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  1. Thanks for the link, I was able to find it in the Canadian store and I have placed an order! This book looks like exactly what I was looking for https://www.amazon.ca/Study-Quran-New-Translation-Commentary/dp/0061125865/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499791449&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Study+Quran%3A+A+New+Translation+and+Commentary
  2. I find it interesting that someone posted this question, then never responded. Someone with a name like 3-1-3... The first response by IbnSina was a great response. Peace
  3. Al Salam Alikom I bought this book: https://www.amazon.ca/Holy-Quran-Ayatullah-Pooya-Yazdi/dp/187940219X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1499435744&sr=1-3 a long time ago (10+ years). I love it and think it is very very good. It is HUGE and so full of information. But, I was just looking to buy another copy to gift to a friend when I saw a review mentioning that this book does not indicate the majority rulings in its commentary. Also, the book is quite old and the English is hard. So I thought there must be something newer with up to date rulings and clearer English. I am not looking for a translation. I am looking for something like this book. Which is summed up on the amazon page: I looked at your sticky and did not see anyone mention the best book to buy for tafseer/commentary in English. Note: I still hold this book as my most valued english book, and do take precaution in regards to any rulings (fiqh) and validate them with my Marjea. But as a gift I would be cautious handing this to anyone without a long explanation. What are your recommendations?
  4. I got an answer back from leader.ir for those that may look at this in the future. EDIT: This Shawwal according to Moonsighting.com's curves, the moon was visible in Argentina wednesday night, but not in Canada. According to the fatwa above, 2 witnesses in Argentina are sufficient for someone in Canada to accept their testimony. But at the same time, all the local shia (according to masjid committee) were fasting the next day... very confusing.
  5. Perfect. Jazak Allah bil Khair. (May Allah reward you from his Blessings) Just confirming, is MoonSighting.com supported by the Leader? or were you using it as an example?
  6. Al Salam Alikom Please understand my question so we do not go off topic. I have tried looking at leader.ir's websites, and could not find the answer. I hope someone here might. I just sent in a question through the site today and will post the answer back in here once I receive it inshaAllah. My Question: If I live in Canada (North America), and it was reported to me by 2 brothers in Argentina (South America) that they have witnessed the new crescent. Does this mean the new month has begun for me as well? (same question worded differently) The witnesses are reliable, but the location is different, does their testimony count? (Followup Question) If not, what is the distance that is acceptable? Note: This is a hypothetical question. I am not claiming someone has seen the new crescent. Wa Al Salam Alikom
  7. I heard this would be a sin because there would be loss of the rights of others. When you file for bankruptcy the people or organizations you owe money to cant ask you to pay them back. An assigned trustee does what the government rules in these situations and the people you owe money to end up getting very little to almost nothing back from the money they lent you. I think it's not a sin because this is something they agreed to in the beginning when they decided to loan you the money. But I dont want to be making excuses for myself, so I thought of asking. Thanks
  8. Al Salam Alikom I searched Shia Chat first, could not find a topic with bankruptcy in the title with this question. If someone legitimately needs to file for bankruptcy. Is it a sin? What do different marajea say about this? Especially Sistani and the Leader. Jazakom Allah Khair
  9. Al Salam Alikom I think you need to ask your trusted scholars. Peace.
  10. (salam) BUMP and also a reminder of a USEFUL link! Study in Qum I am seriously looking to go to Qum. I have a wife and child. Going from Canada. I speak, read, and write very good in Arabic and English. Question, anyone know of any great Arabic hawzas? Does not have to be in Qum. May Allah reward you from his infinite mercy, Peace.
  11. (salam) Mohib, you are correct and incorrect. People whom die as Kuffar, we have no respect for them and we do not even pray for them. This is true for the wives of Lot and Nooh. But Can you prove that Lady Ayisha died a Kafir? She made some mistakes, that is for sure, so have YOU AND ME. So, on what concrete PROOF do you pronounce her Kaffir? I have yet to see a respectable shia scholar call Lady Ayisha a kafir, so again I ask, what PROOF do you have? We point to sunnies and resent the fact that they call the uncle of the Prophet (pbuh) a kaffir (I mean Abo Talib). Accusation is not something to be taken lightly brother. Peace.
  12. Thank you very much for your dua brother. May Allah reward you from his infinite mercy and purify your heart and accept your dua and forgive me my many mistakes and grant me the honour of becoming a student on the straight path.


  13. (salam) Mashallah what a great lecture. Especially since I am seriously trying to become a student and go to Qum. Peace.
  14. Where is this dua? I have not ever heard of it. Is it in Sahifa Sajjadiya? Is it in Mafatih Al Jinan? Where did you find this dua? Peace.
