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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thats because you dont know what you are reading, try first to understand all the meaning of Quran and dua readed in salah, once you will know what you are reading you will feel to pray Inshallah
  2. this syyed thing is one of the worst thing practice by shia, may Allah guide you all and abolish this system and work on your deeds first. and yes I am syyed too and I dont feel the need to mention it ever.
  3. Technically each of us are son of Prophet Adam so we all are son of prophet, what is the point of this thread also it is against the Quran which says you will be judge by your deeds and not your blood lines Prophet (saws) said: “Four practices of the ‘Jaahiliyah’ (pre-Islamic days of Ignorance) will continue to be practiced by my Nation: taking pride in one’s parentage, giving a person a father other than his own genealogical father (ie. cursing of one’s lineage), believing that rain is caused by some stars, and wailing over the dea
  4. BARR Pictures is working on a documentary for Ahlulbayt TV about Mut’a Marriage from the perspective of the Shia community. There have been some attacks by mainstream media, notably the recent documentary by the BBC which falsely misrepresented the concept of Mut’a Marriage, and there are some misunderstandings within the Shia community about Mut’a marriage and its practices. We are conducting an ANONYMOUS survey of the practice as we respect participant’s privacy. We would like to find out how members of the Shia community are practising mut’a marriage. The aim of the film is to expla
  5. world markets are unmoved by this events which means its not a big deal they know this drama wont last too long.
  6. Hoping kid is not getting any mental harassment in all this..little babies need love all the time.
  7. he is not fit to have a family right now, please get out for the sake of safety of your kid, I know this kind of mentality can turn nasty. Dua for you from my end
  8. I was talking about the sane people. insane people can do any thing they want
  9. in that case he is out of sync with the world and there is little chance of any change in him. talk with your parents and sort it out as soon as possible.
  10. what is your qualification to give such stupid advice to a woman and incite her to break her house without even knowing the full story and hearing the other side of the story. be ashamed to give such drastic advice especially when you are a senior member here.
  11. There is always two sides of a story no man is mad enough to beat a woman without a reason especially when you already have a kid together. it is obvious 50 percent of issue is with you and rest 50 with him, try to talk and try to pin point the main cause of problem with him. if he is drunk or drug addict then above advice wont help.
  12. 313_Waiter is too funny lol Thank you ali_fatheroforphans and zainuu
  13. HAHA to funny and yes thanx for the tip of kal ho naa ho I think that will make me more not to smile , KAL HO NAA HO :p
  14. Practicing smile but not going as planned
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