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  1. Because of you, I just saw "The Color of Paradise"! May Allah bless you for pointing me to this movie! I am now going to check out every movie in this thread maybe I will find more movies like this one. Peace.
  2. I am a native arab and I am currently learning Arabic Grammar. According to Ibn Hisham in his "Sharh Qatr Al Nada": a word (Kalima) is either Name (Ism) or Action (Fi3l) or Letter (7arf). So on what do you base "waw" as not a word? This is the man everyone looks up to as far as language. I am listening to http://alseraj.net/hawza/page_01.htm These lectures. Which are Hawza beginner lectures. It is the very first link. Bare in mind I am still in the early lectures on grammar (Na7w), so an explanation would be nice. I know that "letter" does not mean the A B C of Arabic, it means words like "Min" "Ela" "3an"...etc Peace.
  3. Brother fahim. I sent you the name and the email I received through PM. If anyone else wants this information please let me know here, or through PM. Peace.
  4. Perfect example to show how Americans are fed to think of Muslims. Why? His act is in-fact EXACTLY what they want. To them, he should get a medal. As the police thought at first. "A Hero". If the Priest was a muslim, and the muslim was asking for directions, this fool WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH THIS. Then again this is to be expected. It is not like the US is hiding it's animosity towards the true believers. They are fine with the muslims by name. I mean the Muslims you couldnt pick out of a crowd, hanging at a club, living the "american" dream.
  5. This is another clear example to any believer why the followers of the Imams from Ahl Al Bait, are the Muslims whom are actually acting on the teachings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) As a brother said before me: Why would a (believing) muslim even want to join this war? Islam at it's basic level is Speaking the Oneness of the True God (Allah). Then faith enters the heart thus the more they learn from Allah, the more they reply "I hear and Obey! we seek your forgiveness oh our Lord!" (Sami3na wa Ata3na ghufranaka rabbana). This is a believing Muslim. Then there is the Muslims whom have heard, obeyed, and submitted fully. No Question. No doubt. Absolute certainty and belief. This is the Islam of Prophet Ibrahim as he was ready to slaughter his son, Prophet Ismail. This is the true Islam Prophet Israel (Yaqoob) followed and asked his children to follow. This is the highest level of Islam. The Islam as taught by The Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his Holy Household. The A3rab (Nomads, or unlearned) said "We believe!". But no they have not. There will come a time if Allah wills it, and that will be true. For now say: "We Are Muslim". Anyone whom has reached the point of "believe" (Eman) level of Islam will realize joining an ARMY against other muslims is NOT an option. May Allah strengthen the believers and ready us with the tools we need to support the believers TODAY and keep us patient until we see victory with the Imam (as) or in Paradise. Peace.
  6. Funny, I just received a propaganda email about these people today! I really hate Wahabie propaganda... I was going to post the email here but on second thought, it is filled with lies and subtle attacks at the shia. This could mislead someone. It is in arabic by a known anti-shia fake historian "doctor" who loves recreating history to suit his needs. May Allah protect the followers of the TRUE islam, the TRUE believers, whom say we have submitted with their words and ACTIONS.
  7. Dont be negative brothers. This is One more Muslim, if there truly is FAITH in your heart, you would be happy. I was not a muslim, and I became a muslim and first things I listened to were Wahabi stuff. This is YOUR FAULT. They dominate the media in both ENGLISH and ARABIC lectures. People like Dr. Zakir Naik are major facilitators of knowledge to those whom are new to Islam. All thanks be to Allah, I was able to hold on to small threads which eventually lead me towards understanding the true Islam of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) This is though NOT due to the Internet NOR television. If it was not for close relation to someone that was exploring shia Islam, I would not have found it. Now that I am a follower and want to know MORE about the teachings of the Imams, I am finding a lot of information. But even today, it is a hard task trying to find the SHIA view using google or you tube. These wahabies you hate so much are the VISIBLE force converting people to ISLAM. This person is a great example of someone whom was living a VERY BAD life style, and mashaAllah from the interview he seems so polite and he seems to want to find Allah and be a good person. Who are you to take all that away from him? Peace.