  15. (salam) I was tempted to joke around and say "Hey Kaffir! Get out of here!" hahaha but joking can sometimes be taken wrong and have bad consequences. Welcome to Shia Chat! May Allah make this a great source of knowledge and wisdom for this world and the hereafter for you and other believers looking to get closer to Allah. Peace!
  16. You obviously have not read the Quran with contemplation. Is there not an entire SURAH in Quran named the Munafiqoon? The Hypocrites? Have you read it and WHOM it calls as Hypocrites? So where on earth did you get this misguided notion? First, there is no error or shame in marrying anyone as long as their outward actions are good. Do you really think the wives of Prophet Nooh and Loot were openly doing actions which their Prophets (husbends) did not approve of? Even if they did some bad actions openly, I am talking about actions which are major sins. Example: can you imagine Aiysha not praying? Impossible. If Allah wanted to punish someone for something no one knew except Allah, Allah would not need anyone. How many nations have we heard of that Allah has destroyed for their sins? So how do YOU explain surat al Tahreem? Anyway, Lady Aiysha is only human. Sure, history has recorded some of her mistakes, but who is to say she never repented? Peace.
  17. (salam) In my humble knowledge, I can not recall any verse in the Holy Quran to resemble exactly as you quoted above. Probably there is an interpretation that I am not aware of at this moment that means this. First of: from an analytical point of view, Islam is not a religion that supports "jokes", and life is not ONLY about having "fun". Unless you define "fun" to mean worshipping the lord. Which is a level believers do achieve inshallah. I have heard multiple times though (a hadith) that if a believer brings JOY into another believer's life, then Allah will make him happy on the day of judgement. But this happiness is not limited to a harmless joke (if there is such a thing), but it engulfs any act which leads to happiness of the other party. Like paying off a debt, or any other kind of monetary or spiritual support. Inshallah other brothers can be of more help. Peace.
  18. Al Hamdulillah that these fools expose themselves with such actions. He exposed only himself in his own speech by mentioning how Pharaoh used the ignorance of his followers to obey him. His kind, only the ignorant follow. What a shameful excuse to murder the muslims in Yemen! May Allah's curse be upon the hypocrites! They are the mongers of war and fitna. May Allah curse them and hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdy (as) and fill the land with justice as it is filled with oppression. They die in ignorance and face hell, we die in knowledge and face Paradise. May Allah strengthen the believers fighting everywhere.
  19. The qualities that are being referred to are the positions of Prophet-hood, Imamh, Miracles, the high position in this world and the hereafter...etc They gained these FROM Allah because they are such good people. Allah (SwT) through his knowledge knows people and as such chooses when a person is to be born. Anyway, Imams are infallible not because Allah FORCED them that way. They, out of their strong belief, see the RIGHT and the WRONG as clear as you can imagine, and out of this visibility they stay away from SIN. Example: I remember in a hadith someone asking the Imam about infallibility, and the Imam asked him if he would see it wise to run naked in the street. The man obviously said "no" and that such an act would bring shame and humiliation. The Imam replied, With such clarity we see Allah and are ashamed of committing sins. This is my retelling of the hadith, not an exact quote. Please do ask until we can clearly understand this topic inshallah. Peace.
  20. (salam) Did you read my post? I am sorry if it was not of any help. Peace.
  21. I read the links you provided, are yo sure this does what I was talking about?? I got the feeling that this is simply a collection of books I can search through. What I need is a software that would for example: list a Hadith, and at the same time list all the sayings of the scholars next to it. And perhaps also when I clicked on a name of one of the narrators it would tell me what the scholars thought of him. This is similar to what Tafseer software does. It would list an Ayah, and you can select which tafseer you want to read for that Ayah. Insha-Allah someone can point me to the right direction. Peace.
  22. I dont know about bringing steel to the Masjid Al Haram. I doubt stabbing any one there, no matter the circumstances, would win you favours with Allah... I suggest dressing very modestly. If you do so, you wont be targeted as a rich tourist, thus getting lower prices at shops and such. Please, if you go by Madina, please do give my Salam to the Holy Prophet and the Holy Household (pbuh) and ask for Allah to accept from me and forgive me. May Allah accept your Omra, and raise you higher in status in the afterlife because of it. Peace.
  23. May Allah help the believers in this city. Truly scary. Oh Allah, as long as you are not angry with me, I dont care what happens to me. Peace.
  24. Thank you very much! And also for the link. Peace.
  25. Sorry now is not a good time for me, there must be a transcript of this and a translation. Fee Aman Allah brothers. Peace.
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