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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you friends. A dear friend had requested the old editions
  2. Hi Can anyone help me provide scanned versions of old bukhari and Muslim editions pre 1970 or guide me to right place Thanks
  3. H I was part of the Shariah finance network so I know for a fact the news items i went through. There was a conflict of interest as he was judge of the court and sitting on the advisory board of multiple financial institutions. Him and his family brother, son, nephew have pretty much cornered the sharia advisory market in Pakistan. Secondly i was talking in particular about his defence of Muawiya which is so full of [Edited Out] that you don't even feel like refuting it. can you give reference. need to share it with few zealots
  4. I was so surprised to read the brazen lies that a so called Alim like Taqi Usmani utters. His defence of Muawiya laaen in his book so filled with half truths, white lies and dishonest narrations its disgusting. It is unfortunate that sunni brothers rate this businessman moulvi so high PS he was fired from his position from shariat court on account of conflict of interest.
  5. I hope someone can guide me on how to sharia clean the mattress that sometimes gets wet by urine by a toddler.
  6. if you love her truly go ahead and marry her. If she is honest in her search for truth, she will come to the way of the ahly bayt (AS) in due course. Just be helpful and open and don't force it on her
  7. I am sure someone has written about it somewhere, but I have not been able to find it. Moses (AS) had 12 tribes Jesus (AS) had 12 apostles and Mohammad (SAWW) has 12 Imams to follow after him. Is there a significance/connection to this. Will appreciate some educated friend here share.
  8. I have only one question Does Allah has absolute knowledge, if yes then why did he create Iblees or give him a high station.
  9. Can a moderator ban JHK please. He is extremely incoherent and hijacks threads.
  10. what kind of fools paradise do you guys live in. Saudis are completely in bed with Israel. They are the reason that there is no pressure on Israel to solve the Palestinian issue. To answer why they haven't attacked Iran yet, well if you were not hiding in a cave for the past 30 years, they took their time before attacking Iraq too. Iraq was first weakened through prolonged sanction regime and then attacked. Libya did not have any real friends and a weak useless army with no air defenses, hence it was taken out quickly. Syria they are doing all they can to destroy it but since the syrian army i
  11. that is the problem with you guys....When your own "authentic books" prove the reality of your lord umar, you turn on tangents.... answer the brother above and stick to the topic.....
  12. blah blah blah...... your own books which you deem extremely authentic say something and just because it proves the evil of your true lord and master.....you deny them.... you are sad and pathetic.....
  13. Screaming like a banshee over and over again would not make your point sound truthful or logical the point brother has raised is simple....Prophet (pbuh) said he wants to right something that will ensure that people are never misguided...your beloved Umer challenged him (pbuh) saying the Quran is enough for us. Now answer this question, did he know better then the Prophet (pbuh)? a simple yes or no would suffice
  14. even Umer said that the bayt to Abu Bakr was a mistake and anyone else doing it like that should be killed
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