  8. Al Salam Alikom brother. I just read a very long and amazing post by you about Hadith Validation which was posted 3 years ago!

    MashaAllah, may Allah bless you for your efforts and reward you greatly in this life and the here-after.

    Al Salam Alikom BROTHER

  9. I dont want to argue brother. Please accept my call for peace. Salam.
  10. I have been hearing from a close relative of mine that 2022 is the end of the Israel State. This has to do with counting words in the Quran, numbers of verses, and such. He walked me through it and his counting checks out. This relative of mine is a knowledgeable person of visible piety whom has journeyed through christianity (and was fully advocating it) and later became a Muslim and a follower of Ahl Al Bait. He flips through the Bible and The Holy Quran like we flip through shia chat forms :P knowing where to find what he was thinking about. His knowledge in Hadith (Sunni) and Traditions (Shia) are also something to make note of. He just informed me today that the Imam (as) might be appearing as soon as 2015. He said, this is because of a narration which states the Imam will appear on a Friday at the 23ed of Ramadan (sources?) I am not equipped to analyse his studies and judge their correctness. If any of you brothers know anything about this topic and can maybe point me in the right direction so that I know better and maybe then my Uncle can know better. Please keep this discussion scholarly. Peace.
  11. The worst atomic bomb can do damage to what? 20-60 KM radius? Shoot it in the air and you loose all electronics within that radius. Why wont Allah let that happen? Has Allah not obliterated NATIONS before? Once the nukes are used up, or launch capabilities are lost, then I can see basic weapons back in action. But this does not mean gun powder will suddenly stop working. There is no logical reason guns will stop working and will become useless. Cars and tanks are also still a possibility as long as we still have refined fuel. Banners are used today by everyone in EVERY war. Where did you get the notion they do not? And yes, the final battle will not take a long time. No not "one second". But swords will surely make the battle VERY long. Unless the first part of that battle takes care of that. Peace.
  12. If there are no modern weapons, how will the people die? Think how long it would take if people were dyeing by the sword... This is end of the world scale battles we are talking about. Black skies full of jets. Night sky filled with streaks of missiles. Ra-ta-tat-tat all through the day. Martial law enforced in all the world. Nukes finishing entire cities in single strikes. We are talking about battles that will result in blood to the knees! Too slow for sword and bow. I dont think many of us sit and think just how much DEATH is going to happen. It is no event to celebrate nor to look forward to. It will not be easy for us, the believers, because we will be on the receiving end of those bullets, but we will have the final laugh in Paradise inshallah. Peace.
  13. Dua Kumail is amazing at humbling yourself infront of Allah and asking for his forgiveness. It is very easy to find. Search for Kumail or Kumayl. Language is not a problem, this is probably the best and most famous dua. I guarantee you will LOVE this dua. Peace brother, and may Allah ease your heart and grant you tranquillity.
  14. I have had my prayers answered many times in many strange ways. I cant recall any right now... actually, though this is not really very strange. I had just taken my son and got him circumcised. As we were leaving in the car, Asadullah (my infant 1 month old) was crying very much and it hurt my heart to hear him cry like that. It was the first time he cried like that since he was born. I was driving, I made a dua to Allah, I honestly dont remember what I said, and the crying stopped immediately as if something stopped it. There was a flock of birds flying in the sky flying in a shape like /\ as I made the dua the rows of the birds shifted. I felt goose bumps everywhere and a great joy. Me and my wife thanked Allah for his infinite mercy. I really want to try the walking on water thing, hahahaha.
