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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^^Tum pata kartay raho, mayn chalee sounay, theen gantay mein sehri keh liye uthtna hai.
  2. Aur mayn paisoun mein khel rahee hoon? :angry:
  3. Chashma pehno, agar naheen hai tou banwa lo, phirr ghaur say daikho keh mayn nay Asif Bhai ko quote kiya hai aur unheen say poocha hai, tumsay kyoun poochoungee? Tum tou khud confused lagtee/lagtay ho :huh:
  4. ^^Acha Yeh roman urdu mein translation hai? :P
  5. Aap iss movie say bohat khush lagtay hain, abhee takk kitnee baar daikhee? Everytime I heard Iman Ali speak english in her "english accent" I cringed :squeez: Aap kee urdu bohat mushkil hai, koee bandha doondh keh aap kee posts translate karwaani parengee.
  6. ^^That's because my answers wouldn't be as great as Whizbee's. I can tell you this though, my husband and many of my close ones perform zanjeerzani (lashings with chains), I've asked all of them if they've ever experienced pain, I'll leave you to figure out their answer to that. I haven't come across anyone who's practised tatbir but I believe their answer would be the same.
  7. Haan, mistake ho gayee tou kya? Aakhir insaan hoon, kuch logoun kee tareh iron say naheen banee hui :dry:
  8. Don't always believe everything you hear.
  9. ^^How did you manage to post here? :blink: The only way I got here was through "view new posts" your post was last
  10. :O:O:O I'm not ghum you are :dry:

  11. Why did he (Shaan's character) have to leave his wife in the US,was it not possible to bring her back with him? (maybe he did and I missed her during the end :unsure: ??) They loved each other dearly. That was also a downside to the movie. Isska matlab bataeingay? :unsure:
  12. Welcome Naheen tum nay spamming naheen kee, tum sirf yahan hum sabb kee tareefein karnay ayee thee, shukriya, we aim to please :angel: Spamming ka course karna hai tou jaldee application bhaijo Ali Imran ko, ho sakta hai aglay saal takk woh busy ho jaye. Aa gayee yaad humaari? :dry: Tumhara bhee shukriya keh tum nay mayra shukriya kiya.
  13. What difference does it make we all understand each other don't we? Many Bharatis already post here and by creating another sub forum will mean those members separating from us, isn't it better this way how we're all united in ONE forum? There is an alternative which might keep both sides happy as larry, anyone else who has the same problem as Bharatiye should get together with her/him and start a petition, gather as many people on your side as possible (I doubt you will though :shaytan: ), and then send a request to admins to change this forum from Urdu to Desi Forum.
  14. Watched it about a week ago, good movie but could've been better. Iman Ali doesn't sound english at all Her urdu is perfect for someone who's never had any desi influence She seemed ever so calm after she was forced to marry, and being left in the company of the taliban, they could've dramatised this a little more I could nitpick a little more but I'll leave it. Not worth going to the cinemas for, I'm glad I watched on pirate dvd :Hijabi:
  15. Their replies did not mean they prefer sunni men over Shia or that they're out looking for sunni men to marry, all they said was they'd rather marry the more pious man. There is no problem, and do you really need the Brothers' permission to get married?
  16. ^^I believe they'd be best suited in my mouth, I'm sure she won't mind :P
  17. ^^OMG! He's grown since we last saw him, :wub: thankyou for sharing his photos with us Bro, hope to see more of him in the future.
  18. ^^Shukriya Asif Bhai The couple look exhausted (especially the wife) going through such an experience, aur ussko tip kee parri hai :dry:
  19. ^^ :lol: Anyone mind translating the urdu into roman english Urdu?
  20. What a cutie! Wonder how old it is.
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