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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think it would depend on the disease, i mean something physical such as cancer , well is something we can/pre-disposed for but i would be a little more worried about a mental illness. If you really consider this person for marriage then you can always do genetic testing to see if your spouse carries the gene, but no it wouldn't be something that would make me break off the relationship. For better or for worse for sickness and in health
  2. My advice is leave the practicing Catholic alone and find a practicing Muslim girl to do your deeds
  3. Pushing Ye Olde Envelope there eh??!!! regardless small minds are for small people......i hate having to walk on egg shells.......More none-sense of Unislamic....alas keep closing doors until you hit your nose in one, then dont come begging to be in an unislamic country
  4. Well then out the window goes the learning and free exchange of information....its the only way to break down barriers regardless if you are Muslim or Not...no such thing happens with Pentecostal, Adventist, Judaisim, heck not even Atheist, then when the world comes down and blames ALL for only a few dont come and say people didnt try to understand......would it be better then for a YOUR side of the world and OUR side of the world...
  5. Al-Mufeed, with all due respect seems like you know ALOT of what Kaffirs talk about, how they live? it seems to fill your mouth with venom to just mention kaffir.........the issue has NOTHING to do with non-muslims......if the OP is confident in the education both at home and school received it is up to her daughter to make the choices, this could happen even in the most pious of muslim countries, unless of course she was not allowed to see the light of day and was locked up for fear of some WRATH or other.......personally the way KAFFIR is thrown around it is pretty offensive....dont ASSUME that ALL non-muslims live or talk as such or that ALL muslims are pious and are on the path to Jennah
  6. Sorry to hear about your situation,...i wouldn't put blame on her "muslim" friends..trust in the love & education that you've given her so far. Continue to be her mother, her role model. She is just trying to find her place, find herself in the world. Keep informing her regarding your religion, but if you push she will more than likely will push back. Forget about this "marriage" suggestion she is a child and is still maturing. She does not need to be CONTROLED she needs GUIDANCE...........
  7. Dont confuse USA and Canada our histories and the way we treat our peoples are totally different
  8. For what? for being honest and providing insightful comments? well if the kitchen is too hot :!!!:
  9. I agree, let them either kill themselves or sort it out. hmmm well look at what happen in Rwanda and the world stood by as millions were being hacked to death, its something that weighs heavily on my mind......what's with the bit part?
  10. If your a male be courteous and leave the forum topic alone. Thanks
  11. Waaa Irish your back!!! its been mighty dry since you've left, what's up? Canada will do no such thing as invasion or war.......Our country is not one of war, because of the proximity many confuse Americans @#@$ with Canadians :)
  12. my thoughts right now?! I JUST HAD THE WORST LUNCH EVER :mad:
  13. Placid, Personally i would like to hear what your OWN opinion and experience is, not facts/information found in texts. Each person has a very personal relationship with God.
  14. There is nothing worse than a blind man that does not want to see. why would i explain to someone that already has the denial in their heart. I dont come here to fight or to justify anything. You and yours have their beliefs and mine my own. I do not think i understand it, i have NO doubts about it. Some are like St Thomas, that needed to SEE to Believe but lucky are those that need no "proof"
  15. Very broad for you to say that Christians dont understand the concept, i completely understand it and not because someone told me so...its a truth that i know and clearly understand. If you as a Christian didnt understand this, well its something that you need to investigate further, that is if you are interested. As with many religions there are so many people that call themselves "Christians" but never really understood, flies right over their heads.
  16. You are wrong, it is NOT a bizarre concept and one that was not created by man. It maybe for some people whether Christian or not............I do not have a problem understanding this not at all, if you wish for further explanation i will be more than happy to assist, as long as you have an open mind and not come with your boxing gloves on
  17. esposabella

    Favorite Movie

    Ok so i rememberd some more Girlie: Sense and Sensibility, Serendipity, Elizabeth Foreign: Kung fu hustle---died laughing watching this one, Battle Royal, The Host, Kite Runner, Snatch, Transpotting, Clock work orange, Let the right one in Cult Classics: The Goonies, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Fast times at ridgemont high, Clash of the Titans
  18. esposabella

    Favorite Movie

    Thriller/Suspense :cry: Silence of the Lambs, Sixth Sense, The girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy Comedy/Mindless fun : The Hangover, Waynes World Sci-FI: Pitch Black, Predator series, Inception
  19. I agree with you here on this, Especially if this is a 17 year old American girl, i dont think the maturity level is there to be able to handle a marriage. Yes, there may be some girls out there that are ready but that is def not the mayority. If you are really interested in her, then cultivate a halaal relationship, get to know her family, let her grow into herself....Good Luck
  20. Shark fin soup, sea cucumber this was at a traditional chinese wedding :!!!:
  21. hmmm orange with a bit of black :!!!:
  22. hmmmmm :D what kind of mango? the ripe juicy ones? or the green ones with salt/pepper and lemon? I like cherries, blueberries, raspberries
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