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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salamun Alykom Brother, There is a certain time for each nafilah.. http://www.duas.org/mustnafioth.htm There are different views on times for nafilah layl salat. I will post the part with description of times from duas.org: The timings of daily Nafilah prayers 776. The Zuhr Nafilah is offered before Zuhr prayers. Its time is from the commencement of the time of Zuhr, up to the time when the shadow of indicator equals 2/7th of its length. For example, if an indicator is 7 yards long, and the shadow appearing after Zuhr reaches 2 yards, the Nafilah time would end. He should now offer Zuhr prayers. 777. The Asr Nafilah are offered before Asr prayers, and its time is till the moment when the shadow of an indicator appearing after Zuhr, reaches of 4/7th of its length. In case a person wishes to offer Zuhr and Asr Nafilah after their recommended time, he can offer the Zuhr Nafilah after Zuhr prayers, and the Asr Nafilah after Asr prayers, but as a precaution, he will not make niyyat of Ada or Qadha. 778. The Maghrib Nafilah should be offered after Maghrib prayers, and one should make an effort to offer it in time after Maghrib. However, if one delays offering Maghrib Nafilah till redness in the western sky disappears, then it would be better to offer Isha prayers at that moment. 779. The time for Isha Nafilah is from the completion of Isha prayers till midnight. It is better to offer it immediately, after Isha prayers. 780. The Fajr Nafilah is offered before the Fajr prayers, and its time commences when Namaz-e-Shab has been completed, till the time of Namaz-e-Fajr draws near. But if someone delays it till redness is seen in the eastern sky, then it is better to pray namaz of Fajr. 781. The time for Namaz-e-Shab is from midnight till Adhan for Fajr prayers, and it is better to offer it nearer the time of Fajr prayers. 782. A traveller (i.e. one on a journey), and a person who finds it difficult to offer Namaz-e-Shab after midnight, can offer it before midnight. Here is a very nice link from al-islam.org for nafilah layl times and method (online book): http://www.al-islam.org/salatallail/ Enjoy. I hope this helps.
  2. It is impossible to define tawhid with logic, mathematics, asthetics, or any of the sciences. Tawhid is the nearness to the One God. It would take a lengthy discussion between learned scholars and proffossors to come close to a description of Tawheed and a conclusion will never be achieved. In reference to the post regarding different 'faiths', ex: Hinduism, Christianity. I would like to say that it helps to see the world from a different angle when you hear about others beliefs. It is easy to accept something that you were born and raised to love, it is not easy to accept something that seems difficult and is not familiar. Sometimes, I think inside myself; 'Why am I striving towards Islam'? There are so many 'faiths' in the world. (Hinduism, Toaism, Confusionism, Buddhism, Christianity, Catholisism, Mormanism, Juedism, and all the sects withing each one.) It is overwhealming. If you look at the whole scope of them all, you can find that the Holy Quran proves them all. Whereas, Judeism does not prove islam, nor does any of the above mentioned 'faiths', nor do they even describe eachother. This is not enough to just say, 'Okay, Islam is the right one.'. Actually, Islam is not what muslims or mankind in that case are striving to. Knowingly or unknowingly we all strive to the One God, for he is the creator of all the things. All the faiths as the poster above stated (pardon me for not quoting correctly), all the 'faiths' in the world have belief in the one God. This is wonderous and amazing, although, wonder and amazement lead to ignorance and falsity, as well as truth. This is the hand of Ali, he is the guide of the believers, (those who are faithful to themselves and in the One God). The differentiation between the faiths is the first Imam of the Shia' muslims, Imam Ali (A.S.). It is the ocean of knowledge and guidance that he has provided mankind that keeps that 'One God' in the hearts of all beings. Islam (the true religion with the One God) as stated in the Quran, is the only 'religion'. Not only does Islam prove Christianity, Judeism, and their divisions, it shows compassion to beliefs of other 'faiths'. Whereas the others in no way show any care to one another and have a more forceful position. In totality the world today is in a state of panic and terror. It is the sad truth that most religions are diminishing in terms of governance and practice. Some people even label themselves as a part of a 'religion', when they are still learning or not even admonishing their own-selves. I hope that Imam Ali (a.s.) will be the muslims guide in this world and in the hereafter, for he is the light in the darkest places. May the one true God show us the true meaning of Tawheed through actions. I am still learning what it means to be a human being, let alone a muslim. Wassalamun aleykum
  3. As-Salamun Aleykom, Thank you for the useful information. Every bit of knowledge is a mercy. Al-hamdulilah.
  4. Thanks. Yes, I was not cautious while choosing a username. Too much info. I will do that. Goodbye.
  5. Salam, I would like to change my profile name without creating a new account. Is there any way to going about doing this?T Thanks for your time, Farhad.

  7. W/salam Bro ! I am doing great ! Hope the same with you !

  8. Salam, Very informative from a more open-minded view of marriage in Islam. I enjoyed it, thank you for this. It is almost impossible these days to find a spouse unless you are well-educated and making lots of money. It seems like in the past marriage was more about supporting each other and making it together. (starting a life as a 'marriage' couple) You would see husbands and wives starting very poor and eventually making it through hardships together, which is what life is all about.
  9. Salam, Do any married bro's have any tips on how to search for a wife? Where do you look? When you find a match for you then what do you do? When you meet with the parents, if it even gets to that stage, then what do you do?! I am kind of nervous about the whole idea. appreciate the advice, Wassalam
  10. This is a good post, I am starting to cook too... I still can't cook rice. I like baking more. Is there room for baking recipes here? wassalam
  11. How is the weather turki?

  12. Salam Brother,

    How are you?

  13. Mr. Anteater


    In the name GOD, most Gracious, Life many times brings 'tiny little' changes and 'BIG' changes. Many times those little changes hold more worth, and the decision making in those cases can bring greater blessings from Allah (s.w.t.). The big changes are always frightening, as we are unsure, but they can turn out to be full of experiences and learning (and more little changes). It is like jumping in a freezing cold lake- this is a big change. When you jump right in, your body becomes warm quicker and adapts to the temperature of the water quicker. You throw away all fears, cares, and even awareness by throwing yourself in the water. It is in a way, a way of submitting yourself to the will of Allah (s.w.t.). When you try to go in slowly into the same lake- you are safer and more cautious, and you may learn more. (It is much more difficult to go in slowly, and you may turn back) but eventually through persistence, sincerity, and determination; You will learn about the lake, the water, the temperature, and most importantly about yourself. Through time you will jump in with no problem! Thank you for the very thoughtful poem NASIBA. I found it to be beautiful and it made me to reflect, which is the purpose of artwork. I wish you success in your decision making when facing changes, and all my muslim brothers and sisters (inshallah). Wassalam
  14. Where have you been Nasiba khanom?

    I hope you are well.


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