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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ok, So im a Sunni and went on this board and WOW!!! First of all not getting in the arguement about Kulfai-Rashideen, Hazrat Muawiya, or Hazrat Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (ra) , But firstly HOW DOES ABDUL MALIK get counted as one of the good Caliphs everyone agreed that from Yazeed to the end of Umayyad the only good one was Umar ibn Abdul Aziz (ra) , 2) And how does Osama bin Laden(Lanati) get included as a Shaheed, he killed countless Muslims...Shia and Sunni......he's part of the ones that are bombing shrines,masjids, I hope you know actual people that are IN the Shaheed list Personallty I think he is part of the (L) list which includes Yazid, I hope they have A blast in hell!
  2. I think this ^ Shai brother/sister has more knowledge about Sunni belief of Maula Ali (ra) rather then the Sunni bro/sis that started this thread., Most thing that Dead-man wrote I agree with , they sum it up...but I think that some do disrespect him (ra) because of Shia's view on him, Which by the way is completely WRONG...let Shia love Maula Ali (ra) the way they do, but dont degrade his status bcuz of that
  3. Yes, that I know some Sunni do that which is completely wrong
  4. Yes ppl who will rule, if we are talking Anbiya then dont bring the ones mentioned in Quran in, as far as Messengers, As mentioned b4 Hazrat Isa (as) is coming back not as a Rasool but as a Umati
  5. I doubt the Santa Claus thing unless ur the one who put it up...lol.... And they have the lineage with son,by son/daughter...who are we really to say someone is or isnt,,,we simply as Sunni/Shia respect them I think/ opinions are seperate
  6. Im all for discussion, but some ppl really croos the line by cursing the Sahaba (ra) which I think is a reason very few Sunni actually talk to Shias who do,without the cursing I think there is very few difference between us.
  7. Yeah keep making your comparisons with ppl of your choice...why even put this type of stuff on the discussion page, you keep your opinions , we will keep ours
  8. By Imam being chosen, its not as if Allah mentioned Maula Ali (ra) our any other '12" imam in the Quran, Prophets are mentioned...so my Imam there are different meanings...such as title "Imam Al Mursaleen" is the Prophet (S)
  9. You ppl are disgusting, no matter what you believe he WAS a companion of the Prophet (S, you might as well leave it on that instead of making accusations for NO reason...keep these "ideas/thoughts" in your head
  10. As for family lineage, there are places online where you can find him being Sayyid from both Imams (ra)
  11. The Quran says that Prophets (as) were all specially chosen...they were given special "powers"/miracles...Imams (ra) are Imams (ra) but personally I wouldnt say that they are higher in rank then Prophets (as)
  12. That is a completely different topic, as for leaders of youth of course it will be the Imams (ra) ...but we cant deny that Hazrat Hamzah (ra) was the first to be given both titles Asadullah/Asad -ul- Rasool Allah and Syed Ul Shouda...why are ppl denying it...Hazrat Hamzah (ra) was the beloved uncle of the Prophet!!!!!!!
  13. They are covered but its not detailed...but neither are the first 3 Caliphs...I think it becomes a personal factor...we have respect for all Sahaba, but sometimes you have a closer connection to one
  14. Many Sunni do, but I guess that personal feeling, Just as after the final Prophet , who is ur favorite ...but they should not disrespect Maula Ali (ra) ...which many do
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