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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How do I know it's her? I couldn't see her face. What evidence do you have that this lady is Rafsanjani's daughter?
  2. As-Salamu Alaykum, I would like to ask those who know a question: Does The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidence offer any help to foreign shia muslims film makers who have projects of islamic movies for the muslims in the west? We have some projects of islamic movies, but can not implement them in our cowntries of origin because the western governments don't support such projects. Our goal is to inspire muslim youth in the west by these movies, inshaallah. Do you know of any help the iranian government can offer us in this regard? Thank you in advance!
  3. salam is there any way u might be able to offer me advice on my forum on my profile because i could really use the advice thank you so much

  4. I am not from USA, nor did I convert in the US, even if I am here right now.
  5. :lol: His knowledge guided me to Islam and it's because his books that I am a muslim. His wisdom enlightened me and made me see things that nobody could show me. His Islamic Revolution gave me hope that Islam can be put into practice on the earth and made me love Iran and iranian nation. His words and deeds are keeping my family toghether. And btw, I am from a corner of the world that you probably have never heard of, I speak a language that you probably never heard. But his light reached me, by Allah's grace.
  6. Seyed Abbas Ayleya, I accept everything: www.abbasayleya.org
  7. What's wrong with this forum? Can somebody explain why was brother shabbir banned, please? I am very interested.
  8. I read it already, and it was reopened last time when I checked it.
  9. I think you misunderstood his statements. I didn't undertsand from his postings what you did.
  10. As I can see, a fatwa that was suposed to bring unity between shias and sunnis is used by some to create disunity among shia themselves. I have a question for mohib..., maula... and all those who disagree with the initiator of this thread: Do you think Ayatollah Khamenei was incompetent when giving such a fatwa? Why don't you see the wisdom behind it, and take it as it is, not more than it is?
  11. And with RT, and with Charlie Rose. youtube and www.shiatv.net What is funny in this interview and in the one with Christiane Amanpour is that everytime he starts to say something they don't like they are in a rush to say;"let's move on", "let's switch on". Because they can not just walk out, I guess. Of course, they want to make him look stupid, crazy guy who believes in weird messianic and apocalyptic ideas. The same way Glenn Beck was trying to do.
  12. It is really sad. They should learn from what happened to their neighbour, Iraq. What disaster US has brought there. They should be enough smart to understand that US will NEVER bring something good for them.
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