  15. Thank you brother for the link! May Allah reward you from his grace and mercy! Salam
  16. Al Salam Alikom Brother I do not know of any single source for what you ask, but what I have done is: When ever I found a good source of Shia books, I saved the link. This is my current collection of links to MANY libraries with SHIA books in them. Not all are PDFs, but they should be of use inshallah. I am providing a zip file with link files in it. Peace. Shia - Books.zip
  17. Hahahaha nice little story. Inshallah I will keep on praying as soon as possible. Peace.
  18. Inna lillah, wa inna elayhe rajeoon. May Allah grant your father paradise and an easy stay in the grave, and an easy stand on the day of judgement. And May Allah pour on you an abundance of patience and grant your family firmness in the coming trials. Please read with me brothers for the souls of this family. *Al Fateha* *Al Takathur* Al Salam Alikom
  19. Brother Mahmoud, outside Salat you can do what you want. Sayid Mughniyah in his "Fiqh Al Imam Jafar" book also says the same thing about BOTH points mentioned. Peace.
  20. So are we trying to please the "french women" or Allah? Our home is our domain. I can see how a country like france wants to BAN hijab. If a country does become so CORRUPT then a believer should not make it home. Anyone remember the Hijra of our holy Prophet (pbuh) ? Refusing the Hijab is no different than refusing any other part of islam. If in Mecca you could not put on your hijab, go to madina. If in france you could not, go to where you can! How about this then: People who visit Iran should be able to buy and drink alcohol. Same with non muslims. Why not? How is that different from allowing women to dress loose? You know what? How about allowing an alcohol factory also to be built so that visitors and non muslims can buy Islamic Alcohol! Seriously. Freedom? sh-me-dom! A non believer's idea of freedom is "Shushing" (silencing) the laws of Allah. Peace.
  21. This happened to me once but only because I provoked it... This taught me a great lesson I shall never forget about controlling my tempter. Which every believer should do. I was working at a gas station after mid-night. It was a drunk man who had pulled in at the same time as a cop. So I told to cop to check him out. He was drunk, but because of his massive size (250-300 pounds) he was under the legal limit. After the cop leaves, the man walks into the store and asks me if I told that cop anything. I said no because I was scared. He said you better have not because I would have hurt you. Then I realized that I was scared, and I did not like it. No I did not like not one bit. So I said, you know what? I did tell that cop. What are you going to do? Who the f*** do you think I am?... then I start walking outside the cashier and towards the man with a fury in my eyes the man could not ignore. The man walked back, out the store, and into his car as I chased him saying things I am sure you can imagine. One of the things I said was that if he came back I would... kill him and his family. Yes, I said that. As he was driving away in his car, he called out to me in a petrified voice "You f***ing terrorist!". And it resulted in a cop coming to meet me in minutes of that incident leaving a nice stain on my permanent record. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Was it worth it to scare the man? no it sure was NOT. I have done MORE harm than that which was done to me. This was a clear lesson for me. Allah is opposed to those whom become oppressors, no matter if they were oppressed first. So, when I read your options I remembered the grave damage which I had done. No, acting is such ways will only make the situation worse and will lead to bad results. Indirectly, but through our bad actions we hurt our brothers. I wish I could make up for what I had done. I wish I could meet that man. I wish I could say sorry. Peace.
  22. For those who liked the post by sister spIzo, I have made it into a PDF fit for printing. This is so I can share it with family. If I am stepping any bounds by sharing this, please delete my post. May Allah reward us all with his mercy. Peace. Love.pdf
  23. "Salamunaalaikum" Is valid "Asslamo alikum" "Alaikum asslam" Also Valid. "Wa alaikum asslam" is THE valid reply to someone whom salutes you first. As = The Salam = Peace (of Allah) Alikom = On You Wa = And So: "Salamun alaikum" = Peace on You "As-salamo alikum" = The Peace on You (best greating) "Alaikum as-slam" = On You The Pease "Wa alaikum as-slam" = And On You The Peace (best reply) Peace
  24. Mashallah! Mashallah! I love you brother! Thank you and may Allah bless you for such a great post! :)
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