æáã ÊÓÊÔÑ ÒæÌåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ÑÏ Çááå ÕíÇãåÇ.

    íÇ 'ÝÇØãÉ'! ãÇ ãä ÅãÑÃÉ ÊÕÏÞÊ ãä ãÇá ÒæÌåÇ¡ ÅáÇ ßÊÈ Çááå ÚáíåÇ ÐäæÈ ÓÈÚíä ÓÇÑÞÇð.

    ÝÞÇáÊ áå 'ÝÇØãÉ' ÇáÒåÑÇÁ :

    íÇ ÃÈÊÇå ãÊì ÊÏÑß ÇáäÓÇÁ ÝÖá ÇáãÌÇåÏíä Ýí ÓÈíá Çááå ÊÚÇáì¿ ÝÞÇá áåÇ: ÃáÇ ÃÏáß Úáì ÔíÁ ÊÏÑßíä Èå ÇáãÌÇåÏíä¡ æÃäÊ Ýí ÈíÊß¿ ÝÞÇáÊ: äÚã íÇ ÃÈÊÇå.

    ÝÞÇá: ÊÕáíä Ýí ßá íæã ÑßÚÊíä ÊÞÑÆíä Ýí ßá ÑßÚÉ ÝÇÊÍÉ ÇáßÊÇÈ ãÑÉ¡ æ'Þá åæ Çááå ÃÍÏ' ËáÇË ãÑÇÊ¡ Ýãä ÝÚá Ðáß ßÊÈ Çááå áå æáåÇ ËæÇÈ ÇáãÌÇåÏíä Ýí ÓÈíá Çááå ÊÚÇáì....

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