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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam Very nice incident and a wonderful post.I shared it wid a few of my non-muslim friends and they appreciated it a lot.
  2. Salaam The reference about Dust was nice.I didnt know about her till date, your post made me luk for it in wiki. Nice post!!
  3. Breast feeding is for infants only.In no culture,no society has there ever been a concept otherwise,leave alone Islam in which hijab is a must for all adult females.I can`t expect a brute thinking of such embarrassing ideas leave alone a scholar.
  4. SALAAM! I started wearing d hijab at d age of 22.Strangely I was encouraged by non-muslim classmate. Be surprised he was a guy!It earned me a lot of respect in my circle of non-muslim friends.But it was surely very awckward in the beginning.
  5. Thanks for the post.You earned a lot of sawaab by bringing tears of sorrow in our eyes.May Allah forgive your sins.You are correct in saying that the lovers of Ahlebayt(a.s) are still deprived from ziyarat of Bibi Zahra`s(s.a) grave.May Allah`s curse fall upon those who oppressed Ahlebayt(a.s). salaam
  6. Mashallah sis!May imam hussein(a.s) guide you to learn deeply about shia faith. Salaam.
  7. salaam Nice post.Nothing a muslim wouldn`t know but nice and organised presentation.We all need to remember that not only eating n drinking but backbiting and telling lies also nullifies our fast.We should also make effort and try not to act lazy and irritable during fasting. MAY Allah FORGIVE THE SINS,ACCEPT THE REPENTANCES AND EXAHLT THE STATUS OF ALL LOVERS OF AHLEBAIT(A.S) IN THIS WORLD AND THE NEXT!
  8. (bismillah) You will get great sawaab for quoting this work.I was moved to tears after reading it. jazakallah salaam
  9. salaam u r surely 2 young to be losing hair .You should think of possible reasons for hair fall. Some of them could be 1.dandruff 2.any medicine or hair product you have started using which isn`t suiting you 3.hormonal changes (consult a doc to know) 4.any hair treatment like curling,straightening,coloring etc. of course if you r tense it worsens your hair fall problem.As for yogurt it is very effective for dandruff. best of luck
  10. (bismillah) A very sad and disturbing incident, indeed.It is absolutely not a case of manslaughter rather premedidated and cold blooded murder . I wonder if that woman will ever get justice in a kuffar state. salaam
  11. (bismillah) I know what the Indian gov. did in the name of human right is shameful .:sick: They did it just to show the world how liberal they are.The Indian parliament is a group of public appeasing ticks! salaam
  12. I would prefer a well to do religious person.But a poor religious person is far better than a very rich but un-islamic man. There is no point being afraid of approaching.I mean not asking will lead them nowhere. Of course,it helps if there are good looking!!!! :blush::blush:
  13. Who gets to decide which r the failed states??.
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