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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks fellows for your replies. I tried with very small part of patch. It was 10 mg patch (lowest quantity). I took just a quarter of it and applied (around 2.5-3mg) for couple of hours, following are my observations (or placebo effect maybe): 1. I got mental clarity (alertness) within half an hour (not sleepy): +ve 2. About an hour later, I got headache, for around 15 minutes: -ve 3. Muscles stiffness for couple of hours: -ve 4. Stomach disturbance: -ve 5. Seems like body flushed toxin/detox, felt light: +ve 6 Next day when wokeup before fajar, felt alert,
  2. Assalam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I know a lot of people here are studying and working requiring focus and craving for caffeine (tea/coffee), during the month of Ramadan, and sleepy and out of focus at work. Has anyone tried a Nicotine patch to maintain concentration and focus at study/work during fasting? Will it be addictive for nonsmokers, if someone would use a very small dosage (e.g. 3mg) of nicotine patch while fasting during working days? The patch slowly releases nicotine up to 16 hours, so one patch (or half/quarter) would be enough for a whole working day. P.S.
  3. Assalam oAlaikum brothers and sisters, Very sorry to know about it. May Allah grant him great rewards and high status. Any idea who will be succeeding him with same enlightment or who to follow next having similar views?
  4. Dear @starlight, @Moalfas and @Ali883 Thank you for your replies. Kindly consider the words, Look Sajdah-gah(creation), See Allah(creator) I do not mean seeing with physical eyes, instead perceiving that this thing whether looking at Sajdah-gah made up of sand, or looking at Earth or looking at myself, is not made by itself, there is a creator of all of it, to Whom I am praying to. Behind every creation is a creator, so we can see creator (not physically) through creation. May be now it would be easy to understand my question.
  5. AssalamoAlaikum dear brothers and sisters in Islam, By considering following Hadith: Pray as you are seeing Him or at least as He is seeing you. (Higher rank for seeing Him) by Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) Nahjul balagha: A person asked Mola Ali(s.a.) that have you seen Allah? Mola Ali (s.a) said that offcourse, I have seen him, do you think I worship the One I haven't seen, but He can not be seen with physical eyes. Imam Khomeini: Ism is a thing helping in recognition of something. Creation gives recognition of creator, so Creation is also kind
  6. Thanks @Propaganda_of_the_Deed I am really greatful to you. Allah bless you his blessings.
  7. AssalamoAlaikum dear fellows, As per AyatuAllah Aga Sistani ruling, it is not permitted to have temporarily marriage with Ahl-e-Kitab, when have permanent Muslim wife. 1. Can we go with the ruling of some other marja who allows it? 2. Also do you know any marja who allows it? Best regards.
  8. salam fellows, I was thinking the other day, why don't we have milads on 25th decembers. It is also a huge day for Muslims as it is the birthday of one of the Greatest Prophets (Hazrat Isa s.a.) who is still alive. Can anyone please provide any fatawa prohibitting on conducting milads on 25th december for celebrating the birth anniversary of Hazrat Isa s.a. ? or any ahadith prohibiting it. Thank you.
  9. Salam, though it is an old thread but some recent events land me here. The way first, second so on ... were referenced in zyarat could not be described any better for at least following two reasons: Firstly, it protects the history(truth) from fading. If there would be names, it would make enemies distort truth by saying, these people are not them, they are some other persons of same name in some other timeline. Secondly, it refers the character instead of name. We are so much focused on the names (nouns) that we hated these names, we do not name our childrens to these, though might
  10. Thanks you Hidaren and Irfani313 for your replies. Good point regarding Makarem Shirazi, I will InshAllah try to consult him next time
  11. Salam, I want to ask a question, I follow (taqleed of) a marj'a. I ask him questions on email, but since long time there is never any single response. In the beginning I received replies few (may be 4-5) times, 10 years back, but after that no reply is ever received. No doubt, I have learned the religion from his various other/many passive resources (such as tozih and QnAs), though they don't answer all of my questions. Although I know, he would be extremely busy, but I am in doubt, is it killing the very idea of taqleed, when I have questions and the marj'a I am following is not res
  12. Thank you friend @eThErEal for your input. Let me ask you a simple question, according to concepts of raining in Islam, Hazrat Mikhail (s.a.) is an archangel responsible for raining and thunder, now scientifically it is proved that sun heated the water, vapors form cloud, wind blow the clouds and a process causes the clouds to rain and thunder. Where is the Hazrat Mikhail (s.a.) comes in picture ? Even when clouds are going to rain in Istambul and (for example.) it below above Iran, using Cloud Seeding technique, Iran can forced the clouds to rain there, instead of Istambul. I am not sayin
  13. Thank you Brother Tendersoul. has anyone else something to share in this view :) I am bumped...
  14. Salam Bro. tendersoul, I completely agree with you. According to the interpretation above, supposedly, if some angles are the force which cause rain, and using cloud seeding man make the cloud rains, it is still obeying the command of Allah. Similarly, bringing commands down every Laylatul Qadr doesn't mean (I don't know, just supposing) something like human form with wings taking a scroll from heaven to Prophets or Imams, as we imagine, it supposedly could be any thing we can't understand, such as we heard that sometimes when our Prophet PBUH receive the commands during sleep, His PBUH head
  15. Salam friends, does anyone know/remember any Hadeeth in favour or against this view ?
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