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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    [Moderators note: No personal attacks]
  2. (salam) Whad da wahhabi you on about: No other country claims to be "shia islamic", "the country of Mahdi", and nor does any leader of any countries claim to be "wali amr al muslimeen" nor " the represantaive of Mahdi". Dont you think it is their responsibilty to protect them? Khuda Hafiz :blink:
  3. (salam) It is the buruial ground of; Imam Hasan Mujtaba (as) Imam Zaynal Abidin (as) Imam Muhamed Baqir (as) Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) But the wahhabi sauds destroyed it Khuda Hafiz :cry:
  4. (salam) Brother Islam, this signature is really good, but the name is covering the background, so is it possible to make the name smaller and place in on the top or bottom, whichever way you think looks good. Khuda Hafiz :wub:
  5. (salam) Man you caught me, Masallah :!!!: Khuda Hafiz PS: [Edited Out]
  6. (salam) One of the conveniences in life is to have less children. -Imam Ali Khuda Hafiz ^_^
  7. (salam) So much for it being Islamic :!!!: Exactly the same thing can be said about evil regime, besides, "Do not look at who is saying it, look at what he is saying" Khuda Hafiz
  8. (salam) Waki Pakis ^_^ I vote for Pakistan Khuda hafiz
  9. (salam) Shiachat Policy In response to the bold offering of praise to the enemies of Islam and the Ahlulbayt , Muawiyah and Yazeed, by some members on this board, the ShiaChat team have decided to ban any member who offers such open praise to these killers of the Ahlulbayt and the pious Companions (as). Khuda Hafiz :angry:
  10. (salam) Then you should disassociate your self from evil regime. Tey are prepared to silence anyone who does not accept their desires. Ya Mahdi !, come quick, slaughter 40,000 corrupt "scholors" like sheep! Khuda hafiz
  11. (salam) Can someone tell me where is Ayatollah Shirazi currently burried? He does not seem to be burried where he requested to be :cry: Khuda hafiz
  12. (salam) When did he became an Allama :huh: ( :!!!: ) Your Mollah is not even a dust under neath of any of the Imams, so this is irrelevant. Khuda Hafiz PS: Tell me why this man was banned from Mosques in Dubai? Are the Mosques run by Zionist too? ^_^
  13. (salam) I want to know who Shia ask intercession, assistance, help, etc mostly from. We love all the Masooms a lot, so this poll is not differentiating amongst them, Astargfiullah., because: Messenger (S) of Allah said, "The people of my household are as the stars, which ever one of them you seek guidance from, you will be guided". He (S) also said, "The similitude of the people of my household is as the ship of Noah, whoever boards it will be saved, and whoever tarries behind from it will drown" I picked Imam Husayn (as) because it is said that his (as) ships is bigger and in in t
  14. (salam) Ahsant habib darling islam577 :) Khuda hafiz
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