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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^How does it feel knowing your gonna ride the merry go around in juhanam with abu bakr, umar and uthman?
  2. edited most are either white reverts or pakistani/ afghani woman especially pakistani woman [Note from Mod: Please stick to the topic, and refrain from personal attacks. Thanks]
  3. dont be so stupid ive said at least 20 times on this thread that i hate saddam where did i say i support a man that killed shias see smiley this guy barabder is from yazd, iran they are zoroastrian ur not a shia they worship fire and these ppl they have a higher then god attitude this guy has no regard for human life in iraq. his ppl have been murdering iraqis for a few decades now and he's proud of it and thats how most iranis feel, i dont know if the nose surgery he had last night is bothering him but this time he needs to get his brain checked. they do sex change in iran they shud do brain checks for sure
  4. my prediction is iraq loses 13 - 0 whats urs hmm mabey 20 - 0 oh ur rite mabey 23 - 0
  5. edited yes niqab is selfish its mostly wore by extremist white reverts
  6. ur from Yazd they have a huge zorostrian community r u one of them?
  7. An Introduction To Irfan - Martyr Murtada Mutahhari Islamic Gnosis ('Irfan) and Wisdom (Hikmat) - Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi
  8. well u dnt have to share ur personal story, obesity is common on shiachat
  9. Allah curses them in the quran why shudnt His true followers? the enemis of the ahlulbayt, be a curse upon them. i dont have time to look for verses but there are a lot. sunnis amaze me with their stupidity the DAUGHTER OF THE PROPHET (pbuh) is being oppressed by abu bakr a man u take as ur caliph how do u think the prophet (pbuh) feels about abu bakr? its all common sense.
  10. so many unfit ppl on shiachat they spend so much time on this site i wudnt be surprised if der fat y'all need to go out and run around lose some of that weight
  11. how do u want proof u want me to take pictures for u lol? ive been there myself and ive heard stories from friends some of the camps are corrupted and full of bs, the organizers are careless they just want the kids to have "fun" and like khadim the mystic said "The whole idea of a dress code and code of ethics is so that people can get together without the sky falling." this is what they want for girls and guys to get together and mix when they are sending the wrong message
  12. i do, im really proud of the accomplishments its great for the youth but they shud have seperate camps. thats all. the camp isnt a match maker to look for spouses mate. its suppose to teach kids ahklaqq,how to be leaders in the community AND purity. most of these youth are developing and maturing they are at an age were their hormones will blow and mixing them with the opposite gender to chit chat isnt smart. ok but my problem is they are still insecure and naive to know, most just go to have fun (and that includes meeting the girls there) there is no reason for segregation, in fact thats even worse. i think there should be 2 seperate camps instead. it wud be better for everyone, let the brothers deal with the brothers and sisters with sisters. why do they have to play this segregation business obviously there will be interactions at some point and this may lead to haram u think its ok and halal but u have no idea whats in the mind of the youth these days. im telling u to achieve 100% purity shud be the goal.
  13. no it was practised in the prophets (pbuh) time, but during umars time he put an end to it. and im really curious why umar cuz there are sunni hadiths of abu bakr practising before him,
  14. although i dont suffer from schizophrenia like urself at least i dont go around the forums pretending to have grasped the knowledge of the universe and then miserably attempting to reply with clever remarks. the (some) camps are corrupted with our youth mixing this is not appropriate
  15. drinking? where did u get that from? abu bakr's diary of all the lies he had to make up to win caliph to the ppl over imam ali? or is ur hatred towards shias winning over ur ignorance? nice try fasadiya4life
  16. i dont knw i took it from the site u posted its first pic i saw i clicked one of the years it may be old and ya its good strategy to stay in corners and sides at old time jazik Allah kheir ill let my cousins knw tht
  17. ok if dats true den ok acceptable Allah knows best. i just think reason many brothers or sisters may not decide to go bcuz of this problem but ya its not as bad as other shia camps i been to (which is why i dnt go to camps anymore). but at least its nothing like sunni camps where they allow the brothers and sisters to bascially sleep with eachother my apologiez ya aba saleh i jus curious i have family members may be going to this camp
  18. ok but what about in the middle where there is contact between the guys and girls how can u explain tht or shud i draw u a redline to point it out.
  19. who didnt practiise mutah its natural its part of life ppl dont understand mutah wud rather fornicate with themselves